Sunday, 20 December 2020

A Bit Of Miniature Fiddling And Happy Christmas From KT Miniatures!

 Well what a year, not one of the best and probably one that we would all like to forget. And now being just a few days away from Christmas the dreaded Covid 19 has entered my family "bubble" and my planned Christmas has well and truly been cancelled. I am now in compulsory self isolation until after Christmas, completely on my own and waiting to see if I succumb to Covid. However, after Boris's announcement yesterday, it seems that hundreds of thousands of families up and down this nation are also having to spend a different kind of Christmas too. 

So with so much solitary time on my hands,  I have taken the opportunity to undertake a little bit of miniature "fiddling". Today I decided to turn my 1900s style German shop as seen above (an old workshop project prototype) into an antique shop, as it has been sitting unused in my display cupboard. But not any old antique shop, oh no is to be a shop for me to display all those antique/vintage pieces that I want to keep but which currently have no home and were scattered all over the place. Plus some of my handmade bits too.

 And here it is  - I have had great fun! I  removed the counter and two side shelf units, in order to fit everything in. 

So basically it will be a "temporary holding area" where I can display all those little bits and pieces that I acquire and want to keep, while I am finding a more permanent home for them to go. I still have a beautiful late 1800s Hacker dolls house languishing in woodworm killer up in my old loft workroom, wrapped up in plastic...which is where some of these pieces are destined to live in one day. 
Many of the pieces are either Victorian or early 1900s. But some are not that old and artisan made. 

The old wooden trunk plus the vintage style boxes with old photos and ephemera, are examples of some of the set pieces that I used to make and sell via KT Miniatures. 

Well that is it folks for 2020, KT Miniatures is closed for the rest of the festive season.  Thank you for your custom and friendship during a year that has been like no other and one that has been difficult for us all. I hope that you all stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas, even if it is different from the one that you had planned.  

Am hoping to see you once again at the beginning of January in what will be my 25th year of trading as KT Miniatures...blimey, that's a quarter of a century, makes me feel rather old! 

Let's hope that 2021 is kinder to us all.