Thursday, 24 April 2014

All Set For Saturday....Plus A Few Garden Items Of A Miniature Kind!

All kits are complete, instructions are printed and everything's packed for our Round The Back Of The Old Gardener's Cottage Workshop on Saturday. We will be in the Conference Room at Bicester Avenue Garden Centre for the very first time and there is much excitement about this brand new venue.  Any member of the public visiting the garden centre restaurant on Saturday will be able to see us all in there (busy creating no doubt), as the entire wall at one end is basically one massive glass window. Haha....better make sure that we're all on our best behaviour then!
I've  managed to squeeze in a little bit of creativity this week...have made a few 1/12th scale vintage garden related miniatures for our Workshop Sales Table. Some of the vintage style bits and bobs can be seen in the above photos...all suitable to be used round the back of the old gardener's cottage! I have included some of my vintage looking cream/green enamelware too as they can look fantastic filled with plants. Any of these not sold on Saturday will then go up for sale on KT Miniatures website.
 Have also dug out one or two vintage pieces that are relevant to this project. I love the 1950s lead chickens, the mower is not vintage at all actually but a Phoenix mower painted to look there is a rare Dinky Dolly Varden 1/24th scale kitchen chair from the 1930s.  The upholstered chair on the right is a vintage 1980s/90s chair now aged a little....(so the gardener can rest his weary legs) plus the vintage chair on the far right is believed to be 1930s. The little old lead churns are perfect for use in these old garden scenes.
Should be a fun day!

Saturday 27th September
Bicester Avenue Garden Centre
 We now have a date booked for our Autumn workshop - the project will be called....
Down The Little Old Herb Garden Path.

Details will appear on our Nostalgic In Miniature Workshops website on Monday....when booking will officially open. 

Monday, 21 April 2014

Two Rare c1900s Erhard & Sohne Dolls House Miniatures

It is not often that these rare c1900s Erhard & Sohne dolls house miniatures come into KT Miniatures however last week I was lucky to obtain not just one, but two delightful examples from this German company. Unsurprisingly they were snapped up pretty quick almost as soon as they went up for sale but I thought I would show you them on here anyway. 
The tiny ormolu style metal Erhard & Sohne mantel clock is quite ornate and in a remarkably super condition even though it has been so obviously played with. To think that this is over 100 years old too! It is entirely in original condition, complete with blue clock face and glass front.
The clock can be found in the Erhard & Sohne Company Catalogue as No. 8355.
It measures 2" high x 2 1/8" wide x 1" depth.

 Then there is this wonderful metal Art Nouveau Erhard & Sohne Console & Mirror Frame. The original mirror is long gone and would have simply slotted into the grooves at the would not be too difficult to fit a replacement mirror.
But isn't this wonderful!? The detail is exquisite and most definitely so very Art Nouveau in style.
It appears in the Erhard & Sohne Company Catalogue as No. 3439 and measures 5 1/2" from highest point to bottom x 4" at widest point.

It may be a while before any more Erhard & Sohne items of this calibre come along again!!!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Special Easter Discount Offer

 I am offering a 15% discount off all three old dolls houses that are currently for sale on KT Miniatures website. Please note that terms and conditions apply...including the dolls houses must be collected in person from me here in Thame (Oxfordshire). If you are tempted by these savings....please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Closing Date Of Offer

Friday 25th April 2014




Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Vintage Style Fabric & Brooch Bridal Bouquet!

I come from a very large it's not unusual for a family wedding to take place now and then. However, one of my very best friends who also happens to be my sister in law, asked me to help her make a bridal bouquet for her eldest daughter's impending wedding. Now I have been asked to make many things in my time but never a bridal bouquet before and was not sure if my creative talents could stretch that far! 

She went onto explain that this was not to be any ordinary bouquet with real flowers....oh no siree. This is one made with fabric and brooches, etc. 

I was promptly sent links to all sorts of websites in order to give me an idea of what they looked like. I was I had never seen or heard of these type of bouquets before. What a fantastic idea though....particularly as my niece suffers HUGELY from hay fever every year! In preparation and for inspiration, I sat through several very useful "how to make" fabric flowers and vintage brooch bouquet videos on YouTube...isn't it amazing the sheer volume of information out there on the internet!?
Then yesterday was to be our CREATING OF THE  BOUQUET DAY! We had no idea how this was going to turn out...

Sister in law arrived armed with an array of ready made fabric flowers, crocheted flowers, purchased brooches, bits of "Great Grandma's antique necklace", all sorts of embellishments, wire and her old Laura Ashley wedding dress from the early 1980s. All I had to do was provide the scissors, pliers and music while we worked...and so we began.
We spent ages wiring up all the fabric was more difficult than anticipated as we needed to poke the wire discreetly up through each flower and back down again, then twist them together to provide a long stem. Some flowers we embellished with an occasional glass bead from Great Grandma's necklace via the wire....just to add an extra sparkle. 
Wiring the brooches was a little challenging too...until we got the hang of snipping off the back pins and using up to four wires on each in order to get it to balance and hang firmly. 
Yours truly volunteered to carefully unpick a run of lace from the old wedding dress...blimey it took ages, but I got it off in the end. 
Whilst I was unpicking lace, sister in law began to experiment with the now wired up flowers, seeing which flowers and brooches looked best next to each other - is harder than you think and in the end, we discarded one or two flowers/brooches that just didn't look right.
 It was trial and error....

Then finally...after almost three hours of continual creating, between us we managed to fix the flowers, brooches etc. together, all tightly bound in place as we didn't want anything falling off on the big day!  As we had run out of time to sew the wedding dress lace around the handle, it was decided to do that another day.  Meanwhile, the niece was waiting rather nervously back home for news of her little posy......we decided that perhaps we ought to email a photo or two up to her but were rather apprehensive. Hmm....what if she hated it....?
So, just for the photo,  the strip of lace from sister in law's old wedding dress was temporarily wrapped round the wires....and one or two photos emailed off to my lovely niece. A few anxious minutes later....we had the verdict....


Must say, we were rather chuffed but don't think we will give up our day jobs just yet...haha!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Antique Late Victorian/Early 1900s German Dolls House Furniture

Preparations have been in full swing for our impending April 26th workshop and at last am delighted to say that all kits are made and everything is ready, which means that I can now get back down to listing more vintage goodies to KT Miniatures website. 

Isn't it lovely!!!!
If you have a large scale dolls house then this may be perfect for you, as this size furniture is not so readily available as the smaller scale items. It measures 9" at its longest point and 4 3/4" at its widest point and over 5" tall, so is big. This is believed to be late Victorian or early 1900s and of German origin. Complete with original mattress that am not sure what it is stuffed with...but feels like straw or something similar...fantastic!

This late Victorian/Early 1900s German suite is upholstered in the original and very attractive brown polka dot velvet material.
What is fascinating though is that some of the bulbous legs don't match....were they made like that or over the past 100 years, have they been repaired?

 Ten vintage Dol-Toi dining room suites were listed to the website yesterday...all from Marion Osborne's Collection. All are supposedly 1/16th scale but one or two of those sideboards could perhaps look quite at home in some of our 1/12th scale old dolls houses.

I am open for business most of next week and only closing over the Easter am planning to list lots more vintage goodies to the website next week.