Thursday, 28 March 2013

Rare Antique German Accessories....And My New Little Victorian House!

Old German metal accessories come and go regularly here at KT Miniatures....but it's so nice to see  some of the more rarer pieces..

 Obviously because they don't come along very often they are a little pricey, but I think they are worth it. To be honest, have been torn on whether to keep them or not for my own collection but Mr KT Miniatures has pointed out that I've already decided to keep a very special house that I acquried this week (more about that below) and I simply cannot keep everything!  He has a, go these items must.
 This 1920s/30s German pedestal ashtray really is delightful....I've lost count the times people have asked me for one of these and I simply haven't been able to get hold of one. If you look closely there is a tiny flat part that appears to have snapped off-just at the top right of this photo...I understand that it used to be a matchbox holder. However it is hardly noticeable and the miniaturist in me would love to put some miniature "ash & cigarette ends" in there!  

  Then there's this "electric" bowl heater from the 1930s....isn't it fabulous?  I have to say that am surprised on how heavy it is.....much heavier than it looks. The "bowl" tips over so that you can have it facing either side. Both this and the ashtray are marked GERMANY underneath.
I have only ever seen these metal fans in photos so was really surprised to see that this had a fine cord running down the inside of the body and at the bottom it's attached to a teeny metal handle. If you pull it, the fan whizzes round frantically...absolutely wonderful!
You simply pull up the cord by turning the "winder" that is situated behind the fan. I can imagine this would have kept any previous young owner amused for hours!
These three items can be found on the Antique 1/12th Living Room/Dining Room Page.

Then there's this gorgeous and equally rare German dustpan and brush set, complete with rack. All so very evocative of the era!

What is especially really nice about this set is that the brush still has all of it's bristles. I have seen these brushes before but often minus some or all of their bristles. This one has really been looked after and is in great condition. The dustpan is also marked GERMANY on the reverse.
This can be found on the Antique 1/12th Kitchen Page.


It is so tiny (only 15" high) that it can slip in almost anywhere and in any room of my real life sized house...however it does have a touch of woodworm that needs dealing with before I can start filling. I bought it at auction and it was described as a late Victorian scratch built house from pine wood.
It consists only of two rooms.....looks like it had some fireplaces once upon a time but no longer. The wallpaper looks like it is original so I don't think I will be touching this...even though it is a bit rough.
Once it has been treated and furnished, I will show you it again........


Chas Brennan said...

Celia, this little beauty strongly reminds me of a small travelling dolls house that the late Vivien Greene had in her Rotunda collection in Oxford. It was plain wood like this one. Perhaps this is a portable one too?

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Chas. Yes...could well be. I think I like it more because it is so tiny....and quite quirky. This was actually bought at an Oxfordshire auction....hmm, as there was no provenance attached to can always but wonder where it originated from!lol Celia