Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Some Interesting Late Victorian/Early 1900s Dolls House Furniture Plus A 1930s Three Piece Suite.

Some very nice and extremely old pieces came into KT Miniatures this week. They have gone up for sale today.

There are various wooden items of furniture, most are believed to originate from Germany and either late Victorian or early 1900s. They are fabulous!!!
There is this very grand wooden seat upholstered in red velvet....perfect for an antique dolls house.
There are some other chairs of different shapes and sizes. I love the colour of this single turquoise upholstered chair particularly. And there is some very nice fretwork on the chair backs of this pair of red velvet upholstered chairs.
Then there is this very grand cupboard with an opening door that reveals a shelf.

There is also a wooden piano and accompanying stool that came with this set. It is solid and actually quite heavy. The lid opens to reveal paper keys.  A nice detail is the bold "S" fretwork support.

To view these wonderful antique treasures, click on the following link:

However, my real favourite of all the really old pieces that have been listed for sale on KT Miniatures today, is the 1930s Charben three piece suite.

The colour is gorgeous and the moulded detail on these heavy metal chairs is very 1930s!! This particular set is in excellent condition which is not normally the case with this particular set. I have seen many a Charben chair with holes or dents......over the years.

This suite can be found on the "Others Page" under the Vintage 1/16th Section on KT Miniatures Website -

And Finally....I know this last piece cannot be classified as antique but it can be classified as vintage!

This is a 1950s Cantoy "Tea For Two" Kiddies Trolley Set & Box....and is in excellent fact I don't think it has ever been played with. It may be just plastic but it is so delightful. I have had the trolleys before and have even seen those tea sets before....but never all together.....and have never ever seen the box before.
It is 1/12th scale so have put it up for sale on the
....but you will have to scroll right down the bottom to the Vintage 1950s section.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Little Nostalgia For The Shed Or Outhouse - Plus Photos Of The Xmas Special!

Have been getting down to some serious creating again. This time, for the miniature garden shed, outhouse or even scullery.....all suitable for both modern reproduction and vintage dolls house usage.  These and other items will first be available to purchase at our impending workshop this coming Sunday. Then, any of these that are not sold plus other further creations that I have been working on these past few days will be put up for sale on KT Miniatures website next week.

There are some aged wooden boxes with old seed packets, newspapers, seed catalogues etc. and an occasional trowel or fork.  Suitable for an old shed, outhouse or even a scullery - mostly in 1/12th scale.

However, there are some similar settings in 1/24th scale too.

I am also  in the process of making some little settings, in KT Miniatures' instantly recognisable style, of various vintage gardening emphemera and newspapers, seed packets etc. which have a whole variety of uses eg. on a workbench, under a workbench, on a shelf, on a floor etc.!!!


Santa's longjohns and more, can be seen on our workshop blog:
 At this November 27th workshop, all attendees will be given the opportunity of dusting their little garden with snow or frost if they wish. Is going to be great fun!
Spaces have booked up quickly but we may be able to squeeze a couple more people in if necessary. Please get in touch asap if you are interested.

Meanwhile, I look forward to meeting those of you who are attending our
Over The Little Garden Fence Workshop on Sunday.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Preparations & More Vintage Goodies!

I would just like to start by welcoming the several new followers to this blog who have joined recently......."hello" and hope you enjoy following KT Miniatures Journal.  

Life here at KT Miniatures just seems to be continually manic at the moment, with all sorts of projects and "stuff" going on. My apologies for being a bit slow listing "new" vintage pieces to the website these past few days but other projects keep taking me away from that task. However, further down in this posting, I have highlighted some vintage items that I was able to list in the past 24 hours.
First up though....with our impending October workshop looming rapidly once more on the 23rd, all the kits have had to be prepared and instruction folders printed. Each attendee of every one of our workshops, is given a folder of concise instructions that if you leave without finishing the project on the day, you can continue to complete the project at home. You can also use it for future reference.  We still have 1 space left for our reprise of the first project again....Over The Little Garden Fence if you fancy joining us for a creative afternoon here in Thame (Oxfordshire) and would like to take up that last space, do get in touch asap. with either Robin or I.
Our contact details can be found on our workshop website:

Then there's the  1/12th scale prototype for next month's workshop that has to be constructed and now I am pleased to say that it's well on its way. The Little Old Washing Line Christmas Special Workshop on November 27th is proving rather popular and even though booking only opened last weekend, we incredibly now have just 1 space left!!!  So if you wish to take up this last space, please ring or email first to reserve the space, preferably before sending the booking form - in order to avoid disappointment.
This Xmas workshop is a bit of fun - another little vintage garden scene but with a slight festive theme. We will be making an old fashioned washing line complete with washing, including Santa's long johns (can be removed), aged coal bunker, tub of washing and very simple landscaping. To complete, you will be given the option of adding snow if you wish to make this a permanent wintry garden. However, for anyone who may have previously made any of our other garden projects, you may want to omit the snow.

Now....To Some Old Goodies....Vintage Dol-Toi
I have been continuing to list for sale some more of the 1950s Dol-Toi collection that I told you about in my previous blog post. There is a lovely dark varnished tv, coffee table, plaster fireplace, plant and even a bear rug!

I love the plaster fireplace with evocative of the 1950s and the plant may look like it's in dire need of a water but it would certainly brighten up any old dolls house room! And the bear rug may not be too everyone's taste but how majestic he would look in front of a fireplace.
How cool and different your vintage dolls house kitchen would be to have this lemon squeezer!!!!

All these 1/16th scale Dol-Toi pieces can be found on

Vintage 1/16th Barton Accessories

The metal coal scuttle has a little loop at the back where the shovel should sit but sadly is long gone. A plastic companion set has just been this is unusual to have a complete set of tools as they are so weeny, many were simply lost and just did not survive!  There are two stands to hang the tools off....and tools consist of a brush with real bristles, poker, tongs and shovel. Nice!!

Many of you will recognise this wire and tin mangle by Barton. But did you know that it was a Mr Rickard who made this mangle along with other tin and white covered wire pieces for Barton? I understand that this particular mangle first appeared on the market in 1958 and was available until about 1967. When you turn the handle, the little rollers move....!

To view the full listing, click on the following link:

Kaybot Plaster Plate Of Fruit
It may have one or two nibbles in the rim, but this plaster plate of fruit is still gorgeously vibrant in colour. There is something so nostalgically childlike about vintage plaster food that you just don't get with modern reproduction food these days....don't you think? It would have originally been created for the 1/16th scale dolls house but is a little exaggerated in size, measuring in at 11/4" in diameter so could be suitable for the 1/12th scale dolls house too.
This can be found on the following link:

And Finally....

This vintage tin wireless has just been added to the Antique 1/12th Scale Living Room page on KT Miniatures. Age and exact make unknown, but certainly of considerable age and at the very least has to be from the 1950s? This could also be used in the 1/16th scale dolls house.
To view full listing, see following link:

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dol-Toi - Some Interesting Pieces!

I have been listing various vintage 1/16th scale Dol-Toi furniture and accessories up onto KT Miniatures over the past 24 hours...including some highly sought after Dol-Toi pieces that we just don't see very often.
For example.......this 1950s Dol-Toi Soda Syphon, Bottle & Metal Tray. So rare and highly sought after is this, that as soon as it was listed, it was snapped up. Sorry for all of you who were pipped at the post and had wanted to buy this. Maybe one day, we will get another set in...however, have to say that in all of my 15 years of trading, this is the first Dol-Toi soda syphon I have handled.
Then there is an incomplete set of  plastic Dol-Toi ovenware...which includes a mixing bowl, casserole (missing it's lid), some pudding basins, flan dish etc. Yes, some bits of this set are missing but seeing as these pieces are so tiny...its not suprising.

Also, just recently come in is a lovely collection of Dol-Toi that belonged to an equally lovely lady from my old stomping ground.....Gloucestershire. She told me that her father used to own a toy shop back in the 1950s when she was a little girl and so was ideally placed to get bits for her dolls house- most of which was Dol-Toi. She felt that it was time for it all to go as it was just sitting up in her loft.....(this is so often the case with many people), and hopes they all find their way to good homes.

Amongst her little collection was a little pink Dol-Toi bathroom suite (see above)...not that unusual in itself....however what is unusual is to have an accompanying laundry bin with lift up lid....nice!
Then there is this lovely Dol-Toi Bureau....with a drop down leaf, lined with green felt. Again, this is not that unusual but what is rare are the accompanying little envelopes addressed to "Dol-Toi Villa, Toy Town" and the notepaper headed "Dol-Toi Villa"!
This kitchen cupboard has a pretty blue Formica type covering on the work top. This particular piece could actually look good as a small cupboard in a 1/12th scale house. I used one like this, in a past project....a 1950s 1/12th scale Lean-To project (click here to view past blog from 2010)
Another more unusual piece that does not come along very often, is this little wooden settle with a lift up seat. Would suit various rooms of the vintage dolls house, even the hall?

I will continue to add more pieces of this quite extensive 1950s collection of Dol-toi  to my website over the next few days.   Click on the following link to view the Dol-Toi Page: 

Saturday, 1 October 2011

"A Cold & Frosty Morning" Revealed- Sealed Bid Auction For Breast Cancer Campaign!

Over the past few weeks you will have seen little snippets of a very special project that both I and Robin Britton, my partner at
have been working on.

We can now reveal the completed scene in its entirety. If you watch the little video below, you will see what it's all about-  we are very proud of the result and hope you like it too....(remember to turn your speakers on).
This is a unique scene created in 1/12th scale by us initially as a "how to make project" that will appear in Dolls House & Miniature Scene Magazine in January and February issues 2012.

It is of an old back yard based on an era long before wheelie bins were but a twinkle of the imagination, some five decades ago! The New Year’s Eve party was well and truly over and the remnants of the festive season were crammed into the rusty old dustbin. Much had spilled over into scruffy boxes and onto the crazy paving, with its frozen icy puddles and a dusting of frost. Winter foliage surrounds the scene and a tree, almost bare of all leaves, stands proudly in front of an old weathered fence. Brian the blue tit hungrily tucks into his grub on the bird feeder.

As you can see from the video - this whole scene is now up for auction to raise funds for Breast Cancer Campaign. You can bid online and by post, or in person at both the Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition & Fair (see previous post) where this will be on display and also
In fact the closing date for the Sealed Bid Auction will be at 3.00pm at the Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair on Saturday 18th February 2012 and the Thame Town Crier will announce the winner shortly after 3.00pm.