Sunday, 14 July 2019

A Large & Rather Lovely Antique Dolls House For Sale

Although I have moved my workroom (now lovingly called "My Studio") down to the ground floor, for logistical and practical reasons I am not really able to cope with the larger dolls houses nowadays. Mainly due to a dodgy knee and back!     

So when a "dolls house friend" of many years, sent me photos of a gorgeous large dolls house she wishes to sell, I did give it some serious consideration. But for reasons as stated above, I have had to decline in taking it on myself.  However, this house needs to be sold quickly, so I have offered to give it a mention on here, in the hope that someone reading this can give it a new home. 

And here it is in all its magnificent glory!
My friend says that she thinks it is Victorian, and is not sure if it is an old Turnbull or not. I'm not sure either. It is back opening with three floors, and measures 32 1/2 inches wide x 20 inches deep  x 38 1/2 inches tall. It is on castors apparently, which is definitely a bonus.  

It has beautiful flooring, all of which have retained their colour - possibly because they had all been covered with loose carpet previously. All papers appear to be original, inside and outside. One side will need re-papering. 
The windows are glazed with glass and there is no indication of woodworm or ever having been woodworm. 

A quick sale is needed and the friend is asking for £250 - which is a brilliant price for such an old beauty! Collection only from Orpington in Kent, as it is too large to package.

Please note this is not being sold by KT Miniatures, but if anyone is interested simply get in touch with me asap and I will put you in touch with the seller, then you can deal with her direct. 



Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Windows From A c1930s Tri-ang No.53 Dolls House Available

Just gone up for sale recently are these metal windows from a c1930s  Tri-ang No.53 dolls house. The No.53 was part of the Ultra Modern Series (the flat roof art deco type).

These have all come from a totally dilapidated dolls house that could not be saved, and  rarely come along. They have all been over painted in blue, there is no acetate glazing, but are in a solid condition. The ones seen above are the smaller version.
There are some corner windows too, which are basically the smaller windows that have been bent at a 90 degree angle.

Then there is this large metal window.
Plus another large window that has been slightly curved as it has come from the bay window.

All of these are currently available and can be found under the "Restoration" section, on the following link:

There was a sun room that came with these but it was snapped up straight away, unsurprisingly due to its rarity.

There are one or two other components from the same dolls house including doors...which will go up for sale shortly.

A New KT Miniatures Website In The Offing....

Being a non techno' minded person, anything to do with computers, websites and well, basically technology in general, frightens me to death when problems arise.

And yep folks....KT Miniatures website is in trouble. 

Even though my current website is only 3 years old, a new website is needed and it is becoming ever more urgent due to the impending changes that "Wordpress" are bringing in which will create incompatibility issues that can no longer be ignored. 

 I'm  just going to have to grab the bull by the horns and learn a whole new method of website editing. 

A meeting is scheduled for today with a local IT company who, fingers crossed, are going to help create a new KT Miniatures website. They will need the patience of a saint!

Having listened to feedback from various sources with regards to the current website layout, I am considering changing the whole constructional format of how the antique and vintage dolls house items are displayed, in order to make it more concise and less complicated. 

However, we are still in the very early stages of discussing/planning so this is going to take quite a while to sort out.

Wish me luck!