Monday, 18 March 2013

Technology Woes... New Website Ahead For KT Miniatures!

Life is full of little "ups and downs"....don't you think? Some are "bigger ups and downs" than others!
 Subscribers to KT Miniatures' Newsletter will aleady have read on Saturday, that I have had to take the decision to create a brand new website.
The reason being that more and more of you have been telling me that when trying to view my website via certain mobile phones and ipads, you cannot get many of the main links to work......including the top navigation bar which unfortunately is the main "hub" of the website. Apparently my website is now deemed" old technology"!  Therefore I and Mr KT Miniatures have spent rather a long time exploring various options but have finally taken the decision that my very best option is to create a brand new website that will be mobile and ipad compatible. 

So folks......I will get cracking on this alongside my daily running of  KT Miniatures business but needless to say, this will be very time consuming,  so in reality the new website will not be up and running for at least 2-3 months. This will be a real opportunity to streamline the new website in a way I have been wanting to do for ages. Meanwhile the current website will carry on as normal, with new stock being added. 

However, on a different woes in this house took a real rapid downward spiral yesterday when daughter, who had been working on her physics A level coursework all weekend in order to meet the Tuesday draft deadline ....suddenly rushed forth in tears with a dead laptop computer in her hands. Needless to say, the piece that she had been working on for hours had not been backed up!!! Everyone in the household dropped everything to see if between us all we could solve the problem but nope. Even a quick dash to an IT expert this morning could not salvage a single thing off the hard was utterly corrupted and beyond help! 

So, using the delightful word invented by a good miniaturiust friend of  mine which sums up life's little cock ups perfectly.......I shall say BUGGRIT, BUGGRIT AND BUGGRIT again! (Phew, I feel a little better already). Then Plan B will have to be implemented by daughter ie. she will have to start all over again after getting a slight extension to tomorrow's deadline from her physics teachers!
I suppose the moral to this sorry story back up EVERYTHING even as you work.....easier said than done though, don't you think?!


Sandra Morris said...

Good luck with the new website Celia.... I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Bad news about your daughter's coursework though. I'm as guilty as anyone else for not backing up as I go along so hearing a tale of woe like this makes me determined to do better!


KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Sandra......I'm looking forward to seeing it too but it is going to take literally hours and hours to get going! As to daughter, hmmm...she is rather grumpy as one would expect. Teachers seem to have been very understanding actually which is a relief! Celia PS. ( where did I get "buggrit" from I wonder?!)

Giac said...

Hello Celia,
I love how people say technology is so user friendly. I swear it drives me to the point of madness! I look forward to seeing your new website and the best of luck to your daughter.
Big hug,