Monday, 21 May 2012

Mrs Sooty Paws!

Oh my goodness....when Molly, my beautiful black and white cat appeared yesterday morning for breakfast, she was decidely a lot blacker than when we'd last seen her!!! We didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Her legs, paws and around her face were black.....where they would normally have been white!

At first we hand't a clue what the black stuff was ....but then on closer inspection realised it was some sort of black dust. A friend suggested that maybe it was soot and that same friend suggested we try and wash her legs/paws.Hmmm...seemed a good idea at the time, apart from which she was leaving sooty paw prints over everthing.

   Soooooo....never having ever washed a cat before, happily and confidently filled the kitchen sink with warm soapy water and between two of us, endeavoured to wash Molly's front legs and paws.  

HA-HA, HA-HA....!!!

Has anyone ever attempted to wash a fully grown cat before...even just paws and legs?

To say it isn't easy is an understatement and obviously Molly was having none of it!! Even though she was wrapped in a towel (apart from front legs) with husband firmly holding her and I was gently splashing water over her front legs/paws she snarled, scratched, wriggled, you name it-she did it.....and got herself free in seconds!! 

So....she is destined to be Mrs Sooty Paws for a while.
However, since yesterday, she has slowly attempted to clean herself and her face is almost white again (where it should be white). So too most of her's just her paws now she needs to attend to.

Cat's eh...........

What I want to know is....where and how did she get herself so sooty!!! Maybe it's best that we don't know.


Robin said...

Good to know Molly is O.K. despite her sooty experience...washing a cat...OH YES....notalottafun1

KT Miniatures said...

Not sure whether she's forgiven us for attempting to bath her just yet!! She keeps running away everytime I come remotely near her!lol

Giac said...

You just gotta love a cat's playfel ways. I'm glad she's almost back to her old self again...I hope you haven't too many war injuries... the dangers of bath time.
Have a great wekk,

KT Miniatures said...

Cheers Giac...yep, we are ALL on the mend! I think hubby came off worse than all of us from this little escapade!