Thursday, 31 May 2012

Old Fashioned Gardens....Big & Not So Big!

My Real Life Size Old Fashioned Garden
Followers of this Journal will know that I love gardening.   I simply haven't been able to spend as much time out there as I would have wished in 2012 though!  Needless to say, it  has rather more of a "rambling" look than ever these days. But you know....yesterday, whilst enjoying a much needed coffee break out in the sunshine I had a few moments and REALLY looked at my garden through different eyes....and realised that if I ignored the weeds, the broken bits off my lovely ancient arbour, blight on my box hedge etc..... suddenly it doesn't actually look too bad out there!

This year I seem to have more Valerian and Acquilegias than ever before! Nature has worked magic and they have seeded all over the place......wonderful. My Choisya in the background is magnificently in bloom and the heady aroma is delightful. At last, my garden has that real old fashioned country garden feel to it and am chuffed.
Even my newly created herb garden from last summer is looking rather nice and well established. I have a huge container of pebbles sitting on my front driveway, currently waiting to be carried round to the back for the herb garden pathway. Hmmmm....guess who will be doing that! They have to be carried en route through the garage in order to get them round to the back. Trouble is, the garage is currently jammed pack with junk that will have to go to the skip first.  I think I'll need to eat double or even treble portions of Weetabix to summon up the energy for that little job!

Now A Video Of Our Four Little Vintage Garden Workshops All Together
We've finally got round to creating our latest Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops promotional video.  This time it consists of a compilation of photographs from all four workshop projects in our Little Vintage Garden Workshops Series. We ran with this theme from last June 2011...culminating in an all day  Little Old Garden Shed Workshop at Waterperry Gardens earlier in March this year. Hope you like it!


Rick said...

Celia, your garden looks absolutely beautiful!

KT Miniatures said...

Cheers Rick, glad you like it!

Robin said...

Lovely Blog - lovely garden - lovely video!!
Cheers mate!

KT Miniatures said...

Was so nice to see all the separate projects all put together at last. Video came out much better than expected.Recognise the music Robin?lol