Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Miniature Ramblings Plus Some More Unusual Vintage Dol-Toi

Blimey,doesn't time fly when one's enjoying oneself.....is quite a few days since I last posted on here! 

Well am pleased to say that I haven't been shirking from my duties but have actually been getting out and about on my travels, plus been working hard on putting the final touches to kits for our impending workshop at the end of next week. (And working on a rather special comission but that's going to have to stay under wraps for now). 
  First up, a rather lovely 1930s dolls house has come in which Molly, my eldest four legged family member, has wasted no time on checking over for me. I think she approves....it is gorgeous...but more about that another day.

 Meanwhile, for the past two weekends in a row I have been to two very different kinds of dolls house fairs purely as a visitor (not as exhibitor) which is rather nice. I know it's a bit like a "busman's holiday" for me  but it's still refreshing to get out and about plus actually have time to "look properly"  at all the exquisite items that other aritsans/traders have. The first event was The Cobham Antique Dolls House & Miniatures Fair (Surrey-UK) which was utterly fabulous and inspiring. If you are into the vintage and antique side of miniatures then I can thoroughly recommend it-you don't even have to buy as there is  plenty for you to just stand and drool over. Plus it was rather nice for me to meet up with old friends (and new) and have a right old natter

The second fair I went to last Sunday was Miniatura at the NEC. For many years, KT Miniatures would exhibit there, but sadly it's no longer a viable option for me these days.  However, it's nice to visit once in a while and apart from catching up with artisan mates and undertaking some business duties, one of my tasks was to purchase some daffodils from The Flower Lady....(a present for someone very special) and I was not disappointed. They are beautiful and Jan Southerton in my view is one of the most talented miniaturist flower makers the UK has........see for yourself in the above photo. They are exquisite. 


Many of the vintage Dol-Toi items were unsurprisingly snapped up immediately on listing this afternoon. Amongst them were some very pretty eiderdowns which would suit both antique and vintage dolls houses of various scales. However, there are still plenty of  lovely vintage Dol-Toi miniatures from Marion's collection available to purchase.

Am quite a fan of the pastel coloured Dol-Toi pieces. Just listed this afternoon is a pale blue portable heater-so simplistic in its construction. It may only be just wooden with painted features but it has such nostalgic qualities and I love it! A yellow one too is also available. The white rug which is still untouched inside it's original packet is useful for other reasons.... as if you lift it up you can see a whole array of Dol-Toi accessories listed from that particular series on the packaging underneath-handy for reference.
All these can be viewed on the Vintage 1/16th Dol-Toi Page.

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