Monday, 7 May 2012

Exquisite Britains Lead Garden Gate, Hedge etc.

Wonderful treasures from the Britains Lead Garden range do not appear that often these days. They are becoming more and more sought after and due to the sheer way they were constructed, were very much prone to damage in young hands. But a couple of items have come in, one being the exquisite swinging gate and hedge which ranks amongst my all time favourite from the lead Britains a tree!

Isn't this lovely?!
 So evocative of the 1930s-1950s era when this was manufactured.
The little gate is attached to two hooks on one side - and in this case both are fully have no idea how many gate and hedge sets that have one or other hooks missing these days! On the other side is a tiny false catch which protrudes just enough to enable the gate to stay in a closed position.

The whole piece is painted in the most gorgeous colours which have retained their vibrancy after all these years. This would look amazing standing in front of an old dolls house.

And then there is this tree. This example is extremely heavy and a little playworn but would look rather lovely standing with an old dolls house.
To view these items, please go to:

I have often wondered if any child back in those times ever got mortally wounded by these lead garden pieces? We are so used to modern health and safety standards being incredibly strict but this tree for example, would have made a pretty impressive weapon in small hands!

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