Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Bit Of This & That.....

Here in the UK it is now deemed "Summer Holiday" time and the schools are all shut for a few weeks until September. It is also traditionally a quiet time business wise as many of us have holidays on our minds throughout end of July and the whole of August. I will be kind of around during August but there will be a lot of comings and goings, with much dashing all over the place.  Although I will undertake some listing during this time.....it will be far less than normal. If you do email me and not get an immediate response, please be patient...it just means that I am not near a computer at that time and will get back to you as as soon as I can. 

Booking About To Close On Forthcoming Workshop........
This is also a final warning that booking is closing on our Let's All Play In The Little Back Garden Workshop which is taking place on Sunday 1st September at Waterperry Gardens. We can squeeze up to two more people in if necessary so if you would like to come, please do get in touch with me immediately.......or Robin. Our workshop contact details can be found on the folllowing link:  CONTACT US

Part Two Of Our Victorian Seaside Scene
Part Two Of Our Victorian Seaside Scene is now appearing in the September Issue of Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine. This month there are instructions to make the Victorian Street Gas Lamp and Hanging Sign.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

If You Have Not Yet Discovered This Wonderful Site...Do Go Take A Look Now!

If you are a particular fan of old dolls houses and if you've never seen the website Dolls Houses Past & Present before...you are missing a treat! 

They can be found on the following link:  www.dollshousespastandpresent.com. Although be warned.....once you delve into their wonderful magical world of galleries and magazine archives, you will lose track of time completely!!!

It is run by Aussie Rebecca Green, who is a bit of an expert on old dolls houses. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise in researching these old treasures never ceases to amaze me! The current quarterly online DHPP magazine (Issue 17) is out now, of which Rebecca is the editor.

The above image courtesy of Rebecca Green
Topics in the current issue are diverse as always. The above image is the front cover of a very rare 1916/1917 Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops Catalogue which can be seen in a fascinating  and quite moving piece on Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops. It was set up in 1915, duly named after Field Marshall Roberts, primarily to give employment to servicemen maimed and disabled. Amongst other topics covered in the same issue are antique and vintage food including a special piece on Kaybot & Kays, vintage flower windows, an Old Gottschalk, The Welsh Museum Of Childhood and much more!
So why not nip over to the lovely website now, brew yourself a very large mug of tea, pull up your chair and start perusing......I can guarantee that you will be there for quite a while....enjoy!!!!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

A Teeny Glimpse Of Our Next Workshop..........Only 2 spaces Left!

Our next workshop is taking place in the classroom block of the stunning rural Oxfordshire setting of Waterperry Gardens on Sunday September 1st. We now have just 2 spaces left available and booking will close on the last day of July or until all spaces have been filled.

Do you remember when you were ever so small and all those summers just seemed so sunny, warm and endless fun? How wonderful would it be to try and recapture just a little bit of that childhood magic in a unique miniature scene. On here you can see a hint of what we will be making, including miniature toys based on real life sized 1930s toys....

In our little back garden, "Mum" has tied the old clothes line to the top of the old battered bird table and anchored it into the ground with an old meat skewer, as far down the lawn as it would reach. An old curtain has been flung over, weighted down at the edges with whatever came to hand. It has made such a splendid tent for the afternoon!
Mr Golly and Miss Dolly are out in the back garden with their assorted little friends from the toybox, for a picnic!!
Why not come and join us for the day and recreate a little bit of childhood nostalgia in this unique project - have some fun making the toys and some simple landscaping, including a very old fashioned bird table and a hedge.