Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bit Of A Knees Up Here In The UK These Next Few Days!

Anyone who is based in the UK at the moment, will not be able to go anywhere without seeing Union Jack flags and bunting flapping around.  For those of you who live outside of the UK and may not know,  for the next few days over here we are having a good old knees up on a massive scale! It's our Queen's Diamond Jubilee (she has been 60 years on the throne) and it seems the whole country is going to be partying!! 
In Oxford town centre the other day......

So......for the duration of the bank holiday weekend and into next week, KT Miniatures is kind of closed for a few days until the partying is over! I will try and answer enquiries when I can.

Was driving through the village of Waterperry in Oxfordshire this afternoon and spotted this wonderful quintessential  British scene.....just had to take a photo!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Diamond Jubilee time!


Robin said...

Very festive!! Love the Telephone Box - brilliant. Enjoy your Jubilee Party time!

KT Miniatures said...

Hahahaha..............and you Robin!!!