Sunday, 26 February 2012

Two Dolls Houses Just Gone Up For Sale

Have been continuing to list unsold stock from last week's fair onto my website this weekend....amongst which are these two lovely and very old dolls houses - both of which you have seen before on KT Miniatures Journal, therefore will keep this brief!

So....this c1930s-1940s Hobbies 186 Special is now up for sale on KT Miniatures.
In restored condition with antique wallpapers, this is simply ready to move into!

The second house to have gone up for sale today is this truly wonderful and rare c1930s dolls house complete with furniture.


Christine said...

My that first house is beautiful but I have always had a soft spot for this model and often envied you Winsford House. Are the stairs the same as your house? The only other interior pic I can remember had the standard straight flight found in many dolls houses. I have tried to click your link for a postal quote for your 2 books to Australia as well with no success.

The second house is a cutie as well. What a wonderful era for dolls housing the 30s to 50s were!

Lots of catching up to do on your blog so I've had a lovely (if non productive) morning! Thank you.

KT Miniatures said...

Hi Christine. The Hobbies 186 Special is lovely isn't it! This particular version of the 186 is different to my my Hobbies 186 I don't have any stairs or that upper central window. Yes, I can see what you mean about the similarities in style to that lovely old Winsford House.

Sorry you cannot get the link to work on the Books web page, for postal request. We have done a quick check through Internet Explorer and Firefox and the email link through to me seems to be working but this computer technology malarky gets me stumped at times when it doesn't work. Gremlins must be lurking. I will email you now privately and meanwhile, if anyone else is having problems with my website links, my email address is:

Hope you enjoyed your peruse of the blog!

Gaile said...

Those house doll for sale is too lovely, if I have a niece I will buy that for her. I wish to have a real house like that, hope to buy a house for sale here in Philippines.