Tuesday, 19 September 2017

KT Miniatures NEW Archives Is Now Live....

It is a very long time coming but I am delighted to announce that I have finally got around to creating a proper Archives section for KT Miniatures various antique and vintage dolls house items, some special collections and also handmade scenes...amongst many other miniature related items too. 
You will find the Archives link at the far end of the main navigation bar at the top of my website. Just click on the link and it will take you through to a main holding page. Simply scroll down and click on each relevant link that interests you. As you can see above, there are sections of sold antique and vintage dolls houses. I will continue to add items of interest as and when I can, as I do have more photos and details tucked away in old files but all this is extremely time consuming, so it will still take some time yet before it is complete.

You will also see special collections that have been sold over the years, such as "The Builders Collection". Long standing followers of KT Miniatures may remember these old items that were found in the loft of a house that was being renovated by a builder. He was going to throw the whole lot away in the skip thinking that they were rubbish but then discovered some pieces with "Pit-a-Pat labels on and rang me for advice! Needless to say I told them that they were quite valuable indeed and most definitely not to chuck them in the skip! The rest is history.
And can anyone remember the story of the lady who rang me out of the blue because she had found some miniature plants tucked away in a teacup at the bottom of a box of china that she had won at auction. It was the china she was buying so was not expecting to find these tiny rare Beatrice Hindley treasures in her auction goodies. But after a little research she discovered that they were valuable and thankfully gave me a ring. I nearly fell off the chair when she told me she had four that she wanted to sell..ha ha... that really was a magical and rather memorable phone call!

Amongst the Archives I have included several of my articles written over the years on various antique and vintage miniature items, including one about this intriguing 1920s/30s dolls house. Or was it a dolls house - it had been suggested that it could have been a trainee architects model?

Also included is a concise gallery of KT Miniatures creations. There are a variety of commissoned projects on there and projects created for various magazines too. The scene above was a commissioned piece of a wartime hospital ward at Xmas - was another favourite of mine.  Plus there are joint projects with Robin Britton (my now retired workshop colleague) and miniature scenes I made simply to sell via KT Miniatures, all within this section. 

You will  find one or two projects on there that are also in video form as well as a pictorial gallery form - including one of my most favourite projects of all time - Robin's and my joint magazine project - The WW1 Dugout, Trench & Poppyfield. Later sold to raise funds for The British Legion.

Plus On A Cold & Frosty Morning...The Morning After The Night Before. This again was auctioned off later to raise funds for Breast Cancer Campaign. 

And finally right at the end of the Archives, I have included a pictorial gallery of all the workshop projects Robin and I created over several years, under the banner of  Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops. Above you can see the very last project we undertook - An Early 1900s German Style Shop. 

To view  KT Miniatures Archives, please click on the following link:

Well I have spent many hours and had great fun going through all my old files to create KT Miniatures Archives. Has brought back so many happy memories. I hope that the information and photos will be of interest and a useful resource for antique and vintage dolls house collectors, and miniaturists alike.


Saturday, 9 September 2017

Vintage Hobbies Toy Farm No.249 Special & Assorted Lead Animals, etc.

This set of three rather lovely vintage wooden farm buildings built from a Hobbies Model Farm Kit No.249, and array of assorted vintage lead animals, etc. went up for sale on KT Miniatures yesterday. I know this is nothing to do with dolls houses but to those of you out there who like anything miniature, then this little farm set may appeal to you. It is  bursting with nostalgia!
 The three farm buildings have been delightfully homemade from a Hobbies kit which,  as far as I know,  first appeared in the c1954 Hobbies Annual as a  three page feature of instructions, plus full cutting plans.

I believe that this kit and plans were available for a number of years, right into the mid/late 1960s. 
The farmhouse is exquisite. It consists of one main wooden house with two additional removable outhouses each end, plus a hinged lift up roof panel at the back.The roof paper is the instantly recognisable red version of the Hobbies roof tiling paper which was so often used on our old dolls houses. However, interestingly the walls are papered in what is described in the handbook as "concrete block paper". There are windows front and back, so too a front and back door, both hinged and opening.
The windows are glazed with what is described in the handbook as transparent material. 
All the windows have hand painted glazing bars and yellow painted curtains. 

The farmhouse interior is an empty shell. 
The combined dairy, piggery and cowshed is also exquisite. 
The dairy room has a hinged opening door.
The piggery has a half opening door and low wall. 
The area inbetween is the cowshed.
The stable block is particularly exquisite too.
 It has all four half stable doors, all hinged and fully opening.

 In the plans it shows instructions for a large barn too and fenced base, but sadly they are long gone.

There are 31 lead figures, animals, etc. that are accompanying this little farm set. Obviously someone has collected these over a long period of time as they appear to range from the 1930s right through to the 1950s. The manufacturers include Taylor & Barrett, FGT & Sons, Britains and John Hill & Co. Antique and vintage dolls house collectors will recognise those names I'm sure. I personally am a massive fan of all things 1930s so I do have a number of Taylor and Barrett items amongst my own dolls house collection.

Meanwhile, I have had great fun setting up the farm with all the lead animals, etc. for the photographs. It has brought so many memories back as being a young child from the 1960s, although we did not have lead animals, we did have plastic animals and I spent hours of fun playing with my brother's plastic animals...(and cowboys & indians come to think of it).

At the time of writing this blog, the above is for sale and can be found on the following page:

Friday, 1 September 2017

Super Antique Dolls House Furniture Made From Hobbies Plans c1922-1934

Followers of KT Miniatures will know that I love almost ANYTHING dolls house related from the 1920s/1930s!! Well, these three little gems of that era have just gone up for sale on KT Miniatures. It was hard to let go of them but go they must, as I have no more space in my miniature abodes to justify keeping them. 

This is a wooden china cabinet made from "Hobbies" plans that were available from 1922 to 1934. How do I know this? Well although I do have some old Hobbies Handbooks, I do not have any of the earlier ones. So it is in fact thanks to Rebecca Green, owner of the super Dolls Houses Past & Present website, and editor of her website's excellent magazine, who has written a number of hugely informative articles tracing the history of the Hobbies company, which can be found within the website's magazine archives. The feature that mentions this furniture can be found on the following link: http://www.dollshousespastandpresent.com/issue19december2013p4.htm
The fretwork frontage is fixed and still glazed with the original glass. It never ceases to amaze me how such fragile pieces with real glass ever lasted at all in young hands!
Access to the cabinet is from the back and could look fantastic laden with old china, glassware or weeny ornaments. 
This wooden piano with fretwork upper frontage has also been made from the same plans. 
 The piano has been given a two tone stained finish and is quite charming.
 The original paper keys is still present...although as you can see this is rather playworn and at each end of the keys some old white glue residue is visible. But I reckon with a little patience this residue could be removed with the use of a tiny craft knife.
Both of these items can be found on the following page:

And finally....also from the same plans is this delightful  cot. It is a little playworn too and there has been some slight damage to one of the cot ends...but with a little TLC, and some vintage style bedding this could look fantastic once more. It can be found on the followng page:http://ktminiatures.com/nursery/

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Pictures From The Jersey Dolls House Club Exhibition

 Remember this posting on here a few weeks ago about a forthcoming dolls house event in Jersey? 
( http://ktminiatures.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/a-dolls-house-exhibition-august-12th-in.html)

Well I am delighted to have been sent photos and feedback from the Jersey Dolls House & Miniatures Club, as apparently the event was a wonderful success with over £700 raised for two charities - Autism Jersey and SCBU (a charity for premature babies). Seeing as the club is made up of just 15 members, that is quite an achievement!

Club member Barbara Kendall-Davies tells me that her interview on BBC Radio Jersey and subsequent daily mentions of the event on the radio, plus additional publicity in the local Jersey media, helped to bring a steady stream of visitors all day. As well as a display of club member's creations and own dolls houses, shops, etc., there were various fund raising attractions including a tombola and raffle. The first prize in the raffle of a lovely fully equipped miniature kitchen room box made by club secretary Susan Deans, was won by a young woman who has just caught the dolls house bug... (ha ha - fellow miniaturists out there will recognise that "dolls house bug" I'm sure)

 Barbara goes on to say that the theme of this year's exhibition was Inside/Out and members produced some very novel models. Below you can see some of them.

One of the most popular models made under the Inside/Out theme, was Pauline Falla's Organics, showing a shop and produce on the pavement outside. 

Beverly Lelai charmed everyone with her Japanese Zen Garden And Tea House. It was truly authentic even though she has never been to Japan.
 Gwyneth Morgan's Fairy House And Garden was a great favourite with the children.
These three other photos were sent to me also, and although I do not have any additional information on them specifically, I think the photos speak for themselves:) 
Aren't they fabulous!

Congratulations to the Jersey Dolls House & Miniatures Club for raising money for charity in such a wonderful way, and thank you for sharing photos of your lovely creations with us.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Part Two Of The Grecon Doll Collection Now Available

I am delighted to announce that Part Two of an amazing Grecon Doll Collection is now up for sale at long last!

The majority of the 75 Grecon dolls have had some repair or damage, and they have been priced accordingly. 

If you are a great fan of Grecon dolls and you are also clever with a needle and cotton, there are some super bargains to be had and it is a great opportunity to boost your Grecon doll collection. I had hoped to have had these up for sale by the beginning of this week but due to the sheer volume of dolls, it took many more hours of photographing, observing, measuring, researching, etc. than I had originally anticipated!
 Some have been cleverly repaired, such as this c1930s/40s Grecon doll with a material covered button head. His original legs and feet are long gone, but someone has beautifully created him new legs and the illusion of feet by covering the end wires with a different colour wool. I had at first wondered if he was a Tomac doll (you can see some further down this post) who were always made with button heads, as I had always assumed that all Grecon dolls had stuffed material heads...even the pre-war versions.  But his drawn on facial features were not quite like the usual Tomac facial features (they traditionally have an open mouth and eyes looking to the side)...so I was well and truly baffled.
And then as I had begun to photograph all the dolls, I realised that this little boy with a Grecon lead melon foot (melon feet were believed to have been used on the early c1930s/40s Grecon dolls) was of the exact same construction ie. button head, plus his facial features were almost identical. A quick email to a KT Miniatures' customer who has a vast collection of Grecons, confirmed that she too had some early Grecon dolls with button heads. So there you go... I have learnt something new! 

  Then there are these vintage Grecon dolls who had lost both feet but who had cleverly been given new legs and feet. However the feet have been created in two different ways. The Grecon Grandpa had the end of his woollen bound feet painted in brown paint to create the illusion of shoes. The later Grecon doll (don't you just love her bright c1970s/80s dress), has had the end of her legs bound in a darker blue thread than her leg binding, to create the illusion of shoes. Very clever! Just goes to show how you can bring new life to damaged dolls and make them quite acceptable once again to be used in your old dolls house.

There are some vintage Tomac dolls too available with this collection, all in uniform...as you can see above. Ok, they may have lost a foot or two and been given replacment legs but the Tomac Brownie, Girl Guide and Cub Scout dolls are so rare to find these days, that I am quite sure that someone out there will want to give this lad and two lasses a new home. 

This particular collection belonged to a lady who had been collecting Grecon dolls since her childhood in the 1950s, culminating in a much loved collection of over 150 dolls.  It is now her family's wish that these little dolls go to new homes where they will continue to be appreciated and cherished. Due to the sheer volume of dolls, I decided to split the collection into two parts. Part One went up for sale last week and mostly included the dolls that were either in excellent conditon or a good condition.As mentioned above, Part Two includes all the other dolls - some are in reasonable condition and others are repaired or damaged in some way. But every single one needs a home.

There are still 14 dolls up for sale in the first part of the Grecon collection (seen above), most of these are in a relatively good condition and have been priced accordingly. As long as there is no RESERVE or SOLD sign next to the doll listing, it should be available. Why not take a peek and see if you would like to take on one of these lovelies and give them a new home.