Monday, 24 February 2020

Some Pieces Of A Fabulous Collection Of Miniatures Now Up For Sale - Beginning With Drapers Shop & Jill Bennett Dolls

I have just begun listing some fabulous miniatures that belonged to a well-known and distinguished personality within the dolls house world, and were part of their amazing personal collection.  I am on a promise to find good homes for all the wonderful items.

And so it begins...

 Replica Of An Antique German Draper/Haberdashery By Modelmakers Bruce & Gina Coombes. 

At first glance I assumed that this was a genuine antique German shop from over 100 years ago. It is absolutely stunning and looks authentic. 

But the inscription underneath is the giveaway, as it states that this was made by modelmakers Bruce & Gina Coombes, from Lamyatt - Somerset - England. 

I have endeavoured to research who these people are but to no avail. The daughter of the previous owner knows little about this shop, other than her family had a house near Lamyatt in the 1970s. 

The shop is of wooden construction, with shelves on the back wall, one central cupboard with opening door and eight removable drawers. 

There is a fixed decorative counter with brass measure attached to the counter for measuring material... how fantastic is that! 
On each side panel there is an inbuilt mirror with a delightful shaped frame.
Along the back there is an exquisite lovely carved decorative top pelmet in a two-tone green painted finish with gold highlights. 

The decorative pillars on each front edge are in a cream and green finish with attractive turned beading. 
Even the front of the floor edge has a lovely decorative two-tone green edge. 
And finally, a really lovely touch is that there are seven pieces of wooden "rollers" for wrapping material lengths around for display.

I have placed this for sale on the "Old Dolls Houses For Sale" section on KT Miniatures website.

UPDATE:** Just by pure chance, whilst looking through a 1976 issue of International Dolls’ House News, there is a whole paragraph under the title….”Shopping Around” with Amy Grant, about MR BRUCE COOMBES of Lamyatt, Shepton Mallett, Somerset. As well attractive dolls house furniture, he specialised in models of private homes, and also had a range of dolls houses in different styles and periods, plus delightful shops. One could even write to him for a black and white brochure. If only I could get my hands on one of those brochures, it would be fascinating to see what all those had looked like!

Jill Bennett Dolls
Three dolls by the highly renowned doll maker Jill Bennett, are part of the wonderful collection, and have just gone up for sale. They each have porcelain heads and pewter bodies, and are believed to be some of Jill's early dolls. They are pricey, as you can imagine, and are for the serious discerning dolls house collector. 
Scullery Maid
She has been created in a semi kneeling position and is meant to be cleaning in some way, such as scrubbing the floor or maybe cleaning the fire out. She has a porcelain head and wired pewter body. 
Sitting Doll In Period Costume Holding Baby
She has been made to sit and is holding a baby. She has porcelain head and hands, and a wired pewter body. The baby has been simply made and its wooden face with painted features can barely be seen. The baby is removable so she could be holding something else if you wish. 
Sitting Doll In Period Costume
This is a female doll made in a sitting position, with porcelain head and wired pewter body. 
These dolls are for sale and can be seen on the following link:

There is a vast amount of antique and vintage pieces as part of this collection, some quite rare early German pieces, and I will be putting them up for sale on KT Miniatures website over the next few weeks. 
KT Miniatures

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