Saturday, 18 January 2020

What A To Do....!

2020 did not get off to a great start where KT Miniatures is concerned!

So there I was, back at my desk at the beginning of January with my brand new KT Miniatures website, all excited and raring to go....then in the blink of an eye, my computer died without any warning! 

Yes, I did have back up for most of my stuff but one or two important things slipped through the net, and worst of all, the back up for my emails failed...I lost them all! 
To say that I was stressed, upset, worried, etc...was putting it mildly, and a nervous breakdown nearly ensued!

So I found myself having to purchase a new computer, along with all the peripheral software, etc. And so the nightmare continued. Couldn't get Outlook to work for a few days, neither could I get the new photographic software to work so I could not list any new stock to the website, neither could I get the wifi printer to work. In fact the list of technical problems were endless and KT Miniatures ground to a halt. My apologies if you have sent me emails during the first couple of weeks of January and not got a response, or your emails have bounced back. Well this is why. 

The good news is, fingers crossed, that with the help of daughter, sons and even the IT guy who set up my website...all seems to be working now. But I think I have more grey hairs today than I did on the 1st of January!!!

So if you have not seen my new website yet, with its new address...please do take a look, I hope you like it:

As long as there are no more gremlins or hold ups, I hope to begin listing more vintage stock in earnest to KT Miniatures during this coming week. 

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Happy New Year From KT Miniatures & New Beginnings...

I hope you have all had a fabulous time over the festive season and let's see what 2020 brings! I hope it is kind to us all....and I look forward to my 24th year of trading as KT Miniatures! 

On A Cold & Frosty Morning, After The Night Before....
Please note that as from now my brand new website has a new address due to the installation of a SSL certificate, so that any data transmitted between KT Miniatures website and a visitor is encrypted, hence giving us all more security. So it is no longer but.....

We encountered some niggles and teething problems with the website for the first couple of days (particularly with the mobile version), but fingers, toes and everything crossed, all should be more or less OK now. The big test will be when I embark on listing a load of new vintage stock to the website at the end of this watch this space. Let's hope I don't press any wrong buttons!

KT Miniatures

Friday, 20 December 2019

New Website At Last...And Yet Another Year Coming To An End!

Am delighted to say that at long last KT Miniatures' new website that has been weeks in the planning has finally gone live! 

There is still more work to be done on the Archives and new stock needs to be added, but for now I am going to have a complete break away from the computer. These past few days in particular have been manic as I was given a crash course on how to use a new editorial system by the lovely Thame based IT guy Greg Smith (Website DNA), who has the patience of a saint!  My old website was outdated and becoming problematic with increasing niggles, so I had no choice but to get a new website.

After a few discussions with Greg, we decided to have much fewer pages, consolidate most of the antique and vintage miniatures under "rooms" only, with individual category buttons in each room. Hopefully now this will be far more user friendly and I hope you like it. 

So what a lovely way to bring 2019 to a close and I very much look forward to being back on here with you at the beginning of 2020. Thank you for your custom and friendship throughout 2019.

 And now without further ado, I would just like to wish you all...


Celia X

Saturday, 23 November 2019

What A Lovely Venue For A Workshop Denman College Is!

What a brilliant time we had last week at Denman College, in Oxfordshire (a WI college but open to all) where I spent three days and two nights with a bunch of 8 rather lovely ladies, running An Old Attic Room Scene Workshop. My old friend Jill Higson, an experienced crafter/miniaturist came along to assist.  

This was the main prototype of what they were making along with all the accessories, and each lady was given a ready primed room box with sliding perspex front, a booklet of instructions plus all materials needed to make the above. However everyone was encouraged to use their creativity, they could age their room box as little or as much as they wished, plus they could make their room into whatever they wanted it to be - it didn't have to be an old attic room. Ideas soon started flowing.

We were based in Studio 1 over in the Teaching Block, the facilities were absolutely amazing...far superior to anything that I have had anywhere else before...and I have run rather a lot of workshops in my time in all kinds of venues!

 The ladies came from all over the UK, some were members of the WI and some were not. Their skills were varied, ranging from absolute beginners to experienced crafters, which this project lent itself well too. 
Every lady had a 6ft table to themselves, which included an individual freestanding magnifying lamp. Several sinks were along the wall and a trolley packed with tools, implements and supplies...amazing!

The beginners among the group arrived a little more apprehensive than others but everyone was full of  wonderful enthusiasm. And by the end of the very first session after they had managed to paint a scene on their back wall, using a simple painting by numbers system...their confidence had begun to grow rapidly. Those who were more experienced in the group were happy to do their own "thing".  

Then as soon as the back wall, ceiling  and window went in, plus the aging of the painted walls began...the mutterings of delight from the ladies were just brilliant!

I was so proud of them all. This particular bunch of ladies bonded so well that on the last morning they asked if I would come back again and run a Reunion Workshop at Denman College for them. I have put a proposal to the college and it looks like you can all return next year ladies! 

In fact I'm delighted to say that I have been formally invited back next year to run three more residential workshops, two more for the exact same project above...and another for the Reunion Workshop. Dates and details are to be confirmed shortly. 

So watch this space!

Friday, 8 November 2019

All Is Now Ready For The Workshop Next Week!

 Preparations for the "Old Attic Room Scene In Miniature Workshop" have been in full swing these past few weeks and am pleased to say that at last all is now ready. 

Many hours of planning, writing, cutting, creating, designing, painting, glueing, etc. have been going on over recent weeks to get all the kits ready for this workshop that is being held at the WI's Denman College in Oxfordshire. 

It is my first time at Denman College and am looking forward to it very much. 
This project involves a lot of painting and getting one's hands dirty, so ladies...please remember to bring your aprons or old shirts!

Here is the project that we should be making.

I will take my camera and hopefully will have loads of photos to show you how we got on.