Saturday, 23 November 2019

What A Lovely Venue For A Workshop Denman College Is!

What a brilliant time we had last week at Denman College, in Oxfordshire (a WI college but open to all) where I spent three days and two nights with a bunch of 8 rather lovely ladies, running An Old Attic Room Scene Workshop. My old friend Jill Higson, an experienced crafter/miniaturist came along to assist.  

This was the main prototype of what they were making along with all the accessories, and each lady was given a ready primed room box with sliding perspex front, a booklet of instructions plus all materials needed to make the above. However everyone was encouraged to use their creativity, they could age their room box as little or as much as they wished, plus they could make their room into whatever they wanted it to be - it didn't have to be an old attic room. Ideas soon started flowing.

We were based in Studio 1 over in the Teaching Block, the facilities were absolutely amazing...far superior to anything that I have had anywhere else before...and I have run rather a lot of workshops in my time in all kinds of venues!

 The ladies came from all over the UK, some were members of the WI and some were not. Their skills were varied, ranging from absolute beginners to experienced crafters, which this project lent itself well too. 
Every lady had a 6ft table to themselves, which included an individual freestanding magnifying lamp. Several sinks were along the wall and a trolley packed with tools, implements and supplies...amazing!

The beginners among the group arrived a little more apprehensive than others but everyone was full of  wonderful enthusiasm. And by the end of the very first session after they had managed to paint a scene on their back wall, using a simple painting by numbers system...their confidence had begun to grow rapidly. Those who were more experienced in the group were happy to do their own "thing".  

Then as soon as the back wall, ceiling  and window went in, plus the aging of the painted walls began...the mutterings of delight from the ladies were just brilliant!

I was so proud of them all. This particular bunch of ladies bonded so well that on the last morning they asked if I would come back again and run a Reunion Workshop at Denman College for them. I have put a proposal to the college and it looks like you can all return next year ladies! 

In fact I'm delighted to say that I have been formally invited back next year to run three more residential workshops, two more for the exact same project above...and another for the Reunion Workshop. Dates and details are to be confirmed shortly. 

So watch this space!


Troy said...

These are great! I especially love the aging technique on the walls. Great photos too.

Busy Lizzie said...

looks like a super event Celia!

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Troy and Lizzie for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It was a super event and cannot wait to return back to Denman next year. Celia