Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hectic Few Days, Some Art Deco Treasures Found At KDF, etc!

Antique/Vintage  Book Shop
Unusually it has been well over a week  since my last blog entry on here....the reason being that life has been a bit of a whirl during that  a lovely way! My eldest son is getting married next month up north, so there has been a little bit of to-ing and fro-ing between Oxfordshire and Liverpool of late.  I must just tell you of a most wonderful place I stumbled across on my travels last week.....I felt I'd died and gone to heaven on entering!!!
The shelves run from floor to ceiling literally, crammed packed with old along this long main corridor seen above, are loads of separate little rooms also packed from floor to ceiling with antiquated treasures! Needless to say, a particular book I spotted was on the last but one top the lovely gentleman had to get his large stepladder out to get it down for me.  I bought just one book, as I had to keep in mind that I was tavelling back on the train!! But I most definitely hope to be going back there again very soon.  I did ask the gentelman's permission to take this photo and he was more than happy to oblige. He told me that often when people enter, they gasp and liken his shop to a scene from Harry Potter! I can see why.
My one purchase.....the handwritten inscription inside says "To Irene From John & Tommy Christmas 1928".
This treasure trove of a book shop is called Cheshire Books and can be found at Lady Heyes Craft Centre  at Frodsham in Cheshire. They have a go check it out!

KDF 2012
Our Liverpool trip was cut short as I had to dash back in order for me to go to  Kensington Dolls House Festival on Sunday (my friend had got me a ticket and we were to have a real "girlie day out")...can recommend it. KDF was superb as always. It was so nice to simply be a visitor to a dolls house fair and not be on the other side of the table, as it meant that I could spend time admiring the amazing miniatures on show and catching up with many of my old artisan friends.
I was travelling by public transport again (Oxford Tube this time), so I had to limit my purchases, paricularly as I knew I would be bringing back bundles of wood from lovely Wood SuppliesBoth Robin and I are in the process of building the prototypes for our next workshop in September (we have just two places left if anyone is interested-spaces have filled rapidly).
I succumbed to a gorgeous Art Deco dish from Sally Meekins.......I already have one or two of Sally's exquisite Art Deco pieces purchased over the years.
And then I came across a new artisan....well new to me as I just haven't seen them before. If you are an Art Deco fan then hold onto your hats people as you will be very excited over their work...they are quite unique. After much pondering, oohing and aaahing....I succumbed to a leather Art Deco sofa....seen here. This could easily sit at home in an antique dolls house too. In fact I am hoping that it will fit into my Hobbies 1930s house....but it will mean my lovely Pit-a-Pat suite will have to go....big decision to make then!
Here is another image of the sofa with the accompanying matching cushions.
ADM (Art Deco Miniatures) produce the most wonderful Art Deco leather suites.They have a website with a gallery and Carol Tyerman can take commisions. Do go check them out.

KT Miniatures Website

Since my return I have been quietly tweaking and tidying my website and hope you will like the changes.  I am also in the process of completely revamping the Old DIY section too.....fingers crossed, this will be ready to unveil in the next day or so. When it's ready I'll let you know on here.


Dave Williams said...

Wow, the book shop would also be heaven for me, must get up there some time and the art deco items look amazing, nice pieces.

KT Miniatures said...

Well you would love that place Dave. You need at least an hour or two to have the time to browse properly.....just so much to see.

city said...

nice opinion. thanks for posting.