Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Just Some Of The Unusual Antique Kitchen Miniatures Now Available For Purchase On KT Miniatures...

Over the past couple of days or so, I have been busy listing various antique and vintage pieces up to several pages on KT Miniatures website, all now available to purchase.

Today I will highlight some of the new additions just recently added to the Antique & Vintage Kitchen Page

c1930s Huntley & Palmers Biscuit Tin Sample

Ok...I know that this tin is large scale, measuring 1 1/2" wide and deep plus 1 3/4" high, but it would look fantastic in an antique dolls house kitchen, that is either large scale or where scale does not matter. This is completely in original condition and the lid can lift off. I love it!

Rare c1908 - 1932 REKA Metal Cooking Pot With Lid
Now this is a first for KT Miniatures....I have handled one or two other REKA items before  but never a cooking pot with the original lid would you believe! These REKA pieces are becoming increasingly rare these days so it is nice to have one on offer today!
The pot is a lovely shade of blue and the removable lid is metal colour. The name REKA is embossed underneath the pot. As with the sample tin above, this is also large scale measuring 1 1/2" high but would suit a larger dolls house kitchen or an old dolls house where scale doesn't matter.

Late 1800s/Early 1900s German Plaster Lobster & Fluted Tin
Isn't he fabulous!!?
Ok, the old plaster lobster may have a few nibbles from his sides, but he is still rather lovely. These plaster dolls house items  are so fragile in young hands but this one has managed to survive being passed down through three entire generations of the same family of young ladies and he is still here to tell the tale! 
He came with the old fluted tin so am keeping them together.  I love his eyes - he has such character! And the patina of the original colouring is just lovely. Mr Lobster measures just under 2" quite big. 

Pair Of Antique Aluminium French Saucepans
These saucepans came with the same items as shown above. 

Underneath each pan it states MADE IN FRANCE. 
As you can see in this photo, embossed inside each base is the following: "GUARANTEED THICKNESS OF OUR PATENTED SERIES BOR.  WEIGHT AT LEAST 42/5 lbs".

  I am assuming that these French saucepans  are possibly tradesmans samples,  advertising the company BOR?

These are just a tiny selection of  several old miniature treasures that have gone up for sale over the past 2 days.
At the top of that page, you will find links to all the other rooms. I will continue to list further antique and vintage miniatures of different scales, as and when I can over the next few days. 

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