Monday, 9 November 2015

A Touch Of Website Housekeeping Plus Dol-Toi Galore!

 Over the past couple of days or so, I've been undertaking a little bit of tidying up on my website, which hopefully now will make the antique and vintage section a little easier to use.  

I've done away with the long list of text links to various named vintage manufacturers on the Antique & Vintage Index Page and replaced with named image thumbnail links instead. You will find these directly underneath the old dolls house image that has separate click on thumbnail links for each room. This new additional section should be more pleasing on the eye and hopefully less confusing! Within this section, I have also incorporated the Old Dolls House Dolls link too (originally this was along the top navigation bar) order to contain most of the old items all in one section.

Similarly, I have had a bash at tidying up my Home Page is now less busy and hopefully more straightforward.

Also, over the past few days, I have been delving back into the several remaining boxes of old Dol-Toi belonging to Marion Osborne and begun listing many of these items in earnest, there is still quite a bit left!Over the past couple of years or so, I have had the enviable task of selling Marion's Dol-Toi Collection on her behalf, which she amassed purely for research purposes for her Book Of Dol-Toi.
 I've just completed listing lots more Dol-Toi for the living room section, and at the moment am having a bash at the kitchen items. Unsellable damaged Dol-Toi items, with Marion's permission, are being bagged up and put aside for the Breast Cancer Now Sales Table at Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair in February 2016) as they could be useful to someone. The listing of such a large volume of Dol-Toi items up to the website all in one go is extremely time consuming, and just for the moment I will have to be put this latest  Dol-Toi listing session on ice whilst I concentrate on some other KT Miniaturs duties. But I hope to get back to the listing of Dol-Toi kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom items in a few days time.  

Incidentally,  THE BOOK OF DOL-TOI BY MARION OSBORNE is now only available to purchase at  KT Miniatures - - PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VIEW DETAILS.

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