Friday, 19 August 2011

A Teeny Gremlin!!

It has been brought to my attention that over the past couple of weeks or so whilst I've been away on holiday, some people have been experiencing problems whilst trying to email me directly from the link on KT Miniatures website. Apparently it has been failing to send and has been bouncing back on each attempt. I can only apologise.  

At first, it was thought that it was probably due to my inbox being very full whilst  I was embarking on my wonderful (she says dreamily) few days off!!! However, even when the inbox was cleared, emails from my website link were still not getting through. My techno director aka Mr KT, has taken a look at it at our end and yep, as predicted, diagnosed that he could find nothing wrong with it at all!

 I have long given up trying to fathom out this techno stuff  as often these things happen for no reason and can sometimes disappear again as quickly as they sneaked up on us...grrrr?

The  only thing we could think of doing was to  re-apply the link.  We have tested it from various computers and so far so good....fingers and absolutely everything crossed, visitors to my website can now happily email me without further hitches.

My email address is

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