Monday, 16 November 2015

What A Brilliant Saturday!

Huge thanks to everyone who came to see us last Saturday, at the Haddenham Dolls House & Miniatures Exhibition. Although the weather was a bit on the wet side, it was so good to meet up with both long standing customers and others for the very first time....what fascinating chats we had!
As this is a small, relaxed and very informal event, it was great to see people being able to linger at their leisure around my stand.  Plus for me, it was so nice to be able to have the time to chat properly to customers. At the bigger and much busier events, it is frequently not possible to converse for long,  as often we are rushed to serve people who are wating patiently. 
This cabinet containing some of the more special and more delicate items for sale on my KT Miniatures' stand, was decidedly much emptier by the end of the day!
In between mine and my workshop colleague's Coombe Crafts stand (ie. Robin Britton) we had a table filled with many of our Nostalgia In Miniature Workshop projects, for visitors to peruse.  Seeing so many of our past project prototypes in both scales (1/12th & 1/24th), out on the table in one go, was especially nice for us too, as many of these projects are tucked away in our cupboards year in and year out, barely seeing the light of day. In fact, it is because of our increasing lack of storage space, we are now selling several of these off.....but more about that another day.
I snapped this photo very quickly of Robin, making the final preparations to her stand, just before the event opened. Haha....she was too busy to notice!
Well done to the brand new organisers of this event - Ron & Felicity Holland and a special thanks to those lovely volunteers who helped tirelessly on refreshments, raffle, etc. I hope a good amount was raised for the two charities. Not only am I looking forward to next year's Haddenham event but it is now just three months away from when we have our usual double stand at the wonderful Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair- taking place on Saturday 27th February 2016.
Hope to see you all there too!


jenann said...

What a lovely range of items you had for sale, Celia! I'd love to have been able to see the dolls, one of whom wold have been coming home in my pocket, at least. Oooh, and the littl oil lamp and......
Oh dear, greedy me, I want it all!

Hope you and Robin had a great time and made lots of sales.
Jenni xxxx

KT Miniatures said...

Aww...thanks Jenni. It was a lovely day, a really friendly atmosphere and everyone had time to chat. Sales weren't bad stand looked a little lighter by the end of the day! Robin's too!! Celia