Saturday, 21 November 2015


"The Oxford Collection" went up for sale on KT Miniatures late yesterday afternoon. Business has been amazingly brisk and much of the collection has been either sold or reserved, but there are still some rather lovely pieces for sale.
This is a very special collection of antique dolls house miniatures that belonged to several generations of one family and which have been hidden away in an Oxford attic for many years. Once rediscovered, the family felt that these old treasures should not stay in boxes for evermore but should be seen and enjoyed by those who love such things. As far as I can tell, this collection appears to date from the mid/late 1800s through to the 1930s, spanning over various generations. Some are quite rare, as you will see. 

I have called this set of miniature treasures "The Oxford Collection" and have grouped them all together on one special page. That page will stay live until most items have been sold, then any remaining items will be moved to the usual categorised pages within KT Miniatures' Antique & Vintage section.

At the time of writing this, the following are still for sale...

Rare Antique German Biedermeier Boule Piano 
Although it is missing the slide-in lid, the rest of this Biedermeier piano is fully intact and in super played with condition. It dates from around c1860-1890 and has the very distinctive imitation gilt inlay.
The three large chunky keys can be pressed and kind of move...but sadly for effect only, you  most definitely can't play a tune on this!
 Rarely does this item ever come along, so here is a fantastic opportunity to purchase something rather special for your antique dolls house.

Rare Late 1800s/Early 1900s German Ornate Soft Metal Umbrella & Walking Stick Stand
Then there is this wonderful late 1800s/early 1900s soft metal German umbrella/walking stick stand for the antique dolls house hall.
This is very delicately ornate and very attractive. It is marked MADE IN GERMANY underneath. 

 German Early 1900s Soft Metal Condiment Rack With Two Bottles
Another rather lovely item is this soft metal German rack with two condiment bottles. 
The bottles are made of quite delicate glass and have an attractive crinkled pattern around the sides. The larger bottle is presumably for vinegar and the other that has five holes in a metal lid, for either salt or pepper. As you probably have guessed, there should be another bottle with metal lid but sadly is long gone.  
Still, this is a very nice item indeed.

c1920s/30s Metal Bath & Sink 
I have to admit that at the moment I do not know the make or even the exact age of this wonderful metal bath and sink but am surmising that they were possibly made in the 1920s/30s era?
 I do not even know if they are from the same manufacturer but as they came together in this collection, I am selling them as a pair. They are more like 1/16th scale but the bath in particular is gorgeous! It has been painted on the exterior underside a pretty blue and the interior in such a way that it appears like a real enamel bath. Even has real chips in the paintwork and looks quite authentic! The sink is also blue but a slightly paler shade. The metal taps on the sink appear to be very similar style to the bath taps, albeit quite a bit smaller - so maybe they are from the same manufacturer?


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