Friday, 11 June 2010

1930s General Stores Project

I thought I would share with you another project I have just been working on these past few days  and although the exterior is not quite finished yet, the interior is complete.  It certainly has been a fun project to do with my brief being to produce a 1930s General Store scene inside an MDF room box with removable perspex front.  There was to be much 1930’s packaging crammed on shelving with a variety of products on show. I certainly enjoyed all the research  for the packaging and how wonderful the power of the internet is for such projects, where I found such great inspiration! The majority of the packaging I mocked up myself and I hope to use some of this packaging in some near future projects .....(so watch this space)!

For added interest an area was created in the left hand corner with a door that when opened revealed a tiny back lobby with a further fixed back door, crammed full with more boxes etc. This gives the whole room box extra depth and significance.

These two fabulous character dolls have been created by Robin Britton of Coombe Crafts. Robin’s dolls are just so different and full of character, plus what I love about them is that they can be manipulated into all sorts of poses.
The central cabinet with perspex frontage is removable so that extra packaging can be added at any time....cunning eh?

So there you are.......hope you enjoyed taking a peek into this little shop.


Lara said...

It looks amazing. I love that style. I am working on a thirties house myself and I enjoy building and furnishing the house. Research for the right furniture and accessories is fun to do too.

Flor said...

¡Te quedo Fantástica!!!
Son tantos y tantos los detalles O =