Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Two More Old Dolls Houses - "Hobbies 186 Special" & A Little c1930s Treasure!

I can now show you two little treasures that will be on my KT Miniatures stand next week at Thame Fair. One being an all time favourite of mine - a variation of a "Hobbies 186 Special" and the other, a most unusual and quite rare handmade c1930s dolls house including furniture in totally original condition!

First the Hobbies House.....
This was a very sad and absolute wreck when I took it on but I love these particular houses - I have one myself. There is something about these "186 Specials" that are very enchanting. I suppose it epitomises the style of the era totally.
All the wallpaper and flooring are antique. I collect end of rolls of the antique wallpaper that is sold by KT Miniatures and use them when restoring, with the exception of the hall/landing wallpaper.  Here I have used Antique Wallpaper No 11 that is currently for sale - See Antique Wallpaper Page.  When restoring, I always endeavour to bring the dolls house back to how it may have looked when first created. By using real antique papers that are slightly oversized and some that are boldly patterned, feel that it has helped capture the essence of the age of this old house. Be warned though.....antique wallpaper can be very difficult to fix as it is so fragile - it tears very easily. A few expletives came forth from my lips I can tell you - even my cats were covering their ears, particularly when I was attempting the hall and landing !!!   These dolls houses were homemade from plans using components purchased from Hobbies. This one is a variation of the traditional model in so much as it has an upper central window and a  winding staircase (mine does not have this window or a staircase).

The second house is to die for......well I think so and if you are a huge fan of all things 1930s then you will love it too!
It has been made out of old packing cases....as so many dolls houses were back in the 1930s.

There is access to the lower two front rooms by way of unhooking the front.

Just checkout those fireplaces and furniture! Papers on walls and floors were commercially available at the time.
There is a side door into the scullery. You can see the hooks front, back and top that keep all the removable parts in place!

To the rear, the panel can be removed to view the scullery and kitchen plus two rooms upstairs. One obviously being a bathroom (this house was posh then) and a bedroom but with the same tiled flooring as the kitchen/scullery and bathroom. Makes me wonder if the maker ran out of the other flooring!

Isn't the sink and cooker fantastic!!!! The grill flap drops down but on the rest of the furniture no drawers or doors open. So very much in style of the age. Just imagine how fantastic those shelves would be laden with vintage plates, jugs etc.

The roof lifts right off to reveal the two hidden bedrooms at the front,as well as the bathroom and other bedroom at the back.


All filled with exquisite furniture such as beds with bedding, art deco style wardrobes, dressing tables and cupboards!!!

The roof interior helped me date this house as in the left hand corner is a red trade mark stating...."By Appointment Of The Late King George V". He died in 1936 so this was made after this time but before the war.

Just to confirm that both these will be available to purchase on Saturday 18th February on my stand at Thame Fair.


Eliana said...

They are treasures, definitely!

KT Miniatures said...

Glad you like them Eliana. They are lovely arn't they.

Rick said...

They're both wonderful!

Robin said...

They're both super! But the little handmade one IS to die for! Wonderful!

KT Miniatures said...

Yes they are pretty wonderful Rick arn't they.

Robin, not sure if the photos does it justice. I think when you see it in real life at Thame, it will look even more beautiful! Blimey...only a few days to go!!! Am I ready......nope!

Rachel said...

Absolutely adore the second house, love, love love!!

KT Miniatures said...

Glad you like it Rachel!!lol