Monday, 15 June 2020

Large Scale Early 1900s German Dolls House Furniture

These rather lovely pieces of large scale antique dolls house furniture have just gone up for sale today on KT Miniatures website. They are believed to be of German origin from the early 1900s and are quite large in scale. 
This sofa is gorgeous! It is completely original condition, with lovely silk upholstery.
 Each side panel has this fretwork detail, which is quite Art Nouveau in style. 
There is attractive braiding and fringing, all original to the sofa. It measures 5 5/8" wide x 2 1/2" deep x 2 1/4" sitting height x 5" back height, so quite large. 
There are three dining chairs, all with original silk upholstery and fringing. 
They are very stylish and so evocative of the era. 
The chair backs in particular are quite unusual, with stencilled decoration and a heart shaped cut away with a slotted silk upholstered pad. Absolutely lovely! Each chair measures2 5/8" at widest point x 2 1/4" deep x approx. 2 1/2" sitting height x 5 3/4" back height. So like the sofa above, these are large in scale. 
Then there is this large German decorative cupboard...isn't it magnificent! I absolutely adore it, even though it is missing two door handles and part of one drawer pull. As this is over 100 years old (again believed to be from the early 1900s) I think we can forgive it's little misdemeanours:) I am having trouble letting this particular piece go but it is too big for any of the dolls houses that I have, so go it must. This kind of antique cupboard just does not come along very often. 
It has an upper cupboard with one opening door and a lower cupboard with two opening doors. 

There is very pretty stencilling on the upper door and above. The soft metal handle is missing off the upper door.  There are some lovely decorative upper shelves, perfect for displaying antique china or ornaments. 

There is stencilling too on the lower cupboard doors. In this photo above you can see clearly that the soft metal drawer pull is missing from the left drawer, but present on the right drawer. They are so delicate and fragile, it is amazing any part of it survived! When I took possession of this dresser the left lower door had fallen off and stored away inside the cupboard. On getting it out I realised that the colour of that door was much darker than the other door, so must have been stored away in that cupboard for decades. I mended it easily, as it was a simple case of re-inserting the hinge pins. carefully. To give you an indication of size it measures 9 1/4" high and 5 1/2" wide, so one would need an old dolls house with large ceilings to fit this beauty in. 

And finally there is this large scale pier mirror, which originally would have been part of a parlour set, but nowadays a lot of people use them as hall stands inside their old dolls house hallways. 
Photographing mirrored pieces of furniture is rather tricky and the mirror is not damaged but that is the reflection of my blouse whilst taking the photo!
The top part is particularly charming as it has a shaped top and pretty stencilling, again very much in the Art Nouveau style. 
The shaped fretwork sides are also very decorative. This pier mirror measures 8 3/4" high x 2 1/2" wide, so as like all the other pieces seen above, this is large in scale. 

All these pieces can be found on the following page:

I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek.