Wednesday, 13 July 2016

KT Miniatures Is Temporarily Closed For Business Due To Mr KT's Bereavement

I am devastated to announce that due to the bereavement of "Mr KT", KT Miniatures is closed temporarily  for business until further notice. 

 Sadly Dave's long eight year battle with chronic illness came to an abrupt end yesterday during the much wished for transplant just wasn't meant to be for him.

His wonderful humour, cheerfulness and bravery has been utterly inspirational throughout and he will be greatly missed.   

Any outstanding emails or enquiries will be dealt with as soon as circumstances deem it possible once again. 

Thank you for your continued patience.
Celia xx

Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Celia x

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Workshops Over (For Now) - End Of An Era!

Last Saturday we held our very last Nostalgia In Miniature Workshop project at our Bicester Avenue Garden Centre venue with a truly super group of ladies. It was a lovely day but at the same time tinged with sadness, as it was the last time I will ever have the pleasure of working with my workshop colleague - Robin Britton, who also happens to be a great old mate too. 
I just about managed to snap this photo of Robin, she hates having her photo taken and has always gone to great lengths to try and dodge the camera! But on this occasion she thought I was taking a photo of Geraldine (she is the lady seated and a long standing stalwart of our workshops) who was busy working on her little shop. Ha ha, little did Robin know that  I had sneaked her into the left of the shot!

This was our last workshop project which everyone had great fun tackling last Saturday, and I think it was fair to say that it was probably the most versatile workshop project that we had ever embarked on, as the makers had a huge choice on colour, configuration of shelves, doors, components, etc. They could truly make it their own to suit. 

  CLICK HERE to view more photos of the day to see what everyone got up to.

But now Robin has officially retired from the professional world of miniatures and I am sure that anyone who knows Robin, would not hesitate to join me in wishing her well in her retirement. She and her Coombe Crafts will be greatly missed by a lot of people.

I am hoping to continue with workshops once Mr KT has embarked on a journey of recovery healthwise and then they will come under the banner of KT Miniatures. Meanwhile the tiny doors have finally closed on Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops, the workshop website will stay live until the end of July and then after that date, all traffic will be redirected to KT Miniatures website. Thank you to everyone who came to any of our workshops over the years...what a wonderful adventure it has been!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Blimey...What A To Do This All Is... But Life Has To Go On!

As the unbelievable and quite tumultuous political dramas continue to unfold here in the UK, practically every single one of us has an opinion of some sort, so it is best for me to say nothing other than let's hope there is a happy ending for all concerned. Meanwhile, life has to go on...

Our Very Last Nostalgia In Miniature Workshop On Saturday
If you have been following KT Miniatures Journal just recently, you will have seen that my workshop colleague Robin has decided to retire completely from the world of professional miniatures, so this coming Saturday will be our very last workshop together. All kits are ready and we have just had our very last "workshop management meeting" this morning. Although Saturday will be tinged with sadness, we are very much looking forward to seeing everyone who have booked to come. 

Just to reiterate, that I hope very much to continue the workshops in some shape or form once Mr KT's health has (fingers crossed) improved - hopefully by next year this will be so. Any future workshops will be run under the banner of KT Miniatures, as the Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops website will be no more by the end of July. 
A Bit Of Website Tweaking Plus KT Miniatures Sold Gallery & Handmade Gallery

Inspired by a tiny motif seen on a page header in a late c1800s children's book....

I have managed to create a new patterned wallpaper background for KT Miniatures website, hope you like it. Well you know me and my patterns...I couldn't leave that background plain for long, and once the pattern had been created I then had to learn which buttons to press to transfer it onto the website background. But yay - sucess! Am quite chuffed with the result. pleased to say that very slowly I am getting to grips with the new website and have also got my act together to create a Sold Gallery plus a KT Miniatures Handmade Gallery too. But I'm afraid due to logistical reasons, I simply will not be able to resurrect the Customer Creations or Customer Old Dolls House Gallery from the old website. Is a shame I know and I have received one or two emails with regards to this, but if you scour through the archives within this KT Miniatures Journal, you may find one or two interesting snippets from those old galleries on here for your enjoyment.
The new Sold Gallery contains images of many of the old dolls houses sold by KT Miniatures over the past few years, which you may find useful. If you click on any of the dolls house photos you have an option of viewing it as an enlarged image and as a slideshow.  

Plus on a different page, there is a KT Miniatures Handmade Gallery, with images and videos of just some of my own favourite miniature scene creations, including one or two made jointly with my workshop colleague Robin.  

Within time I hope to bring a further gallery page of sold antique and vintage accessories/furniture but for now, I need to concentrate on listing more vintage items to the website, as and when I can in between all the comings and goings at this end.