Tuesday, 21 February 2012

All Over For Another Year - Big Listing About To Begin!

Well...it's all over for another year....but needless to say Thame Dolls House & Miniatures Fair was a tremendous success...smiles all round. As soon as we have a current total of monies raised for Breast Cancer Campaign from the organisers I will let you know....but it is complicated as there will be money to come in from all over the place and will continue to do so over the next couple of weeks.
Molly is having to take a nap after all that wrapping up of the first lot of raffle prizes - seen here all waiting for despatch to the lucky winners!
I still have several raffle prize winners to contact so if  you bought a raffle ticket last Saturday at the fair and your phone rings....hey, IT COULD BE YOU....as that famous saying goes!! 

Congratulations and an enormous THANK YOU to

Michelle Rice of Hemel Hempstead
who placed the magnificent winning bid of £300 in the charity Sealed Bid Auction. 

We hope to bring you more about the auction on our Nostalgia In Miniature Workshop Blog very soon, as both Robin and I will be meeting Michelle shortly.  I must also thank everyone - artisans, customers, public and all the volunteers who contributed to the charity part of the event. Please spare a thought for the volunteers on the charity Sales Table who worked their little socks off from as soon as the doors opened, right up to the very end. Jill and Melodie as always, were in complete control along with their helpers from the MTM club and Norma......a visitor to the fair who has now helped the ladies behind the table two years running. What absolute stars you all are!!!!

Finally, I would just like to congratulate Felicity and Ron Holland the organisers for putting on such a brilliant fair. Now with two Thame Fairs under their belt, I am utterly thrilled and confident that I passed it onto two very capable pairs of hands!! The quality of artisans that came on Saturday was just superb and the atmosphere terrific.

Now.....although I had a truly brilliant trading day, met many of you and had some wonderful chats, met up with old friends and made a few new ones, there is of course the inevitable unsold stock to list onto the website.  I have spent the past two days recovering from the huge effort involved in preparing for the fair.....am utterly exhausted. Only managed to unload the stock out of the car yesterday and carry up two flights of stairs! But after a stocktake I will begin to list all the handmade items first under the Exclusive Items Range..... then later in week,the vintage items, so watch this space!!! It is very time consuming so will take some time to complete. However,  I will highlight some of them on here shortly....most of them can be used with both modern reproduction houses and vintage houses, as they have been given the usual KT Miniatures aged look!
PS. If the gentleman who placed a reserve on the 1930s House on Saturday but failed to return to the stand to leave his full details, is reading this...please get in touch urgently. Sorry but if I don't hear from you within the next 24 hours, then the house will go up for general sale.

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