Thursday, 25 August 2011

Vintage Dolls, Dol-Toi, Barton etc. Just Listed For Sale

Now that my holidays are well and truly over, I am currently in the process of listing various vintage dolls house items up onto KT Miniatures website. Below I have highlighted some of the more interesting pieces that have just gone up for sale - all are 1/16th scale.
1950s Dol-Toi Dressers.......these are rather delightful, with opening drawers and an array of shelves to display miniature crockery, kitchenware and foodstuffs. These style dressers surprisingly do not come along very often so is quite unusual for me to have two in stock at the same time.
Here you can see a Dol-Toi metal frying pan of chops and a metal saucepan of stew? Would certainly help make your vintage dolls house kitchen interesting. Please go to the Dol-Toi Page to view full info of these and a lot more.

 On the Barton Page you will find a 1950s plaster bathroom suite. These vintage plaster pieces are becoming more difficult to find in good condition, as in little hands they were most definitely  vulnerable. This particular suite has a few nibbles but refreshingly no major cracks plus all taps are present and correct. There is the original lift up plastic toilet seat too which is nice.
Amongst one of the more unusual Barton pieces is this wooden standard lamp with mottled painted  cardboard/thin wooden lampshade.
These little Barton pastel painted bow fronted chest of drawers are adorable and would brighten up any vintage dolls house bedroom.
On the vintage 1/16th Others Page you will find this unusual post war wooden wireless.
These immediately recognisable little Dol-Toi wire dolls, bound in wool with lead feet and plastic heads are in a good played with condition. There are two little girls in red spotty dresses available, plus there are other various dolls available too including this very odd figure below!
Have you ever seen a figure like this before? This metal butcher figure came in with some old dolls and I have not a clue of the maker or exact age but he is old. He may be considerably worn but there is still something rather charming about him - don't you think? He is holding a chopper and his arms move up and down.  He measures 3 1/2" tall. If you have an old dolls house shop or kitchen then this could be ideal for you.The dolls can be found on the Old Dolls Page.

 If you wish to order anything off KT Miniatures website, please remember to email or ring to check availability first then a reserve can be placed whilst payment is being sorted. I have a lot of vintage items to add to various sections of KT Miniatures over the next few days so do keep checking the various sections.


Sandra Morris said...

I must have had Dol-Toi saucepans and food in my childhood doll's house because I recognise the style.

Can't help but feel sorry for the poor butcher. He's certainly seen better days but has obviously been much loved and played with.

Good luck on Monday... hope you do outstandingly well at the fair.


KT Miniatures said...

Hi Sandra
I think many of us probably had the odd one or two Dol-Toi pieces such as saucepans in our old dolls house. Yep...the butcher has certainly been well used!lol

No sorry Sandra - I think you are getting confused- KT Miniatures won't be attending the local fair next Monday. Which leads me on to remind people that the fair taking place in Thame next Bank Holiday Monday IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE THAME DOLLS HOUSE & MINIATURES FAIR which is the massive charity event that takes place every February. This smaller fair next Monday is run independently by Dolly Daydreams and is only the 2nd time they have run it. Much confusion took place last year as Dolly Daydreams advertised their very first fair in Thame as the annual fair!!! Hope the same confusion will not arise this time.

Robin said...

I recognise the food too so it must have been very popular, but it's that little radio I love!
Thebutcher is great - I wonder if there was a range of shopkeepers?