Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Gottschalk Chairs, Some Tiny Cards & An Unusual 1930s Dolls House For Sale

At last I have been able to get down to some serious listing of vintage stock on KT Miniatures. Below on here, I have highlighted some of the rather more special pieces for you to see. 
Many of you will instantly recognise these wood and pressed card chairs as being made by the German company of Gottschalk, originating probably from the 1920s/1930s. They are quite rare and do not come along very often. Consequently they are a little pricey but a good opportunity to add some real special pieces to your collection. They have the very distinctive deep burgundy red finish edged in gold stripes. Really lovely! The material on the sofa appears to  have faded in colour when compared to the rocking more grey whereas the rocking chair has a touch of green still. 

Also, just up for sale is this rare set of weeny miniature playing cards, made by G.L.Wust-Frankfurt, apparently originating from the early 1900s. The colour on some of the pictorial cards such as the Kings & Queens etc. are beautiful and still so vibrant. Sadly the set is incomplete, with 38 out of a possible 52 but it is a miracle how any have managed to survive at all!
Both the chairs and the cards can be found for sale on the Antique 1/12th Living/Dining Room Page.

1930s Dolls House
Visitors to the Thame Fair last February, would have seen this on my stand. Since then, would you believe, I have been procrastinating on whether to keep or to I absolutely adore it! Anyhow, it was definitely time to make a decision and finally decided that I simply do not have the room for folks, go it must! 
So, this beautiful little 1930s dolls house is now available to purchase.
It is quite small at just 21 1/4" wide and 19" high.....and only 11 1/2" deep. 
It consists basically of two rooms although the downstairs room continues onto the right.......
...into this arched room with no door. Not sure what one would call it...maybe a sun porch or even garage?
Then there is this little outhouse to the left with a door...just think what you could put in there! My immediate thought would be to make it into a wash house maybe?

My favourite part has to be the very professional painting of lupin flowers and the way the base has been painted with so much added depth. The colours are absolutely stunning.
These tin windows are those forerunners to Romside windows with the metal rods down each side which enables the window to pivot open. Plus note that there are no handles on these windows. The original little lace edged curtains are still in place which is a nice touch. 

There would have been batteries housed in the roof and at the very top there are a pair of windows that look into the roof space. I really do think much more can be made of this space with some ingenuity and creativity.......but that will be for the new owner to have fun with!

This house is now looking for a new owner. 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Been Away For Short Break...But Now Back Open For Business!

If KT Miniatures has seemed a little quiet of is for two reasons.........

Firstly, have been working my little socks off on a very special commission which is now finally complete but will have to stay under wraps for a short while longer! Unfortunately there was a deadline to meet which meant that all else had to come to a halt for the time being...but hey, we got there in the end. Will show you pics as soon as we are allowed to.

 Secondly I have been away for a much needed and quite unexpected Bruges in Belgium no less!

It is one of my most favourite places on earth, as we've been there a couple of times before but always vowed to return.  I love's so romantic and beautiful.

At times it feels like you're in fairy tale land, with all the beautiful architecture, turrets and waterways. Can highly recommend it as a place to recharge one's batteries....

But now am back home and over the next two days will return to list much more stock plus will endeavour to catch up on a backlog of emails.......sorry if you emailed and been awaiting a reply, I will reply to you shortly.

Friday, 5 April 2013

A Little Bit Of This And That....Plus A Little 1930s Pram!

Not sure where the time has gone this week...much of what was planned for KT Miniatures simply went out of the window as other unscheduled events took over...story of my life. Don't know about anyone else, but I have to make a list every morning on what I need to do. Very seldom do I complete that list! Plus there have been one or two annoying little hiccups this week out of my control which should not have happened and I now have to rely on others to put those annoyances right. One being a bit of a tangle with those lovely people down at the Royal Mail. Let's hope they find that lost parcel!!!

Sunday's Workshop.....

1/12th Scale Underneath The Old Arbour Prototype
However, in between everything that has been going on this week we've been able to put final touches to our kits for Sunday's workshop at Waterperry Gardens. Both Robin (workshop colleague) and I are very much looking forward to it.

KT Miniatures's little helper asleep on the job, putting instruction files together!
If you are coming on Sunday, please note that the Waterperry complex does not open to the public until 10.00am and you are welcome to come along to the classroom from 10.15 onwards, for a prompt 10.30 start. Ms H's Tearoom opens at 10.00 so we strongly suggest you have a coffee (and maybe a cream cake) to keep you going before you start!

If you are interested in our workshops....please go to our Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops website for details of our autumn the moment we still have plenty of spaces as booking has only just opened

1930s Tin Pram

On the Antique 1/12th Nursery Page, I have listed a gorgeous brightly coloured 1930s tin pram. This one is in excellent condition.....with only one or two minor scratches on the paintwork. It appears to have been well looked after and one can just imagine all those generations of little owners pushing their miniature dollies around the they had hours of fun!

Amongst the few old items that I've been able to list these past couple of days are one or two old pieces on the Antique 1/12th Living/Dining Room Page....including a German 1930s Radiogram/Cupboard, old three piece suite and this gorgeous little German chair with a wonderful fretwork chair back. Could be useful in a variety of rooms.
I have two gorgeous dolls houses waiting to be watch this space!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Royal Mail.....Price Increase & Changes....Oh Dear, What Can I Say?

As I joined an unusually extra long queue at our Oxfordshire post office yesterday morning (which is situated at the far end of a newsagent down our High Street), I counted 22 heads in the queue before me, with just two ladies serving behind the counter. These kind of massive queues are the norm in the run up to Christmas at our post office, but not quite so common just after Easter, so I knew something was up....

When I finally got served (25 minutes later) my first little box was put on the scales....hardly weighed anything and was not of great value- it should have been simply £2.70 by First Class Post....well that was what it was last week. my horror, the very harrassed lady behind the counter held my very small box up to this super duper flashy measuring thing and proceeded to explain that it was now classified as a Medium Parcel so regardless of the 80gm weight, it was to cost £5.65 for  first class real Victor Meldrew style I announced "I don't believe it"! This was a £2.95 can the Royal Mail justify that for such a tiny parcel!!! My maths is not great but even I could work out that was more than double the original cost. Shame on you Royal Mail!

I couldn't be cross with the lady behind the counter though-she looked extremely embarrased and harrassed and I felt sorry for her, it's not her then told her so! Not sure if other customers were quite so understanding though. Mr Posh Business Man In A Suit was very unhappy for starters.

Basically, as far as I can make out and am sure someone out there can correct me if I have it wrong, but the new system has introduced small and medium packet sizes for Signed For (recorded) and First/Second Class. The medium packet is more or less the average size parcel KT Miniatures sends out so instead of starting at £3.65 (Recorded) in the old system, it will start at £6.75. The First Class medium parcel which in the old system cost £2.70 now starts at £5.65. The small packet size is cheaper but as I said, the average size I send out is medium.

What can I say?

For all orders that were accepted before April 2nd 2013, I will honour the postal quotes that I quoted you beforehand...but as from today, all new orders will have to be  adequately insured and priced according to the new system.