Monday, 13 February 2012

Old Attic Project - Final Part

Finally I can show you the little attic room box project in its entirety! Back in November and September on here, I showed you the interior structure at different stages of its creation. Normally I would use wood in creating walls, doors, flooring etc. but this time I used a combination of foamboard, card and cardboard as part of a demonstration at our local dolls house club, to show to members that one does not need to be a master craftsman to create little scenes in room boxes (our latest club project was to make an attic scene inside a room box).
I have filled this with some of my own creations as well as some little treasures accumulated over the years from various sources, including some vintage items.
The beautiful painting was created by Ellie De Lacy and I won this in the Breast Cancer Campaign Raffle at the very first Thame Dolls House Fair that was run by the club, back in February 2004. It is beautiful and now I have somewhere to finally put it!

I purchased this little coffee set from an artisan who was at a Surrey dolls house club exhibition, many years ago now, and simply cannot remember the name of the artisan who created it. All this time it has literally sat in a box but now I am able to put it to good use.

Some photos are personal touches that are relevant to me including one of my father who was a navigator in WW2 and a photo of my five big brothers and me, all lined up in order of age!!!
Some more personal touches are a box of Britains Floral Garden lawns, pond box, leaflets etc. plus Judy and Jackie Annuals, all scaled down from my own childhood posessions.

Falling out of the old chest is a Sindy leaflet, scaled down from one that I still have (was anyone else ever in the Sindy Club back in the 1960s)? Plus there is the little family Children's Dictionary and a Ladybird book of The Nurse....two more of my childhood favourites.
On the old table is a vintage metal sewing machine and it's lid  can just be seen under the table. I just adore this and if you turn the handle the needle moves up and down. It is so like the real life one we had that was my mum's. The cotton reels are some purchased off David Edwards at last years Dolls House Festival.

Many of the books and ephemera have been replicated and scaled down from the real thing. The brown upholstered chair was bought in a sale many years ago from Veronica who started up Key Miniatures - the dolls house shop in Thame (which is sadly no longer here). The other chair with green upholstery is vintage and had a broken leg which was stuck back on so that I could use it in this scene.

I do still have space to fill but have simply run out of time. After the exhibition this weekend,  I plan to sit this on a shelf above my computer for inspiration and will continue to add to it.  One day I hope to electrify the little back lobby behind the door but for the moment.......this is my little attic project.....hope you enjoyed seeing it.

May I take this opportunity to wish all the members of Market Town Miniaturists (aka Thame dolls house club and MTM for short) a very
Happy 10th Anniversary!!!!

To celebrate, on Saturday at Thame Dolls House Fair, the ladies of MTM  will be exhibiting examples of projects that they have undertaken over the past 10 years plus each member will be ehxibiting their attic room box come along and be amazed, they are very talented ladies!!!


Maria said...

Love the attic room you made and so many lovely details.

Plushpussycat said...

This roombox is really lovely--very inspirational! :-) I love all of your special touches! :-) Jennifer

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Maria and Jennifer. Thank you for your comments, glad you enjoyed seeing the little attic. Must admit, have enjoyed making it as it is for me to keep and not to sell, which is a first for me!!!