Friday, 14 June 2013

Fabulous 1940s House Video By Imperial War Museum!

I came across this truly wonderful video of the 1940s House which has been made by the Imperial War Museum. 

It is narrated by Terry Charman (Senior IWM Historian) and he tours the various rooms giving all sorts of interesting facts. This is a brilliant source of information for anyone interested in this era and very useful to anyone embarking on a miniature 1940s project.

I have now added a link for this video to the
 on KT Miniatures website,  along with a couple of other videos for anyone interested in the 1930s-1940s. 


Chas Brennan said...

Thanks so much for pointing out these videos, Celia - right up my 1948 street! Pity they couldn't have made each film a little bit longer and taken us right round all the rooms in detail, but we can pause them if we need to linger and soak up a bit of atmosphere. They give us useful information on rationing too, it must have been so difficult to feed a whole family - imagine the fuss if we had to deal with those restrictions now!

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Chas. It is an interesting video isn't it? There are a lot of people who are creating miniature 1940s projects so thought that it would be useful to highlight this.
Yes I do would have been nice if there could have been more close ups and more lingering in each of the rooms but the extra info is quite interesting.
The rationing is certainly quite hard to imagine for us nowadays where food is more plentiful, in comparison. The ingenuity of people in such adversity is quite mind blowing. Celia

Andy said...

Hello, thanks for posting this, I found the videos very interesting. I don't have a 1940's house, but it would make a great project. From films and posters from the 1930's I always imagine Art Deco to be very glamorous, but watered down into ordinary homes it looks a wee bit drab, and life couldn't have been much fun with food, clothes, fuel, furniture etc all rationed; I wonder if we would all put up with it today!? ;o)


KT Miniatures said...

Hi Andy. I suppose having been brought up in a 1930s house, I just love that kind of style and furnishings. But life must have been so hard. Has the video inspired you to create a 1940s project, do you think? Celia

Giac said...

Hello celia,
What an amazing house. I am really blown away by the incredible detail...You would swear you were in a real full size house! amazing. thank for sharing is an example of excellence in our hobby!
Big hug,