Friday, 27 August 2021

Some Little Antique German Tin Treasures!

 Some rather lovely little antique German tin gems have just gone up for sale on KT Miniatures website.

Rare German Tin Bath With Overhead Shower

These tin bathroom items are becoming increasingly hard to find these days, so how fabulous is this!

Here is an antique German tin bath with overhead shower and cistern. 

It is quite pretty too. On each side of the bath there is a red and brown lithographed boat pattern, plus along the base edge it is painted blue. The rest of the base and back have been overpainted at some time during its long life in a dark cream paint, and although a bit patchy I think it just adds to the shabby chic charm. 

Over the top of the bath there is a fixed cistern with hole in the top and a gold painted metal overhead shower. 
At the base of the cistern is a metal tap that has a moveable handle. I can't help but wonder that if water is poured into the top of the cistern, with the aid of the tap, the water may pour into the bath? I hasten to add, I have not tried it...and perhaps will leave that to the new owner to try:)

Underneath it is marked GERMANY. I suspect this dates from around the 1920s/30s?

Antique German Tin Toilet, Including Cistern & Toilet Roll

This is rather magnificent antique German tin toilet that has a toilet roll and chain that one can pull! 
I bet many of the the little previous owners of this have had great fun playing with it. 
The fixed toilet seat has been lithographed in a yellow and brown design to represent wood. The base has been overpainted in a very pale pink.

Ok, there is some paint loss and aging, plus there has also been some slight overpainting on the top and bottom of the back in pink but this has not lost any of its charm. 

 I suspect that this is also German and originates from around the 1920s/30ss era.

Both of these lovely items are now currently up for sale on KT Miniatures website at the time of writing this post, their details can be found here:

Old German Tin Pushchair
This gorgeous little German tin pushchair is currently up for sale on KT Miniatures in the "Nursery" section. 

It has a delightful blue and white floral lithographed design around the sides. 

It has a metal handle and four tin spoked wheels. The interior has a moulded criss-cross patterned base and backrest.

It comes with a lace edged pillow and a fabric base cushion. This would make a lovely addition to your old dolls house nursery. More details can be found on the following link:
Celia Thomas

Monday, 2 August 2021

KT Miniatures Is Back Open For Business!

 Hi Everyone

Am pleased to say that after two weeks of being completely flattened by Covid, KT Miniatures is now back open for business once again.

My apologies for the delay in any outstanding orders but thank you for your patience and understanding. I am slowly working through my inbox this morning to contact those of you who have been waiting patiently. 

In my naivety of being double vaccinated, I assumed that if I caught Covid it would be just a mild infection....but how wrong I was! It seems that it is the Delta variant I caught and it is a real nasty thing. 

I still have no sense of smell, a weird change in sense of taste, and am left with a hacking cough which I cannot shake off. But at least the fevers and breathlessness have now ceased, it was quite scary. I am very thankful that I have been double jabbed because otherwise I would have been in big trouble. 

So please be careful out there and still take precautions, just because you are double jabbed does not mean that you will not get Covid...and although you may not end up in hospital it is still a horrible thing to have. 


KT Miniatures