Friday, 21 June 2013

Unusual Little Dolls House For Sale Plus Old Dolls House Bargain Basement Now Up & Live!

Just gone up for sale today is a delightful and ususual vintage dolls house...probably commercially made during the 1950s/60s but I do not recognise the maker.
If you don't have much space but would like to take on a vintage dolls house, this could be ideal for you. It's of wooden construction with tin Romside windows and front door.
It has just two rooms, each with a Romside fireplace. I can see evidence of other wallpaper/paint underneath in parts but has obviously been given a more recent makeover. 
The previous owner has also painted very cleverly an attractive tree on the frontage and obviously really enjoyed this little treasure. But now it is time for it to move onto pastures new. It is 1/16th in scale and very compact. so consequently could be posted.
For futher details, please CLICK HERE

Are you looking for an old dolls house to restore or a new miniature project to take on? If so then. please do go take a peek at this new section on KT Miniatures website. Here you will find old  dolls houses that have all been heavily reduced in price due to the fact of their condition. Some may be extremely dilapidated or some may be well known named makes but which have been heavily restored. All will have huge potential and offered at a real bargain price. 
One of the houses being offered is this large vintage house that is quite dilapidated but is lovely. I bought this at an auction, no-one else bid on it so I simply couldn't leave it unsold and unloved.  I had every intention of restoring myself but now it is very apparent that I simply do not have the time. 
Also in that same section today, you will find a 1950s Tri-ang No solid condition with one or two original features but at the same time, has had a makeover. You could move straight in or undertake your own restoration if you wished, in order to bring it back to how it would have looked like originally. 


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
I never thought of redoing an old dollhouse! I think when the Manor and other projects are done I might look into it. The large vintage house with the leaded windows is a dream!
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Giac. It can be very rewarding restoring an old dolls house-am sure you would enjoy it and the world of antique/vintage dolls houses can be a fascinating one! Needless to say, all of these houses in the "Bargain Basement" have been snapped up very quickly.

Your Manor is magnificent and if anyone who hasn't seen your blog and is reading go click on Giac's link and take a look...he is undertaking an amazing creation!! Celia