Saturday, 16 March 2013

An Award For KT Miniatures.....Plus Some Interesting 1960s Tri-ang Pieces!

What a lovely surprise! 
This week I received news that my business has been given a 

Out of the blue they told me:
 "Your efforts last year to reach your customers and engage with them were exemplary. Your customers noticed and responded positively and we certainly noticed. That's why we're so proud to name you to our roster of 2012 All Stars."

I've been using Constant Contact for quite some time now, to send out the KT Miniatures newsletter to over 500 customer subscribers. The newsletter is intended to keep customers up to date with relevant aspects of our business including items for sale, latest creations, workshop news, etc.   Have to say that I've been particularly thrilled with the response I've been getting of late (your emails and inquiries have certainly been keeping me busy) but had absolutely no idea that the high response rate from customers was so wow, am well and truly chuffed!!! Many thanks to all my customers who have been using the newsletter facility and hope that you have been finding it both useful and interesting. 

I aim to send out the newsletter regularly, on average every 2-3 weeks.  If you would like to subscribe to our free emailed newsletter, then simply go to my website and click on the "Sign Up For Our Free Newsletter" button situated on the left hand side of each web page.

Some Interesting 1960s Tri-ang Dolls House Pieces.........
Am currently working on various creative projects at the moment, however yesterday afternoon, I finally managed to embark on some long awaited listing of items to the Vintage 1/16th Tri-ang Page.

Amongst some of the more unusual and rare items is this boxed Hammock Seat, consisting of a plastic seat and canopy with a metal frame. It comes in pieces but is easily put together and yes folks, it actually swings!
Then there's this plastic trunk with opening lid and original BOAC sticker (remember them?) on the top! Unfortunately, as is common with the plastic luggage items, the lid has warped a little, still has the catches which were so often snapped off.
Here is Baby Tim, quite a rarity these days....
Amongst the boxed sets is this pretty sun lounger, however on the box it's officially called "Sun Lounge Frame & Cushions". Over the years I have had quite a few of these come through KT Miniatures but it is unusual to have the box. 
There are quite a few other bits and pieces that have been listed to this page over the past month including wheelbarrow with tools and vegetables, boxed sink etc.  Fingers crossed I hope to list more over the next few days to various other sections on KT Miniatures website.


Rick said...

Wonderful news, congratulations!

Robin said...

Congratulations! Well deserved!

KT Miniatures said...

Aww....cheers folks!Celia