Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tri-ang Windows Now Available - In Two Sizes!

Several metal Tri-ang windows have just been listed for sale on KT Miniatures' website. 
These do not come along very often but a very nice lady has sold me some real vintage Tri-ang wrecks so the windows have come from them.
There are three of the larger style windows from a 1930s Tri-ang No 76 model house. They are in excellent condition.... and even have the pretty blue and white criss cross material curtains.
There are also several smaller style metal windows with green frames (have been touched up by the looks of it) that came from a 1950s No 62. These are in more of a played with condition, some rusty bits too.
Finally....there is the elusive set of Tri-ang wooden steps. Always nice to have as they were so often lost. Just adds that nice finishing touch to your vintage Tri-ang dolls house...don't you think?


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KT Miniatures said...

Sorry folks...as predicted, all the Tri-ang windows sold out within 48 hours of listing. Celia