Friday, 29 November 2013

A Wonderful 1940s Terraced House & Grocery Shop By Susan Collins Of Essex!

A long standing customer of KT Miniatures,  Susan Collins from Essex, has for months now been excitedly telling me about the progress of her 1940s terraced house. Then over the past week photos began to arrive into my "inbox" from Susan and well....they have completely blown me away! As you will see below, her projects are simply breathtaking! 

Susan has also sent photos of a brand new project she has started, of a 1940s Grocery Shop with a privy and garden round the back. Am delighted to say that Susan has kindly allowed me to feature both these projects on the KT Miniatures Customer Creations Gallery (relevant links can be found lower down).

Do take  a look, not only will you find all the photos utterly inspiring but I love Susan's humour and the photos are guaranteed to make you smile!

1940s Terraced House
This has been based on an "East End of London" terraced house during wartime, complete with Anderson Shelter, side entrance and even alley...truly wonderful. 
The house was made for Susan by John Burley,  the dolls in both this project and the grocer shop were made by Joy of  Adora Bella Minis and various items within this project have been created by specific artisans.
It is particularly delightful for me to see so many of KT Miniatures' creations that I have made over the years incorporated into this project, such as the wall shelf unit above the table on the right of the living room, books, framed pictures and even a coat and hat rack that you can just see through the open door of the living room, hanging on the hall wall.  Also, a wonderful example on how to mix and match antique 1/12th scale miniatures with more modern handmade miniatures, is where Susan has incorporated a 1930s German sideboard which looks well at home (seen in the photo above).....fabulous! 
Uncle Ted can be seen above with his old bike, talking over the fence. 
Above you can see the rusty side of the Anderson shelter and compost heap.
Above, you can just catch a glimpse of inside the shelter. 
In the alleyway the children play. Just look at William's go-kart and the pram that his baby brother is sitting in!
That Home Guard chappy reminds me of a character from "Dad's Army"!

 All these photos says it all..........don't you think?

If you would like to see the full story and details behind this creation plus nearly 30 photos of the entire project, please click on the following link:

1940s Grocery Shop
 Susan's grocery shop is based in wartime Britain and created from the shell of an old dolls house that has been given a new frontage. Her uncle once owned a jewellers shop and she can remember thinking how time literally seemed to have stood still in that shop, as nothing had seemed to have changed in years. Everything was brown and worn, so that memory has given her the inspiration for this particular project.
She has also created a privy and little garden at the back.....don't you just love the old lady on that loo!!! Hahaha....However, Susan tells me that this is very much a project in progress and promised to send more photos when the living quarters and other bits have been completed.

To see more photos and details of this project to date, please click on the following link:

To see the full list of KT Miniatures' customer creations, click on the following link which will take you through to the main index:

If you are unsure on how to locate the Galleries Section on KT Miniatures website, click on the following link which will take you through to an earlier posting on here which will explain all:

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Some Rather Lovely circa 1930s Lampshades Plus Other Bits!

 I have been busy listing some rather lovely antique and vintage pieces to KT Miniatures' website today.
Amongst some of the more rather special pieces now for sale are these circa 1930s celluloid lampshades, which are becoming ever more difficult to get hold of these days. Also, because they are made of celluloid, means they are quite fragile and many are so often found split or broken entirely. But am very pleased to say that both these....a green/white one plus a blue/white one, are in remarkably good condition. They each even have the metal conical fitment which fits on the top where the wire would feed through.
Then there are these wooden candlesticks with removable wooden candles....absolutely exquisite. It never ceases to amaze me how some of these weeny items actually survive the test of time in little hands!These lampshades and candlesticks can be found with lots of other new additions on the following page:

Also listed today is this quite unique wooden radiator...the likes of which I have never seen before, Yes, I have seen many a radiator made out of metal but! It's magnificent!

Then there is this much older handmade fretwork display cabinet, believed to originate from the early 1900s. It is rather lovely....the back flops down so that you can place your old china on the two shelves with ease. Just check out that antique green floral wallpaper inside!
This old trolley is rather splendid too....all fact am wondering if it is indeed copper? It is obviously quite old but don't have a clue to its origin.  Just imagine this laden with vintage food and china for "afternoon tea"!

All these and much more can be found on the following page:

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A Few Handmade Items Of Unsold Stock From Last Saturday Are Now Available.....

Today I have been listing one or two items of unsold stock left over from last Saturday's event,  to various categories within my Exclusive Handmade Sections on KT Miniatures website. These have been made to look old so can be used in both vintage and reproduction dolls houses-most are 1/12th scale.  

 If you click on the following link, it will take you through to the Exclusive Handmade Index then simply click on each individual room that you wish to visit:

Plus the bathing machine and Punch & Judy tent that were created for the Victorian Seaside Scene that featured in several issues over the summer months in the Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine as a "how to make project", are now for sale on KT Miniatures Shed, Outhouse & Outdoors Page.

Over the next few days I will be listing various vintage and antique items that were unsold at last Saturday's event. Also, I shall be putting up for sale an unusual and large dolls house that will appear in the Bargain Basement at a very reasonable price and which would make a brilliant project for someone.

Monday, 25 November 2013

What A Lovely Day We Had ....But Now We Bid Farewell To The Haddenham Event

Thank you to everyone who came along last Saturday to the little Haddenham Village Hall to what was to be the very last Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition organised by Freda and George Dorrell. 
As soon as the doors opened, customers seemed to appear from nowhere and KT Miniatures' stand was rather busy until early afternoon...then finally I could stop for a breather for a late lunch! (Thank you to those customers who had to wait so politely and patiently as I dealt individually with everyone - my little helper has now deserted me for uni' so was on my own for the whole time).  It was lovely to see so many of you throughout the day.  These were all the photos I managed to take just before the event after that, it got a bit hectic and business was brisk, so did not get the chance to take any of the many wonderful exhibits on display!
The circa 1930s Tri-ang No 62 seen here in the foreground sold within the first half hour. 

 KT Miniatures' stand was filled with a mixture of both antique/vintage and my handmade items.

Right next to KT Miniatures stand there was a display of every single project ever undertaken at our Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops.
If anyone would like to receive our Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops' free monthly emailed newsletter then please get in touch with me, Celia, at and I will add you to our database.
Alternatively you can contact Robin at

I understand that money raised for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Leukaemia Research will finish in the region of £1,000 which is congratulations to Freda and George Dorrell for putting on yet another splendid event.  They have organised this event for many years but have finally now decided that this will be the last one. It will be missed!

A gallery of over 30 photos taken on the day plus a full write up of proceedings, can be seen on the following link:

Friday, 22 November 2013

Last Minute Dolls House Addition For Haddenham Event Tomorrow...c1930s Tri-ang No 62!

This is a very brief posting to say that I am now able to bring a circa 1930s Tri-ang No. 62 dolls house to the Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition tomorrow for purchase.......
This is in addition to the already advertised 1930s Dolly Mixture dolls house, as seen in the last posting.
The exterior is in completely original condition, all metal windows, chimneys, steps and two of the original lampshades are still there. The exterior has had a coat of  white plus a light green on the top part of the base. But this is lovely and just look at that wallpaper!

I will also be bringing a further big box of vintage low budget 1/16th scale furniture for you to rummage through, in addition to what has already been advertised. Am having a BIG clear to be had!!!!!

Just to recap - details of tomorrow's event is as follows:

Saturday 23rd November
Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition
Haddenham Village Hall, Bucks, HP17 8EE 
10.00am - 4.00pm
Admission £4.00 Adult/£1.00 Child
Hope to see you tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition Is On This Saturday-Hope You Can Come!

KT Miniatures will be attending the Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition this Saturday (23rd November). 

Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition
Haddenham Village Hall, Bucks, HP17 8EE 
10.00am - 4.00pm
Admission £4.00 Adult/£1.00 Child

All of the admission fee will be split between two charities - Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Leukaemia Research. Organisers George and Freda Dorrell have been running this event now for many years but sadly this will be their very last, so we hope that lots of you can come along to Haddenham Village Hall on Saturday and enjoy the lovely miniatures whilst at the same time, help raise lots of money for two real worthwhile causes!

There will be various exhibits from four local dolls house clubs and individuals, several artisans with miniatures to buy, other exhibits (even a rather wonderful Lego railway), charity tables including a raffle plus there will be a sealed bid auction of a beautiful 32" long dolls house decorated by James Parker (as seen in Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine I understand). 

KT Miniatures will be there (of course), with most of my handmade items as currently seen on KT Miniatures website, plus in addition I am taking an abundance of antique and vintage stock that currently does not appear on KT Minitatures website! Have taken a few photos so that you can have a sneak preview of just some of the old items that will be available on the day.
Amongst them is an early 1900s pressed German sideboard, an early 1900s fretwork display cabinet with contents, 1930s German metal sewing machine, unusual wooden radiator, bisque German dolls, clocks of various descriptions, old tea set, some T&B items such as cooker, fridge, saucepan set and some 1930s  Pit-a-Pat furniture.
There will also be some vintage Barton Tudor, Tri-ang and Twigg furniture from the 1960s. 
Further more, there will be a small scale early 1900s sink,  toilet and decorative table, antique lots more besides! Oh....and a couple of boxes filled to the brim with random vintage miniatures for you to have a good old rummage through to your hearts content, all at bargain prices!

I will be taking at least one old dolls house to sell, this 1930s Dolly Mixture Dolls House. 
Just look at those wonderful square paned pre-war Romside windows with the rod hinges down the sides! However, as I'm only having a 6ft stand (unlike the Thame Fair where I have a 12ft stand), space will be limited. If I can fit another dolls house in the car and behind my stand, I will do so.

Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops Display
A view of various projects from "Our Little Garden Theme".
Robin Britton (Coombe Crafts) and I shall also have a display of all our Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops' projects to date, in both 1/12th and 1/24th scales for you to see in all their glory.  We will also be taking our Seaside Scene which as you know, was featured in the Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine throughout the summer as a "how to make" project, and is now up for sale (50% of proceeds to be donated to Breast Cancer Campaign)...offers welcome on the day. Would make a very special Christmas present for someone!
Plus we shall have news of our Spring Workshop including details of a brand new and very exciting workshop venue! This display will be situated in between both Coombe Crafts and KT Miniatures stands so both of us will be on hand throughout the day if you would like to know more about our workshops. 

As already mentioned before, Haddenham has it's own train station just 15 mins walk from the village hall. Thame is only 2 miles away and Aylesbury approx 5 miles away. 

Hope you can come and help make Saturday's event a very special day indeed..... and if you do come, please do drop by KT Miniatures and say "hi"! Would be great to see you....I shall be on my own (my usual little helper is now at uni' having an absolute ball!!!!lol)

Latest Dolls House & Miniature Scene Magazine Online WW1 Project
Lucie Roper, editor of DHMS magazine has asked me to tell you all that another WW1 project is now available to view on the following link:

Saturday, 16 November 2013

An Abundance Of Dol-Toi......

Over the past two weeks I have been listing multiple groups of Dol-Toi, all from Marion Osborne's Collection.
Marion collected these items over many years to help in her research on Dol-Toi, culminating in her writing a unique book - The Book Of Dol-Toi - Dolls House Furniture & Accessories (available exclusively from KT Miniatures).  Consequently once the book was written, there were boxes and boxes of literally all kinds of Dol-Toi furniture and accessories left surplus to Marion's I have had the enviable task of selling all the items on her behalf. 

Well.... it is over a year now since I started selling Marion's Dol-Toi and although the majority of more rare items have long been sold, I still have boxes and boxes of wonderful Dol-Toi furniture and accessories available to purchase. Over the next few weeks I shall continue to list multiples of these items at very reasonable prices (would make ideal Christmas presents for the collector of 1/16th scale dolls house furniture)!  If you click on the following link, it will take you through to the current Dol-Toi page.

Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition
All listing of new stock to KT Miniatures' website will now cease for an entire week, just in the run up to the lovely Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition which is taking place next Saturday (23rd November). KT Miniatures will be having a 6ft stand plus we also hope to have an exhibition of all of our Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops' projects, since our workshop initiative began.

Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition
Haddenham Village Hall
HP17 8EE 

Haddenham is 2 miles out of Thame and approx 5 miles from Aylesbury. It has its own train station - Haddenham & Thame Parkway which is just approx.15 mins walk  away from the village hall- there is also a taxi rank at the station. 

More details including some specific details of KT Miniatures stock that will be available to purchase at this event, will appear on KT Miniatures Journal in a few days.....
So watch this space!!!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Please Do Take A Peek & Be Inspired!

Regular visitors to KT Miniatures website will be familiar with the various Galleries, all are there with the aim to inform and inspire. They include some  customers' own inspirational creations and gorgeous old dolls house collections. 
 You will find the Galleries section at the very top navigation bar. As you place your cursor over the Galleries button, a drop down bar with three options will appear.
So then simply click on the the relevant section. 

Yesterday I updated Collection Three on the Old Dolls House Gallery Section

 Collection Three belongs to Barbara Kendall-Davies, a retired opera singer from Jersey,  who sent me some more wonderful photos of three very different dolls houses from her enormous collection to add to the existing page that already features some of her gorgeous houses. Her husband has nicknamed her collection "Barbaraville".

DH12 Dolls House
Barbara tells how the house went from this, before restoration......
To this, after restoration.

She did a magnificent job! Barbara allows us to take a peek inside the rooms and shares some of her restoration techniques such as how she diluted the brand new craft paper flooring upstairs with coffee!

G&J Lines No 32 circa 1909
Barbara has had this house for a very long time and it has actually featured on the gallery page for many years now. However, Barbara sent some updated photos as she has had a bit of a shift around with furniture and furnishings, as I suspect like many of us do with our old houses from time to time (I certainly do).
She tells us that this house is a bit of a mystery, and that although the facade conforms to the one that appears in the 1909 catalogue, strangely it opens each side instead of the front.
When she acquired it, it came with an added conservatory on the back so she has kept it like that. I actually quite like the conservatory and think it gives the house extra character.

Dierdrie's House
Now this restoration project is a testament to Barbara's patience and perseverance.....I suspect many people would have simply binned this old house with cardboard interior walls and floors, but not Barbara. It belonged to a member of her dolls house club in Jersey, whose grandfather had made it many years previously and consequently been sitting up in a loft for a very long time. The owner didn't want it, so Barbara took it on. 
It went from this......
before restoration.......

 To this.....isn't it fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, Barbara gives us an insight into some of her restoration techniques, which are inspiring. For instance, she used printed pocket handkerchiefs for the curtains and downloaded some of the papers from the internet. She tells us that she spent hardly any money on the restoration, just many hours of labour. To furnish it she used bits and bobs, plus customised some cheap plastic furniture from Pound Land.
I think it is very pretty indeed and a perfect illustration on how a real wreck of a dolls house can be rescued and made to look beautiful once again. 
To see these houses and many more of Barbara's collection, please click on the following link:

To view the main Old Dolls House Gallery Index, please click on the following link, not only will you find old douses but there is also a page of the rare previously sold Beatrice Hindley plants and the very recent collection of Grecon dolls which included some rare ones.