Wednesday, 5 August 2015

c1960s Tri-ang Jennys Home Rooms....

At long last, after a few days filled with distractions, I finally managed to put up for sale yesterday  several all plastic Jennys Rooms made by Tri-ang and some related items, which were available during the 1960s. All of these belonged to Marion Osborne, some of which can be seen in her book: The Book Of Tri-ang Furniture. These were quite a unique concept, as the idea was that you could collect these rooms and build your "house" over time, as you can see from the leaflet below.....
The rooms came in two sizes...Large and Small.
These seen here immediately above and below are the smaller rooms, with two doors and three window panels.
Windows tilt open and doors open too. Each window and door panel slide out in theory, although time has taken its toll on one or two which seem to be stuck firmly! 

Here are some examples of the larger rooms....each one has a single door at one end, along with a window panel at the other plus a massive sliding window on one long very 1960s!
Both the large and smaller rooms have clear plastic panels that slot snugly for the roof, which also gives good access to the interior. 
Access is made very easy on the larger rooms, as the big window panel slides open. 

The door and window panels are identical for both different size rooms.
Rooms can be joined together by sliding one single door panel over two doorways. Is a little tricky but do-able. Hence you can make your house into a single storey bungalow with as many rooms as you have space for...or alternatively you can have a building with as many storeys as you seen in the original leaflet at the top of this page. 
I currently have for sale various spare window panels. Sadly I do not have any spare door panels, as the plastic doors were prone to breakages.  But the upside is that you only need one door to join two rooms together!
I do have several spare original felt flooring pieces for the larger rooms, with cut out pieces to fit snugly around the radiator. 
So too, there are some original red/white striped curtains for sale for the larger room.
Rarely do these balcony railings come along and there are several....some are fully intact, some are missing one or other of their fixing lugs. The lugs slot into the holes in each corner of the roof panels found on each room. This gives a lovely finish if you are creating a roof garden on your building!
 Those missing their lugs can benefit from the use of Blu Tack or such like, to keep in place. 
Also for sale is this rare chimney set with Battery Switch Plate and two Room To Room Wire Connectors.
The chimney would hook over a side wall of the Jennys Home Room and would house the battery and Switch Plate. 
The Switch Plate would fix to the top of the battery and the metal switch poke through this tiny slot at one end to allow the electrics to be switched on with ease. There are not any Plug Socket Plates with this set (which fit into the radiator once the radiator plate is removed) but if you have one or two of those already and in need of a Chimney with these electrical bits and pieces as seen above, this could be useful to you..

The rooms that have so far been put up for sale are those in the best condition and therefore most expensive. I have one heck of a lot in both sizes still to list that are in various slightly more used conditions ie. some missing doors/have been wallpared,etc. All will be at bargain prices and useful to have if you are in need of a large quantity.

I hope to continue listing these later in the week, if time allows - if not then it will then be next week. Am also hoping to continue adding more furniture and accessories to the Tri-ang Page -,  next week. If you have any queries, do feel free to email me. To view the current stock, please click on the following link:

To give you further ideas on what you can do with these rooms, do take a look at Jesamine's fabulous Jennys Home Tower, which can be found in KT Miniatures Old Dolls House Gallery - Collection Two. To view, click on the following link and scroll right down to the foot of the page;