Thursday, 18 February 2021

NEW BOOK: Miniature Mania II By Sue Passmore

 Remember Sue Passmore’s Miniature Mania Book that came out a short while ago in 2020, which featured part of her dolls house and miniature collection?

Well, with the ink scarcely dry on her first book, I am delighted to tell you that Sue has now brought out her second book - Miniature Mania II.

Miniature Mania II By Sue Passmore

This second book is different from her first, in so much that the second half of her collection is more eclectic, plus it includes some more recent examples of houses, as well as one or two not so recent. The book is split into the following sections: Houses, Shops, Room & Shadow Boxes, Box Files, Book Scenes, Entertainment, Modern Plastic, Paper houses, pop-Up Books and then finally Odds & Ends.  

Sue's Prefab House, made from a magazine project.

Sue's French Book Shop made inside an old wine box. 

Among some of Sue’s creations featured is a prefab that she made using instructions from a dolls house magazine project, a French book shop made from a wine box, a furniture warehouse, a school room inspired by one seen in a book, and so much more. 

Sue's Dowlais House complete with "Mrs Jones, her mop, duster and packet of Craven-A.

Dowlais House started off as a Chinese wall decoration that Sue found on an animal charity stall, which she then turned into a 1/24th scale Welsh terrace house. ("Mrs Jones" is instantly recognisable as one made by my old mate Robin Britton of Coombe Crafts, from many moons ago).

Sue's model of a crofter's cottage. 

Sue’s Crofter Cottage was inspired after a trip to the Hebridean islands, complete with sea rounded stones to weigh down the roof and protect from high winds!

Back Cover Of Miniature Mania II

If like Sue, you love dolls houses and all things miniature, and enjoy seeking out bargain mini treasures to collect or use creatively, then you may find this book useful.  Sue’s lateral thinking and ability to adapt all kinds of containers and objects into clever tiny abodes or scenes is rather inspiring, and this book may help you kick start your own ideas, whether you are new to the hobby or a well-seasoned collector. Sue has also included some more modern miniature dolls houses in this book such as Fisher Price, Sylvanian, etc. 

As with Sue’s first book, this second book is only obtainable direct from the publishers  



Robin said...

A super review of Sue Passmore's book - I'm sure it will be as interesting and successful as her first.
So nice to see 'Mrs Jones' again - always one of my favourite characters.

jenann said...

Hi Celia,
Oooh this is exciting! I love the first volume so this is a must on pay day!
I just missed the wonderful fire guard. Grandma Jean will be most upset, she has been asking for one for ages. I have a consolation prize in mind for her and will email later.

Hello Robin,
If Mrs. Jones is featured, I HAVE to have a copy. I never managed to buy one. Grandma Jean would have loved a friendly char lady to chat with and help her out when a new rental property come into her portfolio but needed a good 'bottoming.'

Love to you both,
Jenni xx

KT Miniatures said...

Is great to hear from you Jenni. If you enjoyed Sue's first book then you will most definitely enjoy her second book. Aw poor Grandma Jean, never mind, am sure she will like all the other things. I will email you later.

I will pass your message onto Robin:)
Take care. Celia X

Robin said...

Hi Jenni - yes it's a super book isn't and exciting to see Mrs J who we know as 'Fag Ash Lil' - sorry you didn't get one - sad to say I didn't keep her for myself either. I'll email for a catch-up.