Monday, 21 May 2012

c1950s Tri-ang No 62 Dolls House

Just listed today on KT Miniatures website is this lovely little Tri-ang No 62 dolls house. It is in great condition. Has only ever had one owner and has been a much cherished dolls house.  But now the time has come for it to move on and find a new owner.

All the windows are present and correct....even that elusive small single side window to the left of the front door!
How many of us have these No 62's without that tiny window? Personally I think it was a design fault on Tri-ang's the two tiny tacks were simply not enough to keep the window safely in place!

The interior was re-decorated with 1960s/70s wallpaper, including flooring. It maybe that the original is underneath but even so, you could move straight into this dolls house without the necessity to re-decorate. It is very clean and in such good condition.

A really nice touch is this little vintage car in the garage....the previous owner thought it only right to leave it with the house.
This little house is now up for sale on KT Miniatures. As always I strongly recommend that this is picked up from me in person to avoid any risk of damage in transit. However it would be possible to post (UK only) if necessary.

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