Monday, 3 June 2013

A Late Victorian Dolls House & A Tri-ang Princess Dolls House For Sale

Late Victorian Dolls House
This late Victorian/Early 1900s dolls house is a true delight and is currently for sale on KT Miniatures website. It is in a pretty good condition seeing that it's over 100 years old. The unique  stonework exterior has been carefully painted over a grey background and is very attractive.
The interior is also delightful, consisting of four big rooms.  Each pair of rooms have a connecting opening door. All rooms are decorated with old wallpaper and real carpet lines the floors. 

I particularly love the carpets in the downstairs rooms very pretty! The room height is quite big at over 11" which gives plenty of scope for collecting furniture and fittings of varying scales. Scale was generally of no importance at the time this house was made so whoever takes it on can have great fun filling it.

 And there's this real whacky lighting in the right hand bedroom....the suspended lamp has a celluloid shade along with a rather large metal lamp fixed to the side wall. The other rooms have an old fashioned central light. 
Above you can see the close up of the amazing stonework.  Plus all four windows have a cleverly painted window frame and each are glazed with real glass. 
 The roof has also been handpainted over a terracotta background and there is a rather pretty zigzag ridged effect along the top.

For more information and photos of this little treasure please click on the following link:

Tri-ang Princess House
Also currently for sale is this rather lovely Tri-ang Princess dolls house, built some thirty years later than the house above and believed to be late 1930s. It has been a cherished little dolls house but its time to move onto a new home. 
The roof has been too the exterior has been given a lick of white emulsion. But all windows are present and correct,including original curtains. Plus the opening front door is intact. 
Inside the four main rooms have been painted but the lounge and bedroom on the right hand side have the original floors and two odeon style fireplaces.The kitchen on the left has it's original Tri-ang dresser.
The hall, stairwell and landing have the 1930s Tri-ang wallpaper, flooring and stair "carpet"...which is so very refreshing to have.
Underneath the replacement coverings, the original could be lurking, like here in the  kitchen you can see the Tri-ang tiled floor paper.

For full details and more photos, please click on the following link:

c1935 Art Deco Dolls House Sold Within Hours Of Going Up For Sale!

This beautiful Art Deco dolls house, made from c1935 Woodworker magazine plans, caused a bit of a stir with KT Miniatures customers this morning as it went up for sale. It was sold within hours and there were some disappointed customers....but one very happy one who came very quickly to view and purchase!! Am not surprised is beautiful and have been very reluctant to let this one go. If you want to see more photos, even though it is sold, I will leave the webpage up on the site for a few days. Click on the following link to view:


Giac said...

Hello Celia,
I would go broke if I had your buisness because I could not part with half of the dollhouses. These are just beautiful!
Big hug,

KT Miniatures said...

Haha...Giac. I know, I have such a dilemma at times! Celia

Diane said...

Love the Princess house.

KT Miniatures said...

Thanks Diane. Yes it is lovely and has already been reserved. Celia