Friday, 2 September 2011

Some More Little Treasures!

Quite a few antique and vintage dolls house items have been put up for sale today on KT Miniatures website. Amongst them are some unusual pieces which I have chosen to highlight on here.
Above you can see a very old "Silversmith's Novelty Set" complete with contents and the original box that's just about being kept together with some ancient tape. The contents are most definitely not silver but appear to be pewter and consist of a soda syphon, tankard, two mugs and a tray.

Exact maker is unknown  but probably German and considerably old, dating from at least pre-war 1930s...possibly older. The tankard and syphon have pale green celluloid tubes to replicate glass. I suspect the mugs would have had the same celluloid tubing but sadly are long gone.

The tray is delightful and has an embossed bird design which hopefully you can just about make out from this photo.
For full details of this set, please go to the Antique 1/12th Living & Dining Room Page

This next little item is a charming  wooden electric heater.  Although simple in construction, there is no doubt that it has been commercially made.  It has a price of 1/9 written in pencil on the back. The two pin plug is an interesting feature and I guess that this was made in the 1940s/50s era. I have handled dozens of various little heaters in my time but I have to admit that I've not come across one quite like this different again.
Obviously at one time there would have been two little struts fixed to the underside, as you can see from the residue left behind but sadly these are  no longer there.  Nevertheless this does not detract from the overall charm of this little item.

Finally, I must just show you this sweet little cupboard from the 1930s, probably German and somewhat a little worse for wear but I love it! What really adds to the character is the little "Greetings 1943" sticker that a previous little owner has stuck on the front!!!

I can't help wondering who this once belonged to and what kind of childhood they were having in 1943 - if only these old little treasures could talk....what stories they could tell! 

You can find the full details and more information about this little cupboard and heater on the

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