Thursday, 17 May 2012

NEW! "Old Dolls House Restoration" Section On KT Miniatures.

I have been tweaking this and that on KT Miniatures just lately, and have given a bit of a revamp to the website as a whole.  Block colour has been added behind much of the text on  many of the pages, in order to make it easier to read. Plus I am delighted to announce that at long last I have been able to completely re-organise my DIY section so that it is now aptly renamed......OLD DOLLS HOUSE RESTORATION. 

If you scroll along the top navigation bar to Restoration Supplies, a subheading will pop up called Dolls House Restoration. If you click on there, you will be taken through to a brand new holding page.
You will find various box links to entire pages devoted to individual makes,  such as Old Tri-ang, Old Amersham, Old Gee Bee, Romside etc. 
Tri-ang Larger Version Of The Tin Windows
Tri-ang Fireplace
Today I have listed various tin windows from Tri-ang, Romside etc. plus all kinds of other components such as Tri-ang fireplaces, Amersham door canopies etc. 
Original Cardboard Shutters From An Old Tri-ang
 Various Romside tin components including doors, windows etc.
There are even some Amersham dolls house items such as this tin window and a door canopy from an Amersham Art Deco dolls house. 

So if you have a vintage dolls house that's missing bits and bobs......why not go check out the new pages! Please click on the following link to view:

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