Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Stunning 1920s - 1930s Little House!

I have just put up for sale today a truly stunning 1920s-30s dolls house. It is breathtakingly gorgeous and I have already spent many hours just staring and admiring it! I love it but it is big and I have no room for it has to go....oh soooooo very reluctantly!!!!!

Actually, this is such a very curious house and am of the opinion that this was not created originally as a dolls house at all....but was in fact a 1920s-1930s developer's model, to use as a show house whilst the housing estate was being built. This was to help give a prospective buyer an idea of what the finished house may look like.  What has led to me this conclusion is the detailed appearance of the exterior including the beautiful bay windows and the internal layout. The layout inside is a bit odd indeed if it had been intended as a toy, particularly the enclosed kitchen.
It is accessed at the front via two opening halves. There are two main rooms, one upstairs and one downstairs - each with an Art Deco wooden fireplace and dual aspect. 
 The hallway has a door leading into the main downstairs room and also another door leading into the kitchen right at the back. Stairs lead up to an enormous landing that also has dual aspect plus a side window too. Am intrigued as to why, if this was meant to be a toy, the landing area was constructed in this way with a lot of wasted space and more especially why the only access to the kitchen is via the hall door and the back door?

You can just about glimpse the small kitchen via the back door and through the kitchen window in these photos, although sorry the pics didn't come out too well. (Sorry about the dusty hall floor too...oops!)
There are six pieces of original furniture that came with this house, as you can see above. All wooden and very basic.
Each room has the original decor including the lovely picture rails.
I love this porch area. The two porch windows and door are glazed with very thick crinkled glass. 
The bay windows are to die for.....simply stunning and very skillfully made! 

As you can see in my previous post, I washed the original curtains (they were disgustingly dirty) but have finally come up a treat and I have put them back in place using the original drawing pins that came with it. 

This vent intrigues is such a realistic touch but rarely seen on a dolls house. 

The roof has been very carefully constructed with wooden mock tiles and the chimney is gorgeous too.

For further details including suggestions on maximising the potential of this house,  please click on the main promotional page:


Rick said...

WOW, that's a gorgeous house!

Donna S said...

Oh to live in England, so I could buy this house! Exactly what I have been looking for! Its wonderful.

Lady Jane said...

It is a wonderful house. I too wish I lived in England.

12Create said...

Ditto to the above. What a fabulous house.

Philip said...

What a wonderful house. I especially love the front porch and exterior color scheme.

Heather said...


KT Miniatures said...

Hi Everyone. Many thanks for all your lovely comments!! It is rather wonderful isn't it? Celia

Giac said...

Hello Celia,
It took my breath away! It is stunning! I love the fireplace. It is very simple but has so much charm and character...and looks like it is in very good condition. A real treasure!
Big hug,

jenann said...

I love this house, it reminds me of the one my parents lived in, before they 'renovated' (ruined!) it by ripping out all the original features ..... I have never quite forgiven them.

KT Miniatures said...

Thought you would like this house Giac.

Jenni.......had to laugh at the thought of your parents renovating their original features....I suspect a lot of us are guilty a little at a spot of "renovating". I cringe at what we did to our very first Edwardian house when we first got married....with the idea of making it look "modern". Of course...I know better now but there you go.Ha ha Celia

The Cloth Shed said...

The detail on the house is amazing, especially the porch and bay windows. Obviously a talented craftsman with a keen eye for detail.
Julie x

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Julie....yes it certainly has been well made and the windows appear to all be properly glazed....not just kept in by a nail or wallpaper like so many of the antique dolls houses. Celia