Thursday, 15 November 2018

A Little Bit Of This & That...

Has been a while since I have been on keeps throwing up its little distractions, you know how it is :) So I thought it was time to get my act together and put up another posting. This particular posting is a real bit of "this and that",  but hope you find it interesting. 

As time has gone on since last year, I have found my studio room changing and evolving. At the moment, I have two of my most favourite recent acquisitions sitting on my mantelpiece, which I thought I would share with you. 

c1930s Mosaic Vase

 A few months ago at a summer car boot sale, something rather special caught my eye. On close inspection, the owner told me that she had had it for decades, that it had been made in the 1930s and had been passed down to her. She went on to say that she was reluctantly selling as she had to downsize and relinquish some of her treasured possessions.  
It was a large vase covered mosaic style in an array of quite beautiful tiny pieces of antique china and pottery, many bits dating back to the 1800s! I simply fell in love with it there and then,  purchased it for a mere snip of a price and promised the lady that I would cherish it. 
It is now sitting pride of place on the mantelpiece of my studio room. I look at it every day and still love it as much as the first day I got it. To me it is like a picture and utterly fascinating. 
I realise it is not everyone's "cup of tea" as none of my offspring are fond of it. And in the same way that they react when I go on about  dolls house stuff, they simply smile and humour me when I mention it.  

F.G. Taylor Miniature Lead Cottage

Then there is this gorgeous little c1950s F.G. Taylor lead cottage, that came with a whole set of vintage lead toy animals. Of course I just couldn't part with it!  So it now resides tucked at an angle at the side of a plant pot on my mantelpiece. 

Apparently it should have a water wheel that sits along the back and side, but I don't mind that it is missing, as I think the cottage looks rather lovely as it is. 

And now for something a little random....
A Window Of A House Near Poole Harbour
A few weeks ago I spent a long weekend in a gorgeous little house right on Poole Harbour, on the south coast. Whilst walking along one of the streets close to Poole harbour, where all the wonderful old Georgian houses open right out onto the pavement, I was gobsmacked to see a window crammed full of antique miniatures. Very strange to find this in the window of someone's home and clearly displayed facing outwards for passers by to feast their eyes on.
So I just had to stop and take a photo didn't I...and here it is. The light kept reflecting on the glass window so unfortunately the photo is not as clear as I had hoped, but at least you can get the gist of what was on show. 

Leading & Glass Workshop

Then one day last week, I was able to do something that has been on my "Bucket List" for so long.  One of my lovely nieces, who is training to be a stone mason, asked if I would like to accompany her to a glass and leading one day workshop.  I have always adored stained glass, and been wanting to learn how to create it for as long as I can remember, but somehow the right opportunity never seemed to arise. 
So at the crack of dawn last Friday, we found ourselves trundling off to Oldbury in Birmingham to Jamal Rafay's workshop, where we learnt the basics in cutting glass and leading the traditional way. 

Jamal was so patient and knowledgeable, and talked us through every single step thoroughly. I'm a huge fan of the 1920s/30s leaded glass no surprise that I chose a sunrise pattern for my creation!  His little garden room where the workshop took place was simply magical, it seemed that nearly every nook and cranny was packed with examples of his amazing work. Jamal is an incredible artist and also runs workshops on glass painting...which is now on my "Must Do List" for next year. If you click on the following link you will see Jamal's website:

And now back to miniatures...

Some Interesting German Miniatures For Sale
This week I have been listing more antique and vintage goodies to KT Miniatures website. Amongst some of the miniature treasures that are still available at the time of writing this blog, are some interesting German pieces. 

This 1920s F.W.Gerlach soft metal ironing board comes in a painted finish. 

This German kitchen cupboard has gorgeous oval cut out windows in the top central door backed by lovely blue celluloid type mock glass. 
These can be found on the Kitchen Page.

Here is a German "Korbi" type cream/tan coloured pressed card sofa by Karl Schreiter, very much in the wicker style. It is in excellent condition which is refreshing, as this style of card furniture proved to be rather fragile in young hands.

These two pieces of German furniture are being sold as a pair. They have mock non opening doors and drawers, and have a lovely imitation wood effect finish in places. The books are wooden and fixed. These can be found on the Living & Dining Room Page.

This is believed to be a c1910/1920s Albin Schonherr bed, sometimes mistaken for a Gottschalk bed. It can be found on the Bedroom Page.

This old celluloid German wireless started life out as a pencil sharpener, but a previous owner glued on the backplate and fixed green material to the underside to cover up the pencil hole. It is perfect now for an old dolls house where scale does not matter, and can be found on the General Page

All the little dolls house treasures seen here and a lot more besides,  are available to purchase on KT Miniatures website. So why not go take a peek and see if there is anything that takes your fancy.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Unusual Old Large Scale Tin Kitchen, Including Range, Sink, Table & Chairs.

Here is another first for KT Miniatures – I have handled many a vintage toy kitchen in my time, but this is different again!  If you love the heavily aged painted look, then this set could be perfect for you! At the time of writing this blog it can be found for sale on KT Miniatures

The maker and date is unknown, but possibly c1930s, judging by the style and colouring? In total, this set includes a table, two chairs, a sink, plus a kitchen range. 

The table is in a cream painted finish but as you can see, heavily aged and a little rusty...fabulous! It is proof that this table along with the rest of the kitchen has been well played with, which is a lovely thought indeed. I often wonder if these old miniature treasures could talk...what tales they could tell!

The drawer opens right out via a green painted handle. Table measures 4″ long x 2 3/4″ deep x 3″ high.
The two tin chairs are also not just aged but a tad rusty too. Each chair measures 1 5/8″ wide x 1 3/4″ deep x 3 3/4″ back height x 2″ sitting height. 
The sink is quite intriguing. 
There are no taps, just a metal bowl (removable) that is inserted into a four legged tin stand with a lower shelf. This whole item also is heavily aged and showing signs of much use. Sink measures 2 1/2″ wide x 2 3/8″ deep x 2 3/8″ high.
The range is also in a cream finish and has an attractive green border around the top edge.

The oven door opens nicely.  Overall the range measures 4 1/2" wide x 3 1/4" deep x 2 3/4" high. 

This whole kitchen set can be found on the Kitchen Page on KT Miniatures website: 

If you do not have a dolls house that you could  fit this wonderful little set into, then why not create a vintage style room setting inside an old tiny cupboard, smokers cabinet or even just a vintage box? Doesn't even have to be a wooden box...could be a large vintage biscuit tin on its side or pretty vintage cardboard box? The larger scale old kitchenware found on the same KT Miniatures Kitchen page would be perfect to use with this set. 
Could be a fun project!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Re-imagining the Doll’s House at Maidstone Museum, Kent, UK.

Veronica Tonge sent me details (see below) of a very special Dolls House Exhibition that is taking place at Maidstone Museum at this very moment, and for the next few weeks.  Sounds very interesting indeed, I am hoping to go myself if I can. The following is in Veronica's own words...

Re-imagining the Doll’s House
Maidstone Museum, Kent
15th September – 10th November 2018

Since January this year I have been privileged to research, as a ‘guest curator’, Maidstone Museum’s doll’s house collections, resulting in a collaborative exhibition of 9 historic doll’s houses combined with mixed media works by 12 contemporary artists, each inspired by the concept of miniature houses

Victorian houses on show include an estate made, six-room mansion of 1869, owned by the Whatman papermaking family of Vinters Park in Maidstone.  Retaining original papers and full of typical Walterhausen furniture, European and British made household equipment and dolls, it fascinates both collectors and today’s children. A Silber & Fleming box back of around 1880, lavishly decorated in the fashionable ‘Aesthetic’ style, contrasts with a simple home-made mock Tudor house from the 1939-45 War.
Other vintage gems include a wonderfully accurate teenager’s bed sitting room made by a local WI group in 1963 (sited in the Museum’s ground floor to advertise the exhibition) which makes an interesting contrast with the mass produced, plastic 1990 Barbie Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio House!

Artist’s works inspired by doll’s houses include illustrator Jenny Kallin’s quirky takes on life in a vintage doll’s house, a 12th scale hobbyist house presented in an illusion of surreal decay and a hamlet of tiny houses made entirely of detritus washed up on the beach. Other works explore more personal issues, making the whole exhibition simultaneously thought provoking and delightful.
This is a ‘must see’ exhibition for doll’s house enthusiasts, and is already attracting a wide range of new visitors to the Museum who have made special journeys.

Veronica Tonge
Guest Curator/Artist ‘Re-imagining the Doll’s House’

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Rare & Unusual Miniature Swaddled Doll!

This extremely unusual and rare miniature doll is believed to be of either Japanese or German origin, and has just gone up for sale on the "Old Dolls House Doll Page"  of KT Miniatures website. 

I have tried to research this unusual doll, but cannot find anything remotely like it at all. As I do not profess to be a miniature doll expert, I can only go on what the previous owner has told me, what I can see in front of me, and what I have or haven't  handled or seen in my 22 years of trading. 

And I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen anything like this before, so I think I can confidently agree with the previous owner and say that it really is quite rare! This is absolutely gorgeous.

At first I thought it may be German, but the longer I look at it, I can't help but wonder if it is possibly Japanese? The previous owner thinks that this is a  composition doll. The head and body are fixed, the two arms are movable and as you can see, it has been created to give the illusion that it is swaddled in a is just exquisite!  

The painted features are simply wonderful and the overall patina gives this a truly antique feel to it. I don't think the photos do justice to the beauty of this little treasure. 

On the back there is some sort of maker's mark but I just cannot identify it? It seems to read something like NIL...or NII? If anyone can shed some light on the maker then I would love to hear from you. 

It measures 3 1/8" long and is in a good played with condition, so I suppose in dolls house scale terms, it is a little large. There are only one or two weeny minor nibbles.  Right at the base there is a manufacturer's hole. 
Isn't it gorgeous!!!

Please get in touch asap if you wish to purchase this. 

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Assorted Vintage Dolls House Items In Aid Of Further Fundraising..

Assorted Vintage Dolls House Items 


I have been given the following dolls house items by a kind lady from Berkshire and another kind lady from Oxfordshire, to sell  in aid of the "Help Save Dolls Houses Past & Present Website Fund".  As a reminder of why there is fundraising taking for a new DHP&P website,  if you click on the following link, you can read all about it.

You will no doubt have seen on a previous blog post that the three antique dolls that were put up for sale on here to raise funds for the DHP&P new website fund, have either been sold or are reserved. So a huge thank you to the very generous buyers! 

Now to these lovely items...the two sets of donated vintage dolls house items have been put together to make just one whole collection. Sorry but I just do not have the time or resources to list  them individually, so I would just say that they are being sold as seen. As you can see, they really are a mixed bunch in various scales and eras, but most are probably instantly recognisable to vintage dolls house collectors. 

Amongst the general old plastic and wooden furniture, items that are worth a special note,  is some of the food such as the Kaybot plaster bread on breadboard and two Tri-ang plastic plates of food. Other items of special note is the rather delightful Dol-Toi fireplace and console television, two Tri-ang stools and a Tri-ang living room chair, a tiny yellow painted metal chair, plus a couple of tiny 1960s dolls. 
There is hard blue plastic table and five chairs, all with a pretty floral decal, a vintage flower box filled with fabric & plastic flowers, two brass candlesticks, parts of a not so old lovely over sized wooden plate and coffee pot set (maybe Japanese), a useful not so old Korean wardrobe with two internal drawers, shelves and hanging rail, plus an attractive not so old blue and white vase. There are two vintage wooden chairs, several oversized homemade books with leather/fabric covers, a brass lamp, a not so old metal fan fire guard, odds and ends of plastic plates & cups, plus some vintage small scale hard plastic furniture (maybe from the 1980s/90s?). Could be useful to someone.

Most of the items seen above are in a relatively good played with condition with some wear, however it must be said that the old blue plastic wardrobe and dressing table are a little warped (common with this particular plastic set), the paper detail is mostly rubbed off the wooden cooker hob, and one of the red rockers on the red plastic cradle have split but hardly noticeable, although could be glued if so wished. To be honest, this whole set is worth considerably more than the asking price so a bargain for someone and you will be helping a worthy cause too. 

If anyone would like to purchase the above set, then please do get in touch with me asap:  This set of items will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Hope someone out there can give these a good home.

Please Note: This is a one off sale and I am not able to accept  any further donations. However, if you do have any other items to donate, please get in touch with Rebecca Green, her email is: , the owner of Dolls Houses Past & Present website. I understand one of the administrators is selling donated items off Ebay on behalf of the new website fund and in some cases, also off their website.