Saturday, 11 September 2021

Dolls Houses Past & Present E-zine Is Back As A Quarterly!

 Fab News!!!

The Dolls Houses Past & Present online magazine is back!

From its conception in 2009 it appeared regularly as a quarterly, its first editor being Wendy Gater, the second editor  Anna-Maria, and then Australian editor Rebecca Green who took over in 2011. The magazine (as well as the website) quickly gained a wonderful reputation and became highly regarded in the world of miniatures and dolls houses, with every new issue eagerly awaited. Sadly since 2016, issues dwindled down to about once a year for various reasons, including major technical problems with the old website, resulting in a mammoth fundraising effort to raise funds for a brand-new website…with volunteers helping to shift thousands of files of archive photos over from the old website to the new. This all has taken time, but the result is quite remarkable seeing as the website is non profit making and run purely by volunteers. 

Rebecca has taken a step back from the website due to health reasons, therefore, it is brilliant news to hear that  admin. member Zoe Handy, has kindly volunteered to take over the role of editor and bring the magazine back as a quarterly publication once again.

So, if you are a fan of dolls houses (antique, vintage or not so old)  then why not go take a look at the brand-new September 2021 issue, where you will find many pages of fascinating topics, all dolls house related. Contributors in the September issue come from all over including Germany, US, New Zealand and the UK.

Click on the following link to view:

Dolls Houses Past & Present have galleries and databases of antique, vintage and not so old dolls houses, plus a forum where people can chat away with like minded people, and much more!


Rebecca said...

Thank you for the plug for the website, Celia! I am grateful that Zoe has been able to publish the issue I should have brought out at the end of last year, just when I got my cancer diagnosis .... The step back is temporary, and I am starting to be more active again - which also needs the energy to get to grips with a platform I am still not familiar with, and which has its own share of issues (what doesn't?)!

KT Miniatures said...

Rebecca, I wish you a speedy recovery and is good to hear that you are more active again. I am most definitely not technically minded so you have my sympathy with having to get to grips with a new website system. I hope the Dolls Houses Past & Present website and magazine will continue to go from strength to strength now, and that any niggles can be solved. Celia