Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Lovely Photos Of Jane's Completed Workshop Project!

Followers of KT Miniatures may remember earlier in the year I had promised that if anyone who came to my 2018 workshops sent photos of their completed project, I would show you on here....with their permission of course! we are!

Jane Sharp was one of the lovely ladies who attended the May workshop. During her time with us, she had mentioned that she was just about to have a knee operation, and that she was looking forward to carrying on with the project during the few weeks of recuperation, following her operation.  

 A couple of weeks after Jane's op' she emailed to say that she had been able to get going with her project as planned and sent some photos of the project in progress. She had managed to paint the tiled effect floor, and chosen to have a mixture of blue and white tiles.  She had mixed a pale blue paint with a dark blue paint, in order to get the shade that she wanted.  I agree with Jane that very oddly,  the floor looks like it is black and white in the photos, but it is most definitely blue. Jane said that she took it slowly and carefully, and although there was a bit of touching up to do, she was thrilled with result. I think it looks super!

The tiled effect floor can be quite tricky as the paint has a tendency to bleed underneath the masking tape sometimes, no matter how carefully the paint or indeed the masking tape is applied. But any "bleeding" can be easily rectified by "touching up" with the relevant colours using a tiny brush.

Above you can see that Jane had made good progress with her kitchen range whilst she was actually at the workshop. 

And here is the finished kitchen is brilliant. The reproduction blue/ beige Delft type frieze was part of the project and Jane is delighted with how the colours of the frieze and floor go together well. 
Jane had also finished creating and constructing all the furniture which were part of the workshop project. 

And now...just a few more weeks further on, Jane sent me photos of the finished project, with all the furniture painted and accessories created. 
Isn't it amazing!!!!! 

She has also added some of her own bits and bobs in varying scales that she has been collecting for this project. 
In the antique toy German kitchens of the early 1900s the contents would have been in different scales, and I personally love to see  the varying scales combined in antique/vintage style miniature settings - it adds authenticity and character to the overall effect.

Jane said that she thoroughly enjoyed making this project and adds...."it is amazing what you can do with wood, card, paint and some lovely accessories". has given me great pleasure to see such a stunning example of this workshop project created, it really is beautiful.  I am very grateful to Jane for allowing me to share her photos with you and hope that you have enjoyed taking a peek too. 

If you CLICK HERE you can see full details of the workshop project and more photos. I hope to bring you details of KT Miniatures 2019 workshop project later this year. 


Saturday, 7 July 2018

Four Interesting Little Antique German Items For Your Dolls House...

Just listed to KT Miniatures website over the past few days are four antique  metal items, all believed to be of German origin and all equally interesting but quite different from each other. These are currently for sale at the time of writing this blog. 

Antique Miniature Oil Heater

First up is this little antique metal heater, of the portable kind. There is such conflicting information put out there on the internet with regards to this particular item and it is origin, and must not be confused with the more modern reproduction model of this type of heater. This is genuinely old and came with an antique dolls house from the early 1900s. 

It has no makers mark or country of origin mark anywhere that I can find, but the consensus of opinion is that it originates from Germany from the early 20th century. In the olden days, a real life size heater of this kind could be taken from room to room, as required. 
This comes in original condition, painted in a black and silver finish. There is a movable handle, and this is all fully intact. It stands at a height of 2 3/8" high. 

c1930s German "Anfoe" Vacuum Cleaner
This is a genuine antique miniature vacuum cleaner from the 1930s, marked GERMANY underneath. 
Wonderfully the manufacturers name ANFOE is printed in red lettering at the top of the original black material bag. 
This item is in a reasonably good played with condition, although there is a considerable loss of black paint from the handle.
An added nice touch is the red triangular symbol that is just about still present on the front of the vacuum cleaner. 

c1920s/30s German Miniature Alarm Clock
This is a great favourite of mine. I already own one, so this second example has been put up for sale. 
This is a tiny metal alarm clock, with original paper clock face (albeit a little brown from natural aging), and the original celluloid clock face cover.

On the back it is marked GERMANY and there are some delightful moulded details. Isn't it fabulous!
All these three items can currently be seen for sale on KT Miniatures General Page: 

Large Scale Antique German Cutlery Basket & Cutlery

Here is an antique metal and blue mesh cutlery basket, with 17 pieces of metal cutlery.

This set comprises of six spoons and forks, and five knives, so presumably there is one knife missing?

What is delightful is that every single piece of cutlery is marked GERMANY. 

This is large in scale, more like doll size but would suit an old dolls house where scale does not matter. It can currently be found on KT Miniatures Kitchen Page: 

Friday, 22 June 2018

Some Lovely & Unusual Antique Miniatures Now For Sale

Today I have put up for sale one or two quite rare antique dolls house treasures and other miniature items that don't come along that often in such good condition. Some have been snapped up immediately but some at the time of writing this blog are still for sale. 

cLate 1800s/Early 1900s Art Nouveau Statuette & Mirror

I have been deliberating for days on whether to keep this gorgeous and rare Art Nouveau German statuette holding a mirror. But then I decided that as I have no suitable place to display it, it deserves to go to a new home where it can shine:)
She is marked GERMANY underneath and came with a collection of antique dolls house items dated from the late 1800s right through to the 1930s. I suspect that this dates from the late 1800s/early 1900s as it is very much in the Art Nouveau style. But I have never seen one like this before, and even after much research, I still have not been able to identify the maker. 

But she is magnificent. The main stand of the mirror appears to be a trunk of a tree (perhaps?) and as it rises, it branches out to support the mirror. The lady statuette has a long dress and hair in a bun. If anyone out there can identify the German maker, please do get in touch. When I first saw it I assumed that it had been made by Erhard & Sohne but I cannot find anything quite like it in all the literature I have about that company. So this is a bit of a mystery.

UPDATE: Thank you to the lovely lady from New Zealand who emailed to tell me that the statuette  was modelled on a famous dancer called Loie Fuller.  Apparently she had many statuettes based on her during the Art Nouveau period, both small and real life size. Sadly though, we still do not know who the maker is of this gorgeous mirror.
Amongst some other little treasures just put up for sale today is a cherry wooden Schneegas washstand and towel rail.

c1900s Schneegas Washstand & Towel Rail
Collectors of old dolls house furniture will instantly recognise this as a c1900s Schneegas piece, with marble top and back. Isn't it fabulous!
Even the tiny decorative metal handles are pretty!
There is a matching decorative towel rail made from delightfully turned wooden struts. Lovely!
Other items listed include a large scale bone brush and comb, plus an antique homemade sateen and thread covered wire screen.
All these can be found on the Bedroom Page.

Early 1900s German Wooden Piano & Stool

I have seen various pieces of furniture in this style by a German company but never a piano with stool quite like this before.

It is in a super condition and looks hardly played with. Even the original paper keys are still intact. I love the fretwork cut out front with a reddish stained piece of backing wood - gives a lovely effect.

It is quite a chunky piece so would suit an antique dolls house where scale does not matter or perhaps a larger scale dolls house

Antique German Soft Metal Rack & Glass Condiment Set
It is so refreshing to have one of these condiment sets which is fully intact. So often bits are broken or lost on these sets. 

This set consists of a soft metal rack with a vinegar bottle that has a tiny glass stopper which slots into the top. Plus there are two other bottles with metal tops that have holes in - these being the salt and pepper pots.

I love the crinkled effect on the exterior of the bottles, is so pretty.
All these can be found on the Living & Dining Room Page.

c1900s German Bisque Mignonette Dolls
Aren't these beauties! They have long hair and tiny coloured glass eyes. I love them...and these are some other old miniature delights that I have been deliberating over! Shall I let them go or shan't I?

In the end, my head ruled my heart and decided I will have to bid farewell to them. I am supposed to be running a business here and I just can't keep everything! :)

This little German doll has her original dress, silk I think, and she is in a good played with condition

However, she has been sitting down for so long....years I suspect, that her dress sticks up in the shape that she has been sitting is probably a relief for her to be standing up!
This little doll has her original green fabric dress that has some smocking at the front. She also has a crocheted  hat, which she came with but I have no idea if it is original to her. It certainly looks to be very old.
She does have some slight damage to the top of her right foot and this is reflected in her price...but it has hardly noticeable, as she is so pretty.
At the time of writing this, these are currently up for sale on the Old Dolls Page.

I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek at these little treasures.

These and lots more can be found on

Friday, 8 June 2018

Some Not So Old Dolls House Furniture - But Still Little Treasures In Their Own Right!

Every so often, I find myself the owner of some not so old dolls house miniatures, which come as a job lot along with gorgeous antique and vintage mini delights. Well yesterday I put up for sale two such lots...and quite different from the dolls house items that I usually sell. But each set of furniture in their own right, are little treasures and both sets are in 1/12th scale. 

Old Style Chairs - Painted Plastic!
The previous owner told me that many years ago, she just happened to be passing the Hermes shop in King Street - Manchester, and saw these chairs in the shop window as part of a display, discretely placed among the most exquisite and rather expensive silk scarves. She said that they looked just right in that setting. However, when she passed again later, the window was being re-dressed. So she went in to enquire about them, and was told that they were going to be thrown she had them!
When I first saw a photo of these sent by the previous owner, at first glance I thought they were the real deal! And others must have thought they were too, especially whilst they were being used to display high ended luxury silk scarves. But no, these four chairs are painted plastic and the upholstered fabric seats have been painted too - probably by the shop window dresser purely for that particular window display. 

However, even though they are just painted plastic, I think they are fabulous! And ideal for use in an old dolls house. Even though the paintwork is now a bit patchy, they still look great and I think it just adds character to the overall effect. 

At the time of writing this blog, these are available under the Living & Dining Room Page.

c1980s  Reproduction Chinese Black Lacquered Furniture
When I first saw these not so old pieces of black painted furniture with gold decoration, I did not have a clue quite how modern they were. By chance as I was flicking through the pages of Margaret Towner's book "DOLLS HOUSE FURNITURE",  on page 61 I found a coloured photo of that same furniture which helped shed some light on these pieces. And they were a little older than I first thought.
Margaret refers to these as "one of two wooden products worth a mention for their adherence to the traditions of their respective countries." She goes onto say that from the Chinese People's Republic during the 1980's came a series of charming sets in imitation black lacquer with gold decoration, copying the furniture exported from China during the 19th century. 

However, Margaret does warn in her book that some of these Chinese furniture sets have been found to have been "antiqued" by unscrupulous people trying to pass them off as very old - so please be warned! But they have been quite well made and are nicely decorated, and in the right miniature setting could look super. 

I was not sure which category to put this assorted furniture set under, as they individually could be used in a variety of rooms, so I decided to put them under the General Section, which at the time of writing this blog, were still available.