Wednesday, 20 February 2019


I am delighted to announce that the official promotional page for KT Miniatures Fair on 12th October 2019, is now live! Stand holder booking has just begun and already we have an impressive line up. 
KT Miniatures & Friends

Vintage & Artisan Dolls House Fair

Saturday 12th October 2019

Thame Barns Centre.

Church Rd, Thame, Oxfordshire.  OX9 3AJ

10.30 am - 4.30pm

Admission Fee: £3.00 Adult/£1.00 Child/Under Fives Free

KT Miniatures, as organiser, will donate 50% of all profit from proceeds of running the event to the charity C.R.Y. (Cardiac Risk in the Young).

Registered Charity Number: 1050845

Come and joins us at this wonderfully unique dolls house and miniatures event, set in a picturesque and historic Oxfordshire setting of Thame Barns Centre...just a couple of minutes walk from the thriving town centre of the Oxfordshire market town of Thame.  This fair is rather special as it will bring together, not only highly talented professional artisans who make the most exquisite dolls houses and miniature related items, but also antique/vintage dolls house traders too, who will have some beautiful old dolls house treasures to purchase. 


With so few combined antique/vintage dolls house and miniaturist artisan fairs in the UK, I'm hoping to create an event that uniquely has a mixture of both, all of whom have high quality wares that complement each other.  

So ...mark the date of Saturday 12th October in your diary now and I hope that you can come!

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Look At The Armand Marseille Dolls Now- They Are In Good Company!

A few months ago, you may remember I put a pair of antique German Armand Marseille Baby Dolls up for sale on this Journal, to raise money for the "Help Save Dolls Houses Past & Present Website Fund". 

A very generous lady called Diane Pearson from Westhill in Aberdeenshire bought both dolls and she has just sent me a photo of them in their new home!
Diane has quite a collection of old dolls as you can see, and tells me that the oldest is made from papier mache, dating from around 1860 (she is the one without any clothes on).  So that makes her over 150 years old! The teddy in the photo is also extremely old and made by a company called Farnell, which was one of the very first teddy bear makers in the UK. 

Huge thanks to Diane for letting us take a peek at her collection. The little baby dolls certainly have a lot of friends to keep them company!

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Am Back From Travels...Some Austrian Miniatures

I have just returned from Austria, my first proper overseas holiday in several years, and it has been utterly brilliant. If you have emailed me in the past week or so and not got a reply, that is the reason why. I've now more or less caught up with the backlog of emails, thank you all for your patience. 

The holiday all came about through a chance remark one evening down the pub with an old friend, during a conversation about our "Bucket Lists" I have a rather special MEGA birthday coming up later this year.  It emerged that we both had always wanted to go to Austria in the winter. One thing led to another, and hence we found ourselves going right across Germany and down to Austria, and ultimately to Innsbruck by train.
View from our hotel in Innsbruck
The whole eight day trip has been quite an adventure. At times it felt we had literally stepped into a fairy tale land, utterly beautiful and magical. 

A famous Innsbruck landmark - The Golden Roof. 
Kufstein Fortress
Whilst travelling on the Stubaitalbahn Tram, just randomly we saw this model of a miniature building hanging on the side of a house. I have no idea what the significance of the model was, but am glad that I was able to hastily take this pic on my mobile. My pic. is not very clear, and my friend did try and take a photo of it on our return journey with her big posh whizzy camera, but just as she clicked a tram came the other way and blocked her view...much to the amusement of everyone else on the tram!

I can thoroughly recommend The Tyrolean Folk Museum in Innsbruck. We spent a wonderful couple of hours wandering around the place. Many of the miniature items were enclosed in glass cabinets, and therefore difficult to photograph.  Plus as I speak very little German, I could not decipher many of the "description tags", but I will show you some of the better pics anyway. Above is a miniature  nativity scene (situated centrally at the base)....surrounded by various other buildings and characters. The photo just does not do it justice, but it really is beautiful. 
I got a bit excited when I spotted this miniature house from afar, however on close inspection realised that there was a religious connotation to it, as it appears to depict a scene of "The Annunciation" (I managed to decipher the description tag on this one). There seems to be an image of an angel dangling in the air over a doll that supposedly represents Mary? 

But I was fascinated by the construction of the house and the furniture...absolutely exquisite. 
I can't help but wonder if it had originally been a dolls house and was latterly made into a religious scene? 

There were several variations of  miniature Tyrolean buildings with landscaped bases but many of my photos just did not come out due to the glass frontage....however above I have included a couple of images. I have no idea who the maker was or when or why they were made, but they are rather lovely and full of detail! They do not appear to be dolls houses as such but actual models.

Well, my holiday is now well and truly over and am hoping to begin more listing of vintage items to the website over the next few days, once one or two pressing matters have been attended to.  

Friday, 11 January 2019

Some Exciting News - A New Event!

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you had a wonderful time over the festive season. I don't know about you, but for me Christmas now seems to be just a distant memory. There is so much going on here. 

I do have some exciting news for you!

Although the finer details are still yet to be finalised, I am delighted to announce a very special event......


Saturday 12th October 2019
Thame Barns Centre
Church Road

More detailed information about this event will be available when the main promotional page goes live on KT Miniatures website. But for the moment, please do spread the word and mark the date in your diary. 

I will be donating 50% of any profit made from the organising of the event to the wonderful charity C.R.Y (Cardiac Risk in the Young). 
KT Miniatures

Monday, 17 December 2018

Thank You & Merry Christmas From KT Miniatures

So there we are, another year over and I am now closed for the festive season. KT Miniatures will be open again on 2nd January 2019.
Thank you to everyone for your wonderful friendship, support and interest in KT Miniatures over these past 12 months...and I hope that KT Miniatures Journal has brought a little bit of sunshine into your miniature world. 

There are at least two exciting events for KT Miniatures being planned for next year (each quite different from each other), but I am not able to reveal all quite yet as there is much more to finalise. Although I can say, that if you are a massive fan of dolls houses - then do keep Saturday 12th October 2019 free...more about this very soon!

And now I would just like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas from KT Miniatures, and hope that 2019 will be kind to us all.

See you next year!