Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Canadian & New Zealand Tri-ang Collectors - Can You Help?

Internationally renowned vintage dolls house expert Marion Osborne is currently embarking on a brand new updated and far more comprehensive version of her Tri-ang dolls house book and wonders if any Canadian and New Zealand collectors can help. Or indeed, if anyone else out there can help?

Front Cover Of A Canadian Catalogue
Page From Canadian Catalogue

Triang had a factory in Montreal - Canada in the late 1940s and through to the early 1970s.  The trade mark used in Canada by Tri-ang was "Thistle" as you can see from these pages from a "Thistle" catalogue and the photo of an old  label below.  But exactly how many dolls houses and what particular designs were made is unknown.  Does anyone have any information/specific details that can be passed onto Marion concerning this? No matter how irrelevant you think your information may be, please don't be shy in coming forward. Your information could prove invaluable in Marion's research.

Canadian Thistle Label On An Old Dolls House

There was also a factory in New Zealand, where Triang bought Joy Toys and made at least a No 50 with metal front and a New Zealand label.  Marion would love photos to illustrate this so does anyone have one of these? There is no known catalogue as far as she knows in existance. 

If anyone can help Marion, please contact me and I can pass on the info to Marion in the first instance. Then I am quite sure that Marion would wish to contact you herself.

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