Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Some Rare Antique German Miniatures!

Amongst a whole group of mini treasures that I put up for sale yesterday on KT Miniatures website, were some quite rare pieces.  Some of these were snapped up pretty quick but there are still some currently available, at the time of writing this blog. I have highlighted a few of these below, as some I have never handled before in all my 22 years of trading!

Rare Early 1900s German Soft Metal & Glass Table
This is an extremely rare early 1900s German soft metal and glass side table. It is utterly exquisite!

The soft metal frame is delightful, with moulded detail in a gold painted finish.
The table top has the original coloured paper image on card, covered by a thick glass table top which is bordered by a lovely filigree soft metal border, complete with a decorative and quite ornate triangular back plate. 

Underneath, on the card is printed in ink MADE IN GERMANY. This piece was snapped up immediately it went up for sale. 

Rare Early 1900s German Two Tier Soft Metal Food Stand

This is another extremely rare early 1900s German piece, a two tier soft metal food stand. It is lovely.

It consists of a soft metal frame with ornate handle at the top. There are two trays fixed to the stand, with the original pretty floral paper lining underneath the original celluloid covering. Each tray is edged by a pretty decorative border. 
This is the underneath view, as you can see the trays are beautifully constructed. 
Again, this also was snapped up almost as soon as it went up for sale.

Rare Early 1900s Erhard & Sohne Dinner Gong
This gilt metal dinner gong on a frame, is in completely original condition. What is particularly nice is to have the beater, which is so often missing. Plus the gong is still hanging by the actual original reddish brown thread!

This piece appeared as No.3099 in the German early 1900s Erhard & Sohne catalogue. At the time of writing this post, it is available for purchase. Would look fantastic in the hall of an antique dolls house. 

Rare Early 1900s German Soft Metal Crib & Stand
This early 1900s German soft metal crib and stand is simply stunning! 

The crib still has the original drape, lining and bedding. Absolutely exquisite!
The soft metal detail of the crib is hidden under the drape, and is exquisite in its own right.

Although the stand is missing one end crossbar, it still stands beautifully. As you can see, the gilt colour has worn off in places, but I think it can be forgiven as it is at least 100 years old. I can imagine many a little owner during that time has absolutely loved this! As with some of those items seen above, this was sold very quickly, but more about this can be seen on the following page:

Late 1800s/Early 1900s German Umbrella & Walking Stick Stand Plus Three Walking Sticks
This is a very old soft metal umbrella and walking stick stand, from Germany and believed to be from the late 1800s/early 1900s. It has a very Art Nouveau feel to it. Unusually there are three painted soft metal walking sticks too. 

The stand is in a gold and black painted finish. The back of the stand has a quite ornate upright back piece that has two loops in which to hold walking sticks and umbrellas. 
There are three very thin soft metal walking sticks, coloured in the same paint as the stand ie. gold and black. At the time of writing this blog, this is still for sale. 

Late 1800s/Early 1900s Metal Wall Sconce
Here is a lovely late 1800s/early 1900s metal wall sconce in a painted gilt finish, probably of German origin. 

This is a two arm sconce and would look fantastic with two chunky candles (maybe cream wax birthday cake candles). These sconces just do not come along that often these days and this is a really nice example. 

Two Antique German Soft Metal Bird Cages

This early 1900s German gilt coloured soft metal cage is in excellent condition, complete with bird swinging on the perch. 

 This slightly smaller soft metal cage also has a bird on a swinging perch. 

The sconce, bird cages and walking stick/umbrella stand can be seen on the following page:

I hope to add further antique and vintage pieces to KT Miniatures website over the next few days. 
Thank you for looking

Monday, 13 August 2018

Three Antique Dolls Now For Sale In Aid Of The "Help Save Dolls Houses Past & Present Website" Fundraising!

Further to my last post on here ) I understand that the fundraising to save the wonderful Dolls Houses Past & Present website, has now surpassed the halfway mark, which is amazing!!! However, much more is needed if the wonderful Dolls Houses Past & Present website  is to be saved.  

I have decided to donate three antique large scale German dolls towards the "Help To Save Dolls Houses Past & Present Website Fund"  and all three are now available to purchase from me. They were acquired quite some time ago from a northern auction house (UK), and have been packed away in a box ever since. My knowledge of these large dolls is limited, as my interest has always been with the smaller dolls house size dolls. They came along in the same auction "lot" with a batch of antique dolls house items and although lovely, are surplus to my requirements. The dolls deserve to go to good homes where they will be appreciated, rather than sit in a dusty box in my loft for a few more years.

All information below has been given in good faith and they are being sold as seen, on a first come - first serve basis. If you wish to purchase any of these dolls, please email me as soon as possible at: in the first instance with your best offer and I will then let you know the postage cost.You will find KT Miniatures' general payment and postal information here:

Every penny paid for these dolls (excluding postal costs) will be donated to the DHP&P fundraising fund, via their FundRazr page. 


Ref: Doll 1
Lovely Antique "Porzellanfabrik Burggrub" Bisque & Composition German Doll

Thank you to Jane Huggett for her generous offer. 
Approx. 19" (48.5cm) Long - Played With Condition - Some Slight Damage Mostly To Hands & Feet

This magnificent large doll I believe has a bisque head and composition body, and there is a makers mark at the back of her head on the hairline. 

I think it says Porzellanfabrik Burggrub - it is hard to  make it out clearly as the hairline is partially glued over the wording. But underneath it clearly says 169 3 3/4 Germany. Age of this doll is unknown but probably early part of 1900s?

I love her face - she has real character!

She has gorgeous facial features, including glass eyes with opening/closing eyelids, plus an open mouth and dark coloured wigged hair. 

Her limbs are loosely strung and all limbs are present. 

Please note that there are some chips and scuffing to the composition body here and there, and most significantly there is heavy scuffing on her lower arms, hands and fingers as seen in these photos. 

I thought the arms and hands were simply dirty at first, but then realised that the outer layer of composition appears to have been rubbed off considerably, particularly over the hands and fingers in places. But when she is wearing her clothes, this damage is hardly noticeable. However, her bisque head is fully intact and in good condition. 

There is also some scuffing and chips to her toes, but obviously are hidden with shoes and socks on. I think I will describe her as being in a well played with condition and has been much loved:) She really does need a gentle clean as in places she really is a little grubby,  but I will leave to that to the new owner, as due to my lack of knowledge of these kind of dolls, I am wary of doing any damage. 

She came with a knitted vest, dress and cloak plus cotton petticoat, socks and old leather shoes. The petticoat looks old, so too the shoes but I suspect the knitted clothing is not so old. The style of clothes reminds me of those dolly knitting patterns I used to see in my Grandma's old Woman's Weekly magazine during the 1960s? On one of the shoes the sole is just slightly coming adrift. Personally, I think she would benefit further from wearing a pretty antique dress with her old petticoat and shoes...then I think she would look even more fantastic! I do hope someone reading this can give her a new home:) 

She measures approx. 19" long (48cm) to end of shoe when laid out flat.

UPDATE: Thank you to the lady who has informed me that the next two dolls seen below are known as "Dream Babies" and probably originate from the 1920s. 

Ref: Doll 2
Pretty Armand Marseille German Bisque & Composition Baby Doll 
Thank you to Diane Pearson who paid £50 for both these Baby Dolls

Approx. 12" (30.5cm) Long - Played With Condition - Some Slight Damage Mostly To Hands & Foot

This is a very pretty little baby doll, believed to have a bisque head and composition body. 

She is marked A.M. Germany 351 / 2 1/2 K on the back of her head. So am assuming that she was made by Armand Marseille. In fact as this doll is dressed in female clothes I am going to refer to her as a female doll, but could be either sex! She measures approx. 12" long. Age unknown but am assuming early part of 1900s?
Her facial features are beautiful with fixed glass eyes (not sure if they used to open at one time - as her brother below has opening eyes), an open mouth showing two bottom teeth, and the most delightful rosy cheeks! She does have a scratch and some wear to her face as you can see. 
Plus she has what looks to be a water stain or similar, down the right side of her face?

Her limbs are strung and movable.

Overall I would say she is in a well played with condition, some wear including little bumps, scrapes and cracks, and she is a little grubby. 

Please note that she does have some specific damage to some fingers on both hands and one foot, as shown in the photos.  I have ringed them in white in the photos, as I realised that the colour of my carpet is very similar to the patches where the composition is damaged! I dare not fiddle with cleaning her as I am not an expert on these dolls and do not wish to do any damage to her unwittingly.  But still she is very lovable indeed!

Her whole outfit of knitted clothes in a peachy/pink colour,  probably are not that old but I think you will agree, are very pretty and adds to her charm greatly. She has obviously been much loved. Her entire outfit consists of a vest, pants, bootees, dress, jacket and bonnet. Isn't she lovely!!!

Her twin brother(or sister) is for sale below. Together they look absolutely gorgeous!

Ref: Doll 3
Pretty Armand Marseille German Bisque Baby Doll

Approx. 12" (30.5cm) Long - Played With Condition - Slight Damage To One Hand & Foot, Plus Wandering Eye. 

This is a rather lovely little baby doll is practically identical to the baby doll being sold above, and also believed to have a bisque head with composition body. But as this doll is dressed in male clothes I am going to refer to him as a "he"!

On the back of the head it is clearly marked A.M. Germany 351 / 2 1/2 K. So again, as with the baby doll above, I am assuming that he was made by Armand Marseille. He measures approx. 12" long. Age unknown but am assuming early part of 1900s?

The facial features are beautiful including glass eyes complete with opening/closing eyelids, an open mouth showing two bottom teeth, and the most delightful rosy cheeks! Please note that the iris of his left eye is a little out of sync. with the right, so looks like he has a wandering eye.  I think it just adds to his quirkiness and character!
There is some slight staining to the right cheek and in the corner of the right eye. 

The limbs are strung and movable.

Please note that he is in a played with condition, there are some little bumps, scrapes and cracks, plus he is a little grubby. I dare not fiddle with cleaning him as I am not an expert on these dolls and do not wish to do any damage unwittingly. 

He does have some damage to one finger on left hand and to one toe of right foot, plus some considerable flaking in the groin area, as shown in the photo.  But still very lovable indeed!

He has a rather splendid extensive outfit of knitted clothes in a peach/pinky colour, very smart. And he has obviously been much loved. There is a knitted vest, pants, long all in one trousers which cover feet too, jacket and hat. 
Isn't he just adorable!

I hope you can give these lovelies a new home and help save a magnificent website in the process!
Thank you
Celia Thomas
KT Miniatures