Friday, 4 May 2012

Some Unusual Miniatures That Just Don't Come Along Very Often!

I've been busy listing some rather lovely old treasures over the past 24 hours on KT Miniatures website. Amongst them are some rather unusual items indeed.

First about this then! In all the years I've been trading, I've never sold anything like this before and actually had it for a while because I didn't think I could part with it. But it's just sat in a box so I felt it was time to let it go.

Nope...your eyes are not deceiving is actually a miniature nesting box that has been carved out of a real twig/branch...complete with teeny eggs and woollen nesting!

This would look brilliant hanging outside an antique/vintage dolls house.

Then there's this very old celluloid/bakelite? telephone marked GERMANY and was obviously once a pencil sharpener as the hole at the back is a bit of a give away....although the sharpener mechanism has long gone.

Both these items can be found on the ANTIQUE 1/12TH SCALE GENERAL PAGE

Next up is this curious cardboard radiogram, which actually came along with some 1930s-1950s dolls house furniture. I cannot make up my mind whether it is from the 1930s or from the 1950s....but pretty old whatever era it hails from! If anyone has any useful comments about let me know as I would be interested. Obviously commercially made but I certainly have not seen one made out of cardboard before.
And finally......coal boxes are not that rare but it is nice to have an old metal one for a change. It's believed to be early 1900s with a nice ornate handle on the top, as well as a loop on the back where a shovel would have once sat.....long gone sadly.
The lid lifts up and how fabulous this would look with some real coal inside!
These two items plus lots more are available on the

Lots of other items including old dolls have been listed please do have a peruse of
if you have time.


Sandra Morris said...

Awwww..... I just love the little nesting box, it's so sweet.

What a fantastic selection of unusual miniatures!


KT Miniatures said...

Cheers Sandra. Yes the nesting box in particular is extremely unusual and gorgeous!