Sunday, 17 May 2015

Bits Of Wood Everywhere!

If you are wondering why KT Miniatures has had no vintage or handmade stock listed to the website these past couple of weeks or so, then this is the reason why! 

I've well and truly had my "creative hat" on, and have been loving every single minute. 
Once the plans had been drawn up, it was then a question of "how" to work out the easiest way for workshop attendees to put the components together.  You have no idea how long this has taken!
With two full day workshops looming rapidly upon us in June - plus another special workshop for a miniaturist club in the west country at the beginning of July, this is an incredibly busy time for both me and my Nostalgia In Miniature Workshop colleague Robin.
This particular day it was  "creating the shop frontage" day...all 25 of them!
Robin and my skills complement each other perfectly. I love creating and working with wood so have the task of hand cutting all the hundreds and hundreds of components needed for this particular project. Robin is in charge of  designing and creating the amazing vintage style toys that will be accompanying this project....over 30 no less!
Here is a peek at just a handful of the many vintage style toys that Robin has been designing for this workshop.

Her 1/12th scale miniature Tri-ang toy mangle and wash set, made simply out of card, paint and glue truly magnificent!
All 25 main shop carcasses, including roofs are now put together. 

Another day it was "creating the door frames" day! By the way....clothes pegs are fantastic for clamping bits of wood together!
There are literally dozens of separate components for each individual kit, all handcut - I've worked out a cunning numbering system to avoid confusion....(hopefully)!

I truly love working with wood....oddly enough, sawing wood can be extremely therapeutic!

And Something Else.....
In the midst of all this, Robin and I spent Thursday morning creating a 1/12th scale and 1/24th scale prototype for yet a different workshop we are undertaking in July, this time for a west country miniaturist club!!
It gave me a much needed break from cutting up bits of pleased to say that this was another job well done-we were chuffed to bits with the results, pics are winging their way to the relevant club and we are looking forward to seeing all of those twenty club members in July! It will be taking place in my old stamping by the end of that particular workshop, I will have slid straight back into my Gloucestershire accent...haha - be warned ladies (and gent)!

And finally......for all those of you waiting patiently for me to begin listing antique and vintage items once again to KT Miniatures website....fingers crossed, by midweek...I shall be able to start in earnest!
Meanwhile, the last few remaining pieces from over 180 amazing antique and vintage glassware pieces, all from one single collection, have now been amalgamated onto just one page, so that you can see at a glance what is still available.....

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Anyone Up For A Spot Of Miniature Camping?

This camping scene will be featured in the Dolls House & Miniature Scene Magazine over the next few issues.
If you are wanting to embark on a spot of miniature camping this summer, why not take a look at the latest joint "how to make project" with my Nostalgia In Miniature Workshop colleague Robin Britton? Part One can be found in the current  issue of  Dolls House & Miniature Scene Magazine (May 2015 - No. 252).

A side view of the tent and campsite.
This project has been inspired by books from our childhood such as 'Swallows & Amazons' and 'The Famous Five'! A series of instructions will be shown over consecutive issues.
Here we were in the process of tightening the ropes, just like on a real tent. You can just see the hedge on the left.
 Part One shows how to make the hedge at the back of the scene and tackles the construction of the old fashioned tent based on an illustration found in a c1939 Army & Navy Stores Handbook. Our tent was made from the leg of a pair of old M&S trousers and stiffened with glue and paint. The tent is a little tricky to make and if you find the instructions a tad confusing, you are welcome to contact either of us if you need help. But do please stick with it as we are sure you will be pleased with the results.
The landscaped base has been made in such a way that you can push your tent pegs into the ground!
 Part Two of this project will tackle the guy ropes, tent poles, making of the groundsheet and the grassy field.
The sleeping bags are based on the old fashioned style ones that we can remember as children!
You can just see a hint of the campfire with accessories.
 And in the final part,  you will be shown how to complete the landscaping, make a campfire and various accessories ranging from a can of baked beans to old fashioned sleeping bags!

This scene is quite versatile and could be used in a variety of ways, maybe it could be turned into a Girl Guide or Scout camping scene for instance?  Even if you didn't want to make the entire scene, perhaps one or two of the elements such as the tent or some of the landscaping may interest you instead?

It was great fun to make and we hope that these images will inspire you to have a go too!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

News Of A Fantastic Dolls House Exhibition Coming Soon In Bath - UK!

Liza Antrim, author of the fabulous 'Family Dolls' Houses Of The 18th & 19th Centuries', has sent me information of the forthcoming 'Small Worlds' exhibition that is opening shortly. 

Liza will be exhibiting a number of historic c1700s - c1800s dolls’ houses and miniature furniture from her own private collection, at the wonderful No. 1 Royal Crescent in Bath (UK). The exhibition begins on the 9th May and ends on 8th November 2015.

The oldest dolls’ house in the exhibition is called  “Bellamy’s House”  which was made in c1762.  Amongst the other houses on display will be a dolls’ house made in Bristol for the children of local chocolate maker Francis Fry in c1840 (“The Fry House”)....this all sounds utterly fascinating!!

For antique and vintage dolls house fans, this is an exhibition not to be missed and I for one am planning on visiting if I can during the summer.  

More information, including times of opening and admission fees can be found on the following link:

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Stunning Rare Antique Glassware Collection Now Up For Sale On KT Miniatures!

I'm delighted to announce that the long wait is over and at last all three pages of over 180 beautiful, quirky and in some cases quite rare antique miniature glassware items are up for sale!

This collection has belonged to just one person, amassed over 50 years, but sadly for that owner it has been necessary to downsize her treasures.  I now have the wonderful task to find a new home for every single piece.
All arrived carefully wrapped in 16 individual trays, so for ease they will be listed and referenced in the order of each tray, not by value or date. So do please scroll right through all three pages of the collection, as you will find some rare and exremely old glassware right to the very end! 
To be honest, I have never seen, let alone handle some of these gorgeous items before which has made the task even more exciting!
I am informed by the previous owner that the collection generally dates from c1800s to c1930s. Where known from information given, I have stated possible dates but antique glass can be extremely difficult to date, so all information has been given in good faith only and if you are a prospective purchaser, please study the photos and description carefully to ensure that these items will be suitable for your needs before ordering. Many of these antique pieces have not been perfectly formed in the same way as modern glassware, so please note that some slight imperfections may be present, which simply adds to their wonderful character!

Thank you to everyone who have been contacting me with regards to this collection since my last newsletter went out and my apologies for the huge delay but photographing and listing these beauties have taken much longer than I ever anticipated. To be fair to absolutely everyone, all items will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. There is a highly visible constant main link on the Home Page and which will stay in place until much of the collection is sold, then the plan will be to amalgamate what is left of the collection within the main antique/vintage pages. 


If you would like to order please email rather than ring if possible. I will reply back to you as soon as I can. Please state exact reference including the tray as stated on the listing eg.Ref:TRAY 13 - Set Of Four Green Goblets, otherwise confusion will ensue.

Even if you don't wish to purchase any of the items, I hope that you will still enjoy taking a peek.