Friday, 1 March 2013

More Antique & Vintage Delights - Part Two!

Moving on from yesterday's listings....more lovely treasures have been put up for sale today. Some of the more special items have been highlighted below......
This gorgeous plaster fireplace is now up for sale on the Vintage 1/16th Others Page. It is in particularly good condition which is refreshing, as these plaster dolls house items would have got a right bashing when played with over the years and many that have  managed to survive do have cracks and chinks missing.
 Some plaster fruit and vegetables have also been listed to that same page today, again-believed to be by Kaybot. I love the bright colours and the naivety of the mouldings- evokes all kinds of childhood memories!
I have also put this fabulous late Victorian/Early 1900s metal fireplace and range on the same page as above. I know that it is far older than vintage....well and truly antique but it's scale is odd-much smaller than 1/12th, even smaller than the normal 1/16th but not quite small enough to be 1/24th. Therefore this particular little antique treasure would suit a very old dolls house where scale doesn't matter. 
In total contrast with both the Victorian and plaster Kaybot fireplace, is this 1930s Taylor & Barrett heavy metal fireplace with fender that has just been added to the Vintage 1/16th Barrett Page. This particular one is in good played with condition and very little wear. Is also nice to have the fender too which is so often lost. 

I will continue to list various antique and vintage items to the various sections over the next few days.

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