Thursday, 26 November 2015

Some Real Rare Miniature Beauties Sold Recently!

If you have been following KT Miniatures these past few days, you will know about the collection of rare dolls house miniatures which went up for sale last Friday afternoon. These much loved treasures had been handed down several generatons of the same family but over the past few decades had been simply gathering dust in an Oxford attic.  Although much was sold very quickly within the first few hours, there are still one or two more wonderful items still waiting for new homes. 

However, as much of the collection is now residing with their new owners or still in transit to distant lands, I thought it would be nice to feature a few of the more unusual pieces on here. 

c1926 Huntley & Palmer Biscuit Tin Range
 Isn't this amazing? 
This is a painted tin range which originally would have been sold containing Huntley & Palmer biscuits. The range has two opening doors with lovely embossed and painted detail. It is quite large in scale but in our antique dolls houses, often scale is inconsequential anyway. I for one just collect what I like and as long as it fits into the old dolls house, then I don't mind if the little dolls have to stand on chairs (or stepladders) to reach! 
At the lower right hand side, as you can see from the photos, is the makers mark H.B. & S LTD. R. This was made by Huntley, Boorne & Stevens and would have been sold containing Huntley & Palmers biscuits.
I love the extensive detail on this range and the lit fire is so effective.  Both the large doors open wide giving good access to the inside,  but you wouldn't want to put your biscuits in there now due to one or two specks of rust!
I am still receiving a number of enquiries concerning this item as it has had RESERVED next to it since Friday evening. Sorry folks, but I can confirm that it is still definitely reserved and I am simply awaiting payment.

Rare Early 1900s Antique German Soft Metal Rack With Five Striped Glasses & Four Spoons

You may see these early 1900s German soft metal racks from time to time, but rarely do you see so many glass striped tumblers still present and in such super condition. Even more rarely do you see this set with glass spoons! Yep, there are four glass spoons. How on earth  these pieces ever survived many years of being handled by young hands, is beyond me....but how fantastic that they did!
The glasses are very pretty with their bright coloured stripes but just look at those spoons. Two of them may be missing but see how delicate and tiny they are!

Antique Metal Grandfather Clock
I have to confess that I do not recall ever having seen a clock quite like this before, nor have I been able to unearth any information from my extensive research within all the literature and resources I have here. So I would proclaim this to be quite rare indeed. Due to the heavily ornate overall design to this metal grandfather clock, I would say that it is probably from the Victorian era, possibly mid to late 1800s? 
It comes complete with what appears to be the original paper clock face and a moveable metal pendulum. 
Whether this is of British origin, German or from some other country, I do not know. There is something scratched on the back but I just cannot make it out at all. I have attempted to photograph these marks but if anyone out there can shed some light on this clock, please do let me know and I can then pass the information onto its new owner.
The back part appears to be a panel of tin and acts as a prop which enables this whole clock to stand up. 
However, looking very closely at the base of the clock, I strongly suspect that there should have been a tiny foot at each front corner of the lower edge.  As judging by the slightly jagged corners, it appears that whatever was there originally has been snapped off, albeit a very long time ago.  But to be honest, this is barely noticeable...and what we have here is a stunning antique clock which would brighten up any antique dolls house...a truly fantastic and rare item! I understand it is already happily in situ in its new home.

Late 1800s/Early 1900s German Soft Metal Folding Sewing Stand 
 What an unusal find this is! 

Here is a rare soft metal folding sewing stand, complete with old material which is attached and acts as a bag to contain all your miniature sewing items. Probably late 1800s/early 1900s. I am assuming that the material is the original, it certainly looks old and faded.

The soft metal is obviousy in a playworn condition, with considerable loss of gilt colour off the metal stand and the lower bars are slightly bent from child's handling. 

But what a super item this is. I have included some little homemade bits and bobs that came with this, such as wool around some cardboard, piece of material with stitches in, etc. I think it is only right that these stay with it.

 Hope you have enjoyed taking a peek at these wonderful items that had been on offer! To see lots  more, please click on the following link:


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