Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Art Deco Bex Bedroom Furniture & Other Little Treasures

Art Deco Bedroom Set
I love the Art Deco style and have recently listed on KT Miniatures these very distinctive circa 1930s bakelite Art Deco bedroom pieces. If you are into this era then am sure you will love them too!

The trademark Bex Moulding - Made In England is embossed underneath each piece.
The mattress has been homemade and is old but the floral cover is relatively new. 

In Margaret Towner's lovely book "Doll's House Furniture", on page 55 you will see that she features a brown bedroom suite. Apparently this set came in four colours-brown, blue, red and green. I have two green pieces available from the bedroom set, the dressing table and bed....sadly not the wardrobe.  Margaret tells us that in 1937 British Xylonite Co.Ltd. had the idea to produce dolls house furniture in bakelite and felt that it was an extremely imaginative product for the inter war period. Have to agree...it is also extremely well made and generally quite tough. Although the removable steel mirror was often lost or tarnished am pleased to say that the mirror on this particular dressing table is present and in remarkable condition.

Bakelite items, whether miniature or real life size, are becoming quite collectable these days and this little bedroom set is no exception. 
These pieces are for sale on the following page:

A Unique Antique Miniature Camera
I have seen many examples of miniature accessories for antique and vintage dolls houses over the years, but this little treasure is a first for me. To be honest, I am of the conclusion that it is an antique charm from a charm bracelet as it has a tiny loop at the side. But what is remarkable about this piece is the retractable "lens"....yep, it can actually be pushed in and out!!! For someone who is looking for something that little bit different, this could well suit you! Came with a bunch of 1930s furniture and accessories so am assuming that this is of the same age. If there are any camera experts out there reading this, do you know exactly what "model" camera this is? If you did, please do get in touch as that info may then help date this little gem more precisely? Can be found on the following page:

Elgin/Lines Bros Fireplace
Fireplaces made by Elgin do not come along vey often...indeed anything made by Elgin does not come along that often so consequently are highly sought after. This fireplace is unmistakeably Elgin but does not have their makers mark on so would be a piece made by them in the 1920s for the Lines Bros (forerunner to Tri-ang). It is missing it's printed cardboard lit fireplace/brick insert but nevertheless this would look super in an antique dolls house. Currently it is up for sale on the following page: http://www.ktminiatures.com/Antique_Vintage_Living_Dining_Room.html
Yet another parcel has arrived with some rather wonderful contents...many of which will appear on KT Miniatures website over the next few days.  So do please keep checking the relevant sections that interest you but please also remember that you may need to refresh the pages as you view in order to see the updates.

About KT Miniatures New Website
Would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who've taken the time to email me privately about my new website. It seems that many of you are chuffed to bits that at last you can view and use my website properly via your iPads and mobiles! I can now breathe a mighty sigh of relief that it seems to be working for you so am pretty chuffed too!!!! Am slowly adding to the gallery pages......KT Miniatures Gallery is now up and running although I still have more to add to that section.

 Linda Larsen's WW2 shop.
Sarah Taylor's 1940s house -view of living room.
Author Kate Long's 1930s house - view of boy's bedroom.

Also am pleased to say that the Customer Creations Gallery is now fully up and running. The three images above have been randomly chosen from that gallery. If you have not seen this section before please do go take a peek!!  There are some absolutely gorgeous creations made by KT Miniatures' customers ranging from a WW1 sweet shop,  1930s-1950s houses and shops, to even a bomb shelter with British resistance hideout underneath....fantastic!
Meanwhile, the Old Dolls House Gallery  will also be back up and running as soon as possible but may take some time to sort out as the files are quite large and is going to be very time consuming to transfer everything over from the old website. 


Diane said...

Were the Elgin fireplaces actually made in Elgin as that is near me?

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Diane. No...they were made in Enfield(London) by Mr Elgin and his sisters. Celia