Saturday, 18 January 2020

What A To Do....!

2020 did not get off to a great start where KT Miniatures is concerned!

So there I was, back at my desk at the beginning of January with my brand new KT Miniatures website, all excited and raring to go....then in the blink of an eye, my computer died without any warning! 

Yes, I did have back up for most of my stuff but one or two important things slipped through the net, and worst of all, the back up for my emails failed...I lost them all! 
To say that I was stressed, upset, worried, etc...was putting it mildly, and a nervous breakdown nearly ensued!

So I found myself having to purchase a new computer, along with all the peripheral software, etc. And so the nightmare continued. Couldn't get Outlook to work for a few days, neither could I get the new photographic software to work so I could not list any new stock to the website, neither could I get the wifi printer to work. In fact the list of technical problems were endless and KT Miniatures ground to a halt. My apologies if you have sent me emails during the first couple of weeks of January and not got a response, or your emails have bounced back. Well this is why. 

The good news is, fingers crossed, that with the help of daughter, sons and even the IT guy who set up my website...all seems to be working now. But I think I have more grey hairs today than I did on the 1st of January!!!

So if you have not seen my new website yet, with its new address...please do take a look, I hope you like it:

As long as there are no more gremlins or hold ups, I hope to begin listing more vintage stock in earnest to KT Miniatures during this coming week. 


Robin said...

Well done matie!!

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Robin, fingers crossed that all is well now. Celia